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Midlife Manual for Men: Finding Significance in the Second Half

by John Shore

Bestselling authors give men purpose and vision for the second half of life, and show how the many roles of men change at midlife.

Heaven and the Afterlife: What happens the second we die? If heaven is a real place, who will live there? If hell exists, where is it located? What do

by James L. Garlow

A straightforward exploration that will demystify the afterlife with information about heaven, hell, ghosts, angels, near-death-experiences, and more from a biblical perspective

Religions of the Stars: What Hollywood Believes and How It Affects You

by Richard Abanes

A fascinating look at what celebrities believe and how it measures up to biblical Christianity from a bestselling author on religion and the pop culture

A Dangerous Faith: True Stories of Answering the Call to Adventure

by Peb Jackson & James Lund

Where did we get this idea that God wants us to be complacent? What if we were called to forfeit our comfortable lifestyles?

Meet the called: mountain climbers, deep-sea divers, fighter pilots, and jungle missionaries...

Being God's Man in the Search for Success

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Todd Wendorff

“I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I’ve overcome great obstacles. I’ve earned it.” No one had a greater right to say those statements more than King David. He rose from the fields of Palestine to...

In the Days of the Angels: Stories and Carols for Christmas

by Walter, Jr. Wangerin

"In the perfect center of all my circles and of all the spheres of all the world--is Jesus. Here! Come and see! Can you see the tiny baby born? Can you see the Infant King? Can you recognize in him Immanuel?...

Reaching Teens in Their Natural Habitat: A Field Guide for Savvy Parents

by Danny Holland

Crucial Insider Knowledge for Connecting and Communicating with Teens

With their incomprehensible lingo, often-bizarre fashion fixations, technological plug-ins, and ever-changing moods, teenagers can seem like...

A Life Embraced: A Hopeful Guide for the Pastor's Wife

by Gayle Haggard

Discover the Joy of Your Unique Calling

As the wife of a man involved in ministry, you sometimes may feel trapped by unrealistic expectations and overburdened by obligations. The constant demands on his time...

Daily PrayerWalk: Meditations for a Deeper Prayer Life

by Janet Holm Mchenry

Since the release of Janet Holm McHenry’s PrayerWalk, thousands around the world have embraced prayerwalking as an enjoyable and effective way to improve physical health, nurture spiritual growth, and intercede...

Being God's Man by Understanding a Woman's Heart

by Kenny Luck, Todd Wendorff & Stephen Arterburn

How to be God’s man in relationship with a woman.

Few men would ever embark on an important project, a significant career change, or a major athletic challenge without gathering all the tactical knowledge possible...

Knowing the Unknowable God: How Faith Thrives on Divine Mystery

by James R. Lucas

Meet the God Who Is Greater Than Your Biggest Questions.

The Bible never shies away from seeming contradictions. We are told both to resist our enemies and to love them, and that our all-knowing God can sometimes...

Reaching the World in Our Own Backyard: A Guide to Building Relationships with People of Other Faiths and Cultures

by Rajendra Pillai

Reaching the World in Our Own Backyard is designed as a guidebook for Christians to better understand and engage people from other countries including immigrants, foreign exchange students, and tourists. By...

Jesus Revealed: Know Him Better to Love Him Better

by Mark D. Roberts

A sense of comfortable familiarity with the Savior can cloud people’s vision–and even prevent them from drawing closer to Jesus as he really is. His titles and descriptions are heard so often that it’s...

What on Earth Is Going On?

by Mark Hitchcock

As sensationalists and skeptics wreak havoc with the country's emotions, prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock provides a much-needed definition of what is meant by "signs of the times." Hitchcock discusses the current...

What's a Girl to Do?: While Waiting for Mr. Right

by Janet Folger

Things to Do with Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Shirt:

A. Return it cleaned and pressed in time for his next date.

B. Sew it into a pillow to cry on.

C. Use it to clean out the crud in your refrigerator.

If you chose...

Turn: Remembering Our Foundations

by Max Lucado

“Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” – Psalm 103:2

The very breath that sustains you. The prosperity of our land. Both—and everything in between—are gifts from the same God....

Bulletproof: The Making of an Invincible Mind

by Chuck Holton

Would you like to have the confidence, the kind of driving purpose, that shuts out all fear? Do you want your life to be filled with adventure? There are many kinds of soldiers, and the ones that this book is...

How to Get Your Husband to Listen to You: Understanding How Men Communicate

by Nancy Cobb & Connie Grigsby

You talk for thirty minutes, telling him every detail of your day. He has three great ideas for how to fix your problems.

“Why can’t you just listen to me?” you ask. You pull back, he gives up, and your...

The Great Angel War: Book One of the God Chronicles

by Larry S. Gerovac

As the flames drew near I knew that my time on the earth was about to end, when suddenly I was engulfed in shimmering white wings. I could see the ball of fire move past me, I could feel a body next to mine,...

What Bothers Me Most about Christianity: Honest Reflections from an Open-Minded Christ Follower

by Ed Gungor

New York Times bestselling author ed Gungor offers a provocative look at the questions that bother not only opponents of Christianity but dedicated believers as well. with candor and good will, Gungor joins...