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Humanity in God's Image

Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi

Facing Doubt: A Book for Adventist Believers 'On the Margins'

by Reinder Bruinsma

On the surface it may appear that I am quite negative about many things in my church and that I am pessimistic about the church’s future. That would, however, be a wrong conclusion. I am not about to give...

Beyond Jihad

At the Temple Gates

The Message of the Twelve

by Al Fuhr & Gary Yates

Although they ministered for more than three centuries during some of Israel’s most tumultuous days, the Minor Prophets remain a mystery to many Christians in the 21st century.


Old Testament scholars Richard...

Leading a Special Needs Ministry

by Amy Fenton Lee

What do you need to lead a special needs ministry?  If you're not asking this question as a church leader, you are already behind. Families in your community are asking this question in every area of life--not...

The Presidents & Their Faith: From George Washington to Barack Obama

by Darrin Grinder & Shaw Steve

The old adage, "never discuss religion and politics," is roundly rejected in this incisive exploration of presidential history and religious faith.

This newly updated 2016 edition of The Presidents & Their Faith...

Leading from Here to There Study Guide

by Bill Hybels

Bestselling author and pastor Bill Hybels helps equip leaders with five key skills that everyone needs in order to grow their leadership ability. Each of the video sessions will feature Hybels sharing the wisdom...

Sticky Leaders

by Larry Osborne

Most books on innovation make it sound as if successful innovation is the end result of a carefully followed recipe. But the simple fact is that when it comes to any new venture, failure is the surest horse...

Introducing Christian Ethics

by Scott Rae

Introducing Christian Ethics helps Christians form a sound basis for making ethical decisions in today’s complex postmodern world. Raising 14 key ethical questions on today’s most pressing issues including...

It's Not Fair

by Melanie Dale

Hey, you. Are you debating whether to destroy something with your bare hands or curl up on the couch for a decade or two?


This book will solve all of your problems. (Sheesh, that’s aiming a bit high.)



Worthy of Trust: 40 reflections on our loyalties and credibility

by Anthony Buckley

Trust is at the heart of our relationships and our beliefs, whatever these might be. How often do we seriously consider whether this trust is well-placed? A dialogue between a seeker and a more confident believer...

The Training Anthology of Santideva

The Jesus Delusion

by Heinz-Werner Kubitza

The Bible is the most overrated book in the world, and Jesus of Nazareth the most overrated person in world history. These are some of the propositions which the author, who has a doctorate in theology, formulates...

I Ching: With Linked Table of Contents

by James Legge

James Legge's translation of the I Ching is the standard against which all later editions of this timeless oracle have been judged. Part divination system, part guide to living a superior life, the I Ching can...

Conflict of the Ages (The Complete Series): The Story of Patriarchs and Prophets;  The Story of Prophets and Kings;  The Desire of Ages;  The Acts of

by Ellen G. White

This key Seventh Day Adventist text explains in detail the SDA understanding of the conflict between God and Satan and their understanding of the Bible and much of world history. White wrote the series based...

Confucian Analects: With Linked Table of Contents

by Confucius

The superior man bends his attention to what is radical. That being established, all practical courses naturally grow up. Filial piety and fraternal submission,-are they not the root of all benevolent actions?...

Dark Night of the Soul: With Linked Table of Contents

by Saint John of the Cross

St. John of the Cross was a Carmelite friar and priest. He is renowned for his cooperation with Saint Teresa of Ávila in the reformation of the Carmelite order, and for his poetry and his studies on the growth...

Divine Providence: With Linked Table of Contents

by Emanuel Swedenborg

In 'Divine Providence,' Swedenborg explains why it is that we cannot always see God's hand in our chaotic world. Why tragedy and war are allowed to happen and how these things relate to us. If God were to remove...