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Anytime Prayers for Everyday Teens

by No Author

What any teen needs on a particular day is as varied as the songs in his or her MP3 player, but every teen needs the power of prayer. Whether it's wisdom for dating or courage to face more daunting situations,...

Anytime Prayers for Everyday People

by No Author

Anytime, anywhere . . . God is listening! God doesn't respond to you based on your prestige. He is just as accessible to you as He is to the rich and famous, kings and queens, and heads of state. And you don't...

The Art of Compassion

by Martin Smith

There are two amazing forces that exist in the world: Compassion for those in need and Art that helps us see beyond ourselves. THE ART OF COMPASSION brilliantly brings the two together by gathering the top songwriters...

The Anointed Son: A Trinitarian Spirit Christology

by Myk Habets

Spirit Christology complements Logos Christology in the same way in which Christ and the Spirit are mutually constitutive. Or at least this should be the case. The history of Christian thought shows that Logos...

The Renewal of the Heart Is the Mission of the Church: Wesley's Heart Religion in the Twenty-First Century

by Gregory S. Clapper

John Wesley has arguably influenced more American Christians than any other Protestant interpreter. One reason for this wide influence is that Wesley often spoke about the heart and its affections--that realm...

Scapegoats, Shambles and Shibboleths

by Martin Manser

`The fruit of his labours?, Martin Manser?s SCAPEGOATS, SHAMBLES AND SHIBBOLETHS is a delightful book for all who adore the English language. `In the twinkling of an eye? we learn that many of our most familiar...

Proverbs A Devotional Commentary PB

by William MacDonald

The last book by William MacDonald before his Home Call December 2007. MacDonald provides a verse by verse commentary explaining some of the difficult subjects and instructions. The principles contained in this...

A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions

by Katharine Hayhoe

Most Christian lifestyle or environmental books focus on how to live in a sustainable and conservational manner. A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE shows why Christians should be living that way, and the consequences of doing...

Where Faith Meets Culture: A Radix Magazine Anthology

by Sharon Gallagher

Where Faith Meets Culture is a Radix magazine anthology. What does Radix usually contain? Interviews and features. Reviews of significant books, films, and CDs. Informed opinions in The Last Word. Eye-catching...

Political Engagement as Biblical Mandate

by Paul D. Hanson

How does the Bible shape the perspective from which Christians view politics, the manner in which they engage in public debate, and the strategies they adopt when they translate faith into action? In Political...

50 Quiet Miracles That Changed Lives

by William G Borchert

Many of us dream of witnessing a real miracle, an awe-inspiring divine intervention that changes the course of our lives and heightens our belief in a personal and loving God.

Yet, we are often so fixated on...

Men of Brave Heart: The Virtue of Courage in the Priestly Life

by Archbishop Jose H. Gomez

Men of Brave Heart is a celebration of the priestly life--from the historical and Scriptural connections through the example of the saints before us.

One Month to Live Guidebook: To a No-Regrets Life

by Kerry Shook & Chris Shook

What if you only had one month to live?

Kerry and Chris Shook’s thirty-day challenge now includes a revolutionary study for making every day count. This is the guidebook for taking the next steps toward integrating...

Debt-Free Living: Eliminating Debt in a New Economy

by Larry Burkett

Credit is so easily obtained, and credit card applications flow into our mailboxes virtually every day. Many couples find themselves deeply in debt and not even sure of how they got there, let alone how they...

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild

by Mary A. A. Kassian

Inundated by popular culture, many women have lost their bearings and no longer trust the internal compass that intuitively affirms those things that are good, true, and noble about womanhood.  And as Jesus'...

The Good News We Almost Forgot: Rediscovering the Gospel in a 16th Century Catechism

by Kevin L L DeYoung & Kevin L. L. DeYoung

In The Good News We Almost Forgot Kevin DeYoung explores the Heidelberg Catechism and writes 52 brief chapters on what it has shown him.  The Heidelberg is largely a commentary on the Apostle's Creed,...

Shepherding Women in Pain: Real Women, Real Issues and What You Need to Know to Truly Help

by Beverly Hislop

Infertility, divorce, domestic violence, eating disorders...all have become part of a day's work for women and men in ministry to women.  Yet, most are not prepared for this aspect of ministering to women in...

It Starts at Home: A Practical Guide to Nurturing Lifelong Faith

by Kurt D D Bruner, Stephen Stroope & Kurt D. D. Bruner

Over the past several years church leaders have seen one report after another stating that over 50% of evangelical kids walk away from Christianity as adults. Believing the best strategy for turning the tide...

The Gospel for Muslims: An Encouragement to Share Christ with Confidence

by Thabiti Anyabwile

There are between five and eight million Muslims living in the United States today.  They either are, or soon will be, your neighbors and co-workers.  Does the thought of reaching out to them with the gospel make...

Character Counts: The Power of Personal Integrity

by Charles H H Dyer & Charles H. H. Dyer

Character and conduct are inextricably connected. Today's headlines highlight society's problems, but then the pundits simplistically push the blame off on big business, big government, or some other faceless...