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A Conscious Endeavor: A Judeo-Christian Reflection on the Distribution of Wealth

by Terence Wenzl & Joseph P. Chinnici

A Conscious Endeavor is a synopsis of the social teachings and the concept of justice in the Old and New Testament. It looks through the lens of the Old Testament books of Torah law and the New Testament teachings...

How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude on the Night Shift

by Teresa Flowers & Jeanne DeFazio

This simple, accessible little devotional should be taken like a medicine in daily dosages: repeat as necessary until your spirit is heartened. I was moved in my spirit and heartened in my commitment to act...

Cloud of the Impossible: Negative Theology and Planetary Entanglement

by Catherine Keller

What generates the cloud of the impossible is what becomes possible in the very face of what appears to be impossible, whether it be radical democracy or the reversal of climate change. The experience of the...

The Question of the Animal and Religion: Theoretical Stakes, Practical Implications

by Aaron S. Gross

Through an absorbing investigation into recent, high-profile scandals involving one of the largest kosher slaughterhouses in the world, located unexpectedly in Postville, Iowa, Aaron S. Gross makes a powerful...

A Smaller God: On the Divinely Human Nature of Biblical Literature

by Petri Merenlahti & David Rhoads

The Bible is a perplexing book. It blends primitive beliefs with timeless truths, swings between compassionate love and ruthless violence, and forms a sympathetic heavenly father from the remains of a savage...

Sawdust and Soul: A Conversation about Woodworking and Spirituality

by William J. Everett & John W. de Gruchy

An American ethicist and a South African theologian reflect on their work with wood and how it has helped them find creativity and meaning in experiences of both loss and transformation. Through their friendship,...

Fatal Choice: A Pilgrim's Guide to Hell

by John Timmerman

Using Socratic dialogue to argue the evidence, Fatal Choice makes its case for an orthodox view of hell. But more than that, the narrator finds himself on an actual tour of hell with none other than Hieronymus...

Daily Bible Study Spring 2015

by Wayne G Reece, Clara K Welch & Abby L Thornton

Study the Bible daily following the Uniform Lesson Series.

Cultivating the Empty Field: The Silent Illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi

by Taigen Dan Leighton & Yi Wu

First to articulate the meditation method known to contemporary Zen practitioners as shikantaza ("just sitting") Chinese Zen master Hongzhi is one of the most influential poets in all of Zen literature. This...

A Lifetime in the Church and the University

by Anthony C. Thiselton

"These recollections of a life-time in the Church and in different universities give rise to a diverse series of anecdotes, which provide, first, some entertaining humor, second, a glimpse into both academic...

One Hope: Re-Membering the Body of Christ

by Julie K. Aageson, John Borelli & John Klassen

One Hope: Re-Membering the Body of Christ is a rich ecumenical resource designed to help Catholic and Lutheran communities mark the approaching 500th anniversary of the Reformation. By gathering together to...

REALIGN: Finding God's Purpose for Your Money

by Josh Lawson & Jimmy Seibert

DISCOVER GOD S PURPOSE FOR YOUR MONEY ... God has either already planted or wants to plant an adventurous dream inside each of us dreams to have an impact and to change the world! But, in order to see these...

Covered by the Blood of Jesus: I am Covered by the Blood - Are You?

by Rita Jarrett

The power of the blood—Jesus’ blood sacrificed on the cross—plays an important role in Christian beliefs. But when you actually think about it, do you know why it’s important? Or why God chose it as...

Redeeming Time: Protestantism and Chicago's Eight-Hour Movement, 1866-1912

by William A. Mirola

The role clergy played and didn't play in one of organized labor's greatest victories

A Perfect God Created An Imperfect World Perfectly: 30 Life Lessons from Kids Kicking Cancer

by Rabbi G. & Elimelech Goldberg

Stress kills. The destructive chemical cocktails of anxiety, pain and anger rip apart our bodies. They also drown our relationships and wreck our lives. But don't worry about it because that's bad for you. The...

The Antipedo Baptists of Georgetown County, South Carolina, 1710-2010

by Jr., Roy Talbert & Meggan A. Farish

The Antipedo Baptists of Georgetown is the history of the First Baptist Church of Georgetown, South Carolina, as well as the history of Baptists in the colony and state. Roy Talbert, Jr., and Meggan A. Farish...

The Gospel Miracles: What Really Happened?: A Systematic, Open-Minded Review of the Evidence

by Michael J. Lowis & Alan Jeffrey Taylor

The Gospel Miracles examines the thirty-five miracles performed by Jesus, as reported in the four Gospels. The objectives are firstly to try and determine what really happened at the time they were enacted and,...

My Notebook on Prayer and Intercession

by Suzanne Robinson Pollard

My Notebook on Prayer and Intercession has been written to share the things the author, herself, did not know, or understand, about how prayer and intercession is a call from God's own heart. A Call to worship...

Equipping the Saints

by Michael Moore

Equipping the Saints is biblical, understandable, and thought provoking. It is helpful and to the point. —Dr. Clinton L. Branine, Indiana Baptist CollegeA MUST FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN LIBRARY

This is a great reference...

Whose Baby?: Therapy for the Christmas Season in Twelve Parts

by Ben Pugh

Do you struggle to get into the Christmas spirit? Do you dislike all the trappings of the season and cannot bear its crass materialism? This book is written by a theologian who feels that way too. As an antidote,...