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Forbidden books of the original New Testament

by William Wake

To uphold the "right of private judgment," and our "Christian liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free;" to add fuel to the fire of investigation, and in the crucible of deep inquiry, melt from the gold of...

The Life of Jesus of Nazareth

by Rush Rhees

"I would preach ... the need to the world of the faith in a Christ, the claim that Jesus is the Christ, and the demand for an intelligent faith, which indeed shall transcend but shall not despise knowledge,...

If You Need Healing Do These Things

by Oral Roberts & Richard Roberts

One of the first books ever written by Oral Roberts, If You Need Healing, Do These Things was originally published in 1947 shortly after Roberts began his healing ministry. As a young man dying from tuberculosis,...

Divine Love & Mercy In Islam Faith

by Muham Taqra

In the creation of humankind, the divine attributes of forgiveness, mercy and kindness are also manifested. Human beings were created good and pure with a natural awareness of good and evil. The Almighty also...

The Book of Tea: Illustrated

by Okakura Kakuzo

The Book of Tea: Illustrated, by Okakura Kakuzo was first published in 1919. A Japanese Harmony of Art Culture & The Simple Life. - Containing many illustrations in colour and in black and white. This little...

Islam Folktales The Cave Spiders of Prophet Muhammad SAW

by Muham Taqra

Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca, unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam. Believed by Muslims to be a prophet and messenger of Allah SWT (God), Muhammad is almost universally considered by...

Angels: Traditions, Stories, and Miracles

by Isabella Anderson

A Heavenly Treasury of Angelic Lore!

Every culture cherishes a winged spirit--from the ancient Egyptian ka and Norse Valkyries to Hindu apsaras and the archangels of the Bible. Featuring biblical tales, poetry,...

Exodus and Numbers

by John F. MacArthur

for ingest only - product copy to be updated later

Yule-Tide In Many Lands

by Mary P. Pringle & Clara Urann

The varying forms of Christmas observance at different times and in different lands are entertainingly shown, along with the symbolism, good cheer, and sentiment of the grandest of holidays.

A Wonderful Night

by James H. Snowden

An account of the first Christmas with a consideration of its significance.

The Most Beautiful Christmas Prose And Verse

by Various Authors

Christmas is our most important holiday, and its literature is correspondingly rich. Yet until now no adequate bundle of Christmas treasures in poetry and prose has found its way into the library of Santa Claus....

A Righte Merrie Christmasse

by John Ashton

The very warm cover suggests a seasonable book, A Righte Merrie Christmasse, by John Ashton, who, fancying that some of its customs and privileges might be forgotten, collects all that has been done or could...

Foundations for African Theological Ethics

by James Nkansah-Obrempong

Having taught on ethics in Africa for almost a decade, James Nkansah-Obrempong presents a work that goes some way to addressing the dearth of materials on ethics that combine African social, religious, cultural...

Mission without Conquest: An Alternative Missionary Practice

by Willis Horst, Ute Paul & Frank Paul

Almost sixty years ago, the Mennonite missionary team working in the Argentine Chaco decided to look for ways to be effective in their ministry while being faithful to Jesus' lifestyle and teaching. They left...

Reading Romans at Ground Level: A Contemporary Rural African Perspective

by Jonathan D. Groves

Many pastors in the provincial towns and rural villages of Malawi struggle to find practical relevance in the letter to the Romans. While the majority of church leaders have received little or no formal Bible...

The Empirical Science of Religious Education

by Mandy Robbins & Leslie J. Francis

The Empirical Science of Religious Education draws together a collection of innovative articles in the field of religious education which passed the editorial scrutiny of Professor Robert Jackson over the course...

Higher than the Hills: A Trip to meet a Nepalese Pastor

by Bob Jackson

The story of one Nepalese Christian whose life illustrates how the Nepali Church has grown so fast since 1945. Persecutions, natural disaster and miracles are set against the backdrop of a wonderful country...

Suffer the Children

by Willie Jr., Jr. Thompson

Responding to the needs and concerns of this generation is paramount for the future of the Christian Church worldwide. Suffer the Children is a collection of sermons designed to speak life to and draw young...

Nutrition & Health From Islamic Perspectives

by Muham Dragon Sakura & Muham Sakura Dragon

Islam faith was completed for the benefit of all who will exist, until the final Day of Judgement. It is not a religion belonging to the Arabs, although Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be...

The Imitation of Christ

by Kempis Thomas

The treatise "Of the Imitation of Christ" appears to have been originally written in Latin early in the fifteenth century. Its exact date and its authorship are still a matter of debate. Manuscripts of the Latin...