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ISIS, Iran, Israel: And the End of Days

by Mark Hitchcock

ISIS, Iran, Israel is an updated edition of Iran and Israel by Mark Hitchcock, with all-new information on ISIS, Russian involvement in Syria and Iran, and the state of relations between Israel and Iran. Hitchcock...

Handbook of Faith: Authentic Faith Believes the Bible

by Jr., Warren C Biebel

ABOUT THE BOOK: The original twelve followers of Christ changed the world; indeed, they changed the history of the world. So this author, a pastor with over sixty years' experience, poses and answers this logical...

Lamentations and Ezekiel for Everyone

by Lena Semaan

This is part of the Prison Literacy Series.

How to Preach and Teach the Old Testament for All Its Worth

by Christopher J. H. Wright

Many preachers ignore preaching from the Old Testament because they feel it is outdated in light of the New Testament and difficult to expound. On the other hand, some preachers will preach from the Old Testament...

Thinking Biblically about Islam: Genesis, Transfiguration, Transformation

by Ida Glaser & Hannah Kay

In this careful double exposition of the Bible and Islam, Ida Glaser and Hannah Kay emphasize godly attitudes, loving action and a deep appreciation of God's grace and goodness as essential traits of any Christian....

Temptation's Test Of Flesh: Trials in these earthly vessels

by James Smith

"Temptation's Test Of Flesh"the  Contain seven chapters, and a summary.

Chapter 1. Temptation's Test: The challanges, we as christians face on a daily bases as we war against

this evil of the flesh.


The God Who Heals: Words of Hope for a Time of Sickness

by Johann Christoph Blumhardt, Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt & Rick Warren

These sixty short daily reflections, each based on a verse from the Bible, will guide a believer facing serious sickness-and his or her family-to a rock-solid faith and trust in the will of God. With confidence...

Song of Exile

Covered: God & Me

by Apostle Andrea Lewis

An extremely intimate walk with Apostle Lewis through her childhood, adolescence, and womanhood, under the covering of Jesus. Hear and feel her suffering, pain, loneliness, abuse received and given, mistakes,...

The Jesus Fractal: Seven Dimensions of Faith

by Frykberg Elizabeth

With breathtaking sweep and insight, Rev. Frykberg reveals the genius of divine creation, human community, and a strategy for progress in personal character. This book will not just fascinate you. It will change...

Gentle Whispers from Eternity: Scripture Personalized

by Johnny Almond

Gentle Whispers from Eternity presents a series of 366 devotionals (one for each day of the year) inspired by key verses throughout the Bible, encouraging readers to listen prayerfully to the voice of God in...

The Spirituality of the Psalms: Prayers for All Times

by Margaret Nutting-Ralph

"If you want to explore the many dimensions of a relationship with God, there is no better way than to delve into the Book of Psalms. In The Spirituality of the Psalms, Margie Ralph invites the reader into Israel’s...

Don't Miss The Revival!: Messages for Revival and Spiritual Awakening from Isaiah

by Franklin Kirksey

Spiritual coldness, dryness, and listlessness are signs and symptoms revealing a personal need for revival. In Don't Miss the Revival! author Dr. Franklin L. Kirksey offers scriptural prescriptions for revival...

Skits with a Touch of Humor and Women of the Bible Study Guides: Under the Magnifying Glass: Taking a Closer Look at the Women of the Bible

by Edna James

Ever wanted to eavesdrop on conversations between women of the Bible? Here's your chance to experience "what might have been" with this fun-filled compilation of short skits on prominent biblical women.Using...

Miserere Mei: The Penitential Psalms in Late Medieval and Early Modern England

by Clare Costley King'oo

In Miserere Mei, Clare Costley King'oo examines the critical importance of the Penitential Psalms in England between the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century. During this period,...

Compassion and the Mission of God: Revealing the Invisible Kingdom

by Rupen Das

Why does God care for the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized? This book traces God's compassion as it is revealed in the Old and New Testaments, exploring the expression and impact of compassion in the...

My Spirit Rejoices: Imagining and Praying the Magnificat with Mary

by Marci Alborghetti

She came to the doorway and stood there, hesitating. Then she saw Elizabeth, and a soft sigh of joyful relief passed through her lips…

In these moments, says Marci Alborghetti, everything comes together for...

Catena Aurea. Commentary On The Four Gospels, Collected Out Of The Works Of The Fathers

by S Thomas Aquinas

This antiquarian book contains Thomas Aquinas's "Catena Aurea". It is a comprehensive discussion and analysis of the four Gospels, by some of the greatest theologians to have ever graced the Catholic Church....

Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate

by Michelle Lee-Barnewall, Craig Blomberg & Lynn Cohick

Critiques both sides of the evangelical debate about the roles of women, presenting an alternative way to move the discussion forward.

Four Views on Hell

by Denny Burk, John G. Stackhouse, Jr., Robin Parry & Jerry Walls et al.

Recent years have seen much controversy regarding hell:  Do we go to heaven or hell when we die?  Or do we cease to exist?  Are believers and unbelievers ultimately saved in the end?

Four Views on Hell highlights...