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He Did It All For You

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Five best-selling works complete in one volume:

  • Welcome To The Family
  • Now Are We In Christ Jesus
  • The Force of Righteousness
  • God's Will Is The Holy Spirit
  • Love - The Secret To Your Success

A clean slate and...

Our Covenant With God

by Kenneth Copeland

Dear Covenant Child, I have stated in My Word that if you love Me, walk in all My ways and hold fast to My Word, you will be one with Me, joint heirs in the covenant of Abraham.

This covenant is your assurance...

Power of the Tongue

by Kenneth Copeland

Words have played a vital role since the beginning of time. In the book of Genesis, God created the world and everything in it with His words. Today, as believers, we have the same God-like ability to speak...

Prayer - Your Foundation For Success

by Kenneth Copeland

Do you desire to develop a deeper prayer life?

God created you to have a relationship with Him. Fellowshipping with God on a personal level gives birth to a deep, strong faith and trust in His ability to work...

Grace That Makes Us Holy

by Gloria Copeland

Do you experience frustration trying to live the Christian life! Do you know what holiness is? Does it seem unattainable? It's not. When failure comes our way, getting back on the right track can sometimes seem...

How To Discipline Your Flesh

by Kenneth Copeland

Have you ever wondered, If I'm more than a conqueror, then why can't I quit smoking? Why can't I stop overeating? Why am I living in defeat?

If you're a Spirit-filled believer, you have the power to be victorious....

Blessed To Be A Blessing: Understanding True, Biblical Prosperity

by Kenneth Copeland

God wants to bless you. He has made all of heaven's supply available to you. But the blessings of God are not automatic. You have a part to play. To find it, you'll need to look no further than the Holy Bible....

And Jesus Healed Them All

by Gloria Copeland

The ministry of Jesus on earth revealed to men the expressed will of God in action. By His examples and teaching, man discovered that God's will was to provide salvation, deliverance, and healing to all who...

Family Promises

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Few would deny the intense attack on today's families. Rather than having the close-knit relations they dream of, little by little, people from all walks of life are seeing their families torn apart. But God's...

One Word From God Can Change Your Health

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Why do some people get healed while others don't? Does God really want to heal you? Yes! When you confessed Jesus as your Lord, you not only received salvation, you also received the gift of health (1 Peter...

Ceremony of Marriage

by Kenneth Copeland

"The marriage union is the closest relationship that can exist between two human beings. When a man and woman decide to join together in marriage, they should do so with full realization of their responsibilities....

God's Prescription For Divine Health

by Gloria Copeland

There is a medicine so powerful it can cure every sickness and disease known to man. It has no dangerous side effects. It's even safe in massive doses. Sound too good to be true? It's Not! Gloria proves by the...

Six Steps to Excellence In Ministry

by Kenneth Copeland

God is raising up people all over the world who are hungry to know Him and fulfill His purpose for their lives. They're serving God through ministry not only in pulpits and on mission fields, but also in homes,...

One Word From God Can Change Your Finances

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

God wants to prosper you. But His approach to prosperity is not a get-rich-quick scheme - it's a lifetime plan, one that requires steadfast commitment to Him and His Word. And unlike the world, His focus is...

Ministry of Cheerfulness: How the Healing Power of Joy Can Change the World Around You

by Jesse Duplantis

It is amazing how many Christians are shocked when trouble surfaces in their lives. They have this idea that salvation through Christ brings a candy-coated life. Jesus plainly said that while we are in the world...

Laws of Prosperity

by Kenneth Copeland

There are instructions set forth in the Word of God to teach men how to live a prosperous life.

True prosperity is the ability to apply the power of God to meet any need - spiritual, mental, and physical.


Battle of Life

by Jesse Duplantis

The Battle May Not Have Been Your Choice, But The Outcome Can Be!

You may not have chosen sickness, poverty, depression, or whatever your current battle may be, but you have all the power and authority you need...

Keep Your Foot On The Devil's Neck

by Jesse Duplantis

Put that problem where it belongs!

A headless chicken and a lying devil from hell - what do they have in common? They're both on their way down and don't realize it yet! In this funny and inspiring message,...

Leave It In The Hands of a Specialist

by Jesse Duplantis

There is Hope in Jesus Christ!

There is only One Who can handle the sickness, brokenness, and general misery of mankind...and His name is Jesus Christ. No matter what you are facing today, this message will...

Know Your Enemy: Unveiling Your Real Source of Trouble

by Kenneth Copeland

When trouble arises, the most natural thing to do is place the blame on someone or something. Sadly, the number one deception in the Church today is that problems, trials and temptations are sent by God to teach...