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Listening for Their Voices

by Jennifer Lawrence

Collected between these two covers is a wealth of poetry born from divine inspiration, spanning two decades of the author's life: tales of the gods and goddesses of multiple pantheons, songs of nature and of...

Totem Animals: A Lecture -Why Native Americans Believe Animals Have the Medicine Powers They Do

by Dennis Vieira

Why is there a belief in Native American, Animal Medicine Power? The answer is both simple and complex, and this book attempts to answer and examine this question. 23 pages, 4 chapters, 33 wildlife photos, and...

Unfurling: Poems by Ian Adams

by Ian Adams

Ian Adams is one of the most original voices in contemporary Christian spirituality. His poems are short, arresting, richly textured and deceptively simple. The title of this collection, Unfurling, is indicative...

Sydney Anglicans

by Stephen Judd & Kenneth Cable

From its origins as a convict chaplaincy to the challenges of expansion today, Sydney Diocese has grown through turbulent years of Church-State controversy and the traumas of economic depression and war. Throughout...

The Moment

by David W. Jones

The Moment: seventy-five practices and praxises for individuals and communities living every moment as The Moment taking church out of the past and into the present out of sanctuaries and into homes, bars, and...


by MIRACLE Peter Harris

This book gives hope to couples who are in a difficult relationship and need strength and guidance. When a religious man learns that his wife had an affair, he becomes convinced by strange occurrences that the...

The Pariah Problem: Caste, Religion, and the Social in Modern India

by Rupa Viswanath

Once known as “Pariahs,” Dalits are primarily descendants of unfree agrarian laborers. They belong to India’s lowest castes, face overwhelming poverty and discrimination, and continue to be a source of...

Reckless Devotion: 365 Days into the Heart of Radical Love

by Heidi Baker & Rolland Baker

From the hearts of the Bakers, this inspiring devotional is your chance to share the life of miracles and adventure with Rolland and Heidi every day.

Praise Him!

by Les Sussman

Seventeen of Christian music's top artists share moving personal stories. The power of Scripture has changed many lives. Here, seventeen stars of Christian music tell how it has changed theirs, and share the...

Created for Influence: Transforming Culture from Where You Are

by William L. III Ford & Dutch Sheets

Created for Influence calls readers to transform the culture through intercession and action, breaking the power of personal and national strongholds.

The Follower

by Bryan Kolar

In the small, midwestern town of Hopeton, drugs run rampant and the youth are set on paths of self-destruction. Enter Dylan Clark, a vagabond with an uncanny wisdom and a complete lack of fear. The estranged...

Bible Verses: First 100 Lessons

by First Lessons Team

Everyone needs a companion! Bible Verses: First 100 Lessons is the companion to your Holy Bible. Follow the Bible from its front cover to back cover with 100 specially selected verses in their correct order....

Walking in the Light: Step by Step Through 1 John

by Daniel P. Fuller

Walking in the Light provides the serious Bible student with a detailed exegesis of the message of 1 John and with a deliberate examination of how interpretational decisions are made. Daniel Fuller, Professor...

God Supplies & Miracles Happen

by Amy Jane Sandberg

Amy Jane Sandberg: Once completely Brain Dead; Two comas; Three open heart surgeries; Third person in the world to have her heart completely rebuilt; Three strokes; plus so much more. Yet Alive Strong, and still...

Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Reality: Equipping Ministry Leaders to Lead with Passion

by Nakia Melecio

As founder and creator of Nakia Melecio Ministries and NKM Consulting Group, LLC, Nakia Melecio is dedicated to helping people find their place in life, both personally and professionally. Mr. Melecio has dedicated...

Lessons In the School of Prayer

by A. T. Pierson

The genesis of this book is very simple. Having occasion to prepare a special address on "Prayer," it occurred to me to collate and compare all the words spoken by our Lord himself upon the great theme, as it...

Fragment of God: The God Enigma Extended Edition

by Mr Craig Beck

• Why are we here and is there a point to life? • Does God exist? • Why doesn't God intervene in natural disasters? • Why is life so unfair? • How do I get the life I dream about? These are some of...

Rough Country: How Texas Became America's Most Powerful Bible-Belt State

by Robert Wuthnow

Tracing the intersection of religion, race, and power in Texas from Reconstruction through the rise of the Religious Right and the failed presidential bid of Governor Rick Perry, Rough Country illuminates American...

Miracle Motors: A Pert Near True Story

by Peggy Senger Morrison

Peggy was known as a storyteller from an early age - sometimes "a bit of a prevaricator" - so it stands to reason that a hooligan God set her on a path so full of the improbable that few would believe it. From...

Issues and Your Tissues a Manual for Deliverance

by Valerie Miller Simpson

This book explores the definition of spiritual issues, the dry places, transfer of spirits and what they really are. Matthew 12:43 Says: "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places,...