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The Complete Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW Bilingual Edition English & Indonesia

by Muhammad Vandestra

The Complete Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW The Last Messenger & Prophet of God In Islam Faith.

Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca, unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam faith. Believed by...

Hinglaj Devi

by Jurgen Schaflechner

About two hundred kilometers west of the city of Karachi, in the desert of Baluchistan, Pakistan, sits the shrine of the Hindu Goddess Hinglaj. Despite the temple's ancient Hindu and Muslim history, an annual...

An Uncensored Guide to the Christmas Stories

by Lucas Walker

This is a short book which retells the Bible's Christmas stories and investigates their similarities and differences. The stories are illustrated with cartoons that include scenes that are usually absent from...

Facing the Truth of Your Life

by Merle James Yost

We are born into the school of life. Everything that happens, big and small, soft and hard is a lesson about who we are and how the world works. Once we leave home, it is necessary to reexamine those lessons...

College communities abroad

by Liam Chambers & Thomas O'Connor

College communities in exile repositions early modern Catholic abroad colleges in their interconnected regional, national and transnational contexts. From the sixteenth century, Irish, English and Scots Catholics...

Leave No Marriage Behind!!!: Navigating the Trials & Tribulations for Lifelong Relationship Success

by Daniel R Faust, Michelle A Faust & Victoria Ballweg

I want to thrive but I am just surviving!!!

These are the words that resonate deep in our soul. These are marriages too! You date or marry or cohabitate then it is great for a while. Later on you settle in &...

Revisiting Jonestown

by Domenico A. Nesci & Nancy McWilliams

Revisiting Jonestown covers three main topics: the psycho-biography of Jim Jones (the leader of the suicidal community) from the new perspective of Prenatal Psychology and transgenerational trauma, the story...

The Ezekiel Guide

by Lynn L Ragan

Ezekiel was an ordinary man with a desperate soul, who also carried the heavy burden of being a prophet. Later in time, he would be grouped with the other great prophets of the bible. Through his 25 year ordeal...

Zen Puppies

by Gautama Buddha

Mindfulness quotations and puppies


Join some cuddly puppies for a collection of sayings from the Buddha. The verses, taken from the Dhammapada, were written centuries ago, but today they offer insight...

Your Rejection, God's Protection

by Cheryl & Micah Chavers

Whether you are a CEO, a stay-at-home mom, or a student, at some point in life you will experience rejection! Rejection will attempt to interrupt the plans for your life, your success, and your happiness. It...

Jean-Luc Nancy and Christian Thought

by Christina Smerick

Jean-Luc Nancy and Christian Thought explores Nancy’s deconstruction of Christianity via the various bodies of Christ that accumulate in Christian doctrine, specifically the incarnated body, the resurrected...

The Correspondence of John Cotton

by Sargent Bush Jr.

John Cotton (1584-1652) was a key figure in the English Puritan movement in the first half of the seventeenth century, a respected leader among his generation of emigrants from England to New England.

This volume...

Oneida Utopia

by Anthony Wonderley

" Oneida Utopia offers a fresh new reading of this fascinating American experiment, freed of the sociological and religious assumptions that have guided more traditional studies of the topic. An eye-opener."—Ellen...

Spirituality in Hospice Care: How Staff and Volunteers Can Support the Dying and Their Families

by Nigel Hartley, Andrew Goodhead & Ros Taylor

An edited collection that offers personal and professional perspectives of what spiritual care is and how it can be understood in relation to end of life and palliative care. With contributions from doctors,...

The Holy Quran English Languange Edition Ultimate

by The Creator of Universe & Sang Pencipta Alam Semesta

The Holy Quran literally meaning "the recitation"; also romanized Qur'an or Koran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from Allah SWT (God) It is widely regarded as...

Peeking through the Pearlies

by Brenda Wilson

MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY, if we only have eyes to see, Peeking Through The Pearlies is a collection of short stories designed to help you see life through the eyes of a child. Whether it’s a missing child,...


by Yemi Akinsiwaju

In the first volume of the series, Thrive!, Yemi Akinsiwaju offers a compendium of life enriching insights that empower you to flourish in the different arenas of your life endeavours including:

· Keys to harmonious...

This Child of Faith

by Sophfronia Scott & Tain Gregory

Tain Gregory was present in his third grade classroom on the morning of December 14, 2012, the date of the Sandy Hook shootings. As part of the healing process for the community after the tragedy Tain was asked...

The Oxford History of Hinduism: Hindu Law

by Patrick Olivelle & Donald R. Davis

Through pointed studies of important aspects and topics of dharma in Dharma??stra, this comprehensive collection shows that the history of Hinduism cannot be written without the history of Hindu law. Part One...

The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume V

by William L. Sachs

The Oxford History of Anglicanism provides a global study of Anglicanism from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first. The five volumes in the series look at how Anglican identity was constructed and contested...