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An Ark on the Nile

Conquest and the Life of Rest - A Devotional Study of Joshua

by Warren A Henderson

In Moses' day the Israelites failed to obtain God's rest in Canaan because of disbelief (Heb. 4:4-6). Under Joshua's leadership, the Israelites did enter the land and after seven years of conquest obtained God's...

Be Holy and Come Near  - A Devotional Study of Leviticus

by Warren A Henderson

In Exodus, God's covenant people had been redeemed by the blood of the Passover lamb and delivered from both bondage and Egypt. The book of Leviticus then reveals two central truths concerning Jehovah's new...

Becoming a Woman of Excellence 30th Anniversary Edition

by Cynthia Heald

Society beckons us to succeed—to achieve excellence in our appearance, our earning power, our family life. God Himself also beckons us to be women of excellence. But what exactly is He asking? If you’re...

Sacramental Preaching: Sermons on the Hidden Presence of Christ

by Hans Boersma & Eugene Peterson

A leading theologian offers a primer on the ministry of preaching that demonstrates the implications of theological exegesis for sermon preparation and delivery.

1 Esdras

by Dieter Böhler, Linda M. Maloney, David M. Carr & Adele Berlin et al.

1 Esdras is an alternative version of the book of Ezra-Nehemiah in the Septuagint. Most Eastern Orthodox churches accord the book canonical status. This is the first commentary on 1 Esdras based on the critical...

Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues

by James L. Garlow

What should a Christian say when confronted with today's burning political questions? How can a person of faith use the Bible as a resource when navigating controversial cultures issues?

Skyline Church Pastor...

Lavish Grace: Poured Out, Poured Through, and Overflowing

by Kathy Howard

Lavish Grace is a unique, nine-week study of Paul's experiences with and teachings about grace. Filled with contemporary examples of grace at work, this well-written format gives you the rare opportunity to...

Relativity and Redemption - A Devotional Study of Judges and Ruth

by Warren Henderson

Relativity and Redemption is a devotional exposition of the often neglected books of Judges and Ruth. With an engaging and accessible style, the author unpacks the teaching of these books in their historical...

Final Hour: Understanding What the Bible Has to Say About the End Times

by Marilyn Hickey

Prophecy is a mirror in which we can only see dimly. We do not know the moment of Jesus' return. The compelling signs of the times indicate that His return is soon, but we do not know how much time is left before...

Jesus the God-Man: The Unity and Diversity of the Gospel Portrayals

by Darrell L. Bock & Benjamin I. Simpson

This clear, compact introduction surveys what the Gospels tell us about who Jesus is by exploring his teachings and actions in their contexts.

The Book Of The People

by A.N. Wilson

From renowned historian, biographer and novelist, A.N. Wilson, a deep personal, literary, and historical exploration of the Bible.

In The Book of the People, A. N. Wilson explores how readers and thinkers have...

Encountering the Bible

by Andrew Village

Seeking to ask the questions which people ask about the relevance of the Bible to today's Church, this book aims to equip those who want to make the Bible more useful and to help them explore the difficulties...

In Your Dreams

by Zoran Paunovich

Zoran Paunovich offers insightful teaching on how to understand and interpret dreams. His natural and often humorous approach to this intriguing subject is both engaging and thought provoking.

In Your Dreams...

Insights on Acts

by Charles R. Swindoll

Insights on Acts explores the expansion of the early church throughout the Roman world in the continuing 15-volume Swindoll’s Living Insights New Testament Commentary series. This never-before-released volume...

Life Application New Testament Commentary

by Livingstone

Based on the best-selling Life Application Commentary series, this single, handy volume holds practical, concise insight on every verse in the New Testament. Now readers can get all the useful background information...

Conversations with the Old Testament

by John Holdsworth

This book discusses major themes and critical issues of the Old Testament in a way that relates to current experience, context and culture.

How God Became God: What Scholars Are Really Saying About God and the Bible

by Richard M. Smoley

This epic, thrilling journey through Bible scholarship and ancient religion shows how much of Scripture is historically false--yet the ancient writings also resound with theologies that crisscrossed the primeval...

The Matthew Commentary Collection

by Michael J. Wilkins, Grant R. Osborne, Scot McKnight & Clinton E. Arnold et al.

This all-in-one commentary bundle on the book of Matthew features volumes from the NIV Application Commentary Series, Zondervan Exegetical Commentary Series, and Story of God Bible Commentary Series. Each volume...

The Blue Parakeet

by Scot McKnight

Why Can’t I Just Be a Christian?” Parakeets make delightful pets. We cage them or clip their wings to keep them where we want them. Scot McKnight contends that many, conservatives and liberals alike, attempt...