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Buddhist Extremists and Muslim Minorities

The Karmapas and Their Mahamudra Forefathers: An Illustrated Guide

by Sherap Phuntsok, Rigzin, Michele Martín & Seventeenth Karmapa et al.

With lively, engaging stories and exquisite portraits, this volume is sure to inspire all.

“I believe the life a lama lives is the greatest instruction to the students who follow him or her. It is an instruction...

Teaching Buddhism

The Buddha Party

What Is Buddhist Enlightenment?

The Word Of The Buddha; An Outline Of The Ethico-Philosophical System Of The Buddha In The Words Of The Pali Canon, Together With Explanatory Notes

by Bhikkhu Nyanatiloka

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern...

The Dhammapada: With Linked Table of Contents

by Gautama Buddha

Here are the words of the Buddha himself, setting forth his core beliefs. This books leads us to the spiritual path to the supreme Truth. Here is the guide to the Nirvana. This books is the most important document...

The Training Anthology of Santideva

The Life of the Madman of U

Buddha U: 108 Mindfulness Lessons for Surviving Test Stress, Freshman 15, Friend Drama, Insane Roommates, Awkward Dates, Late Nights, Morning Lectures

by Victor M. Parachin


What’s the secret to surviving college? Staying calm and focused—what a Buddhist would call mindfulness....

A Trackless Path

by Ken McLeod

18th century Tibetan mystic Jigmé Lingpa wrote a number of poems on the practice of Dzogchen, one of the great wisdom traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. In A Trackless Path renowned translator and teacher Ken...

The Third Stage of Life: Aging in Contemporary Society

by Daisaku Ikeda

Buddhist philosopher, peace activist and octogenarian Daisaku Ikeda has spent a lifetime studying and teaching about life's universal sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death. His life exemplifies the...

Echoes of Enlightenment

The Jaguar Man

by Lara Naughton

An unorthodox memoir of how one woman’s use of compassion helped her survive a rape and later find peace.

The Buddha's Apprentices: More Voices of Young Buddhists

by Sumi Loundon & Sharon Salzberg

Sumi Loundon's Blue Jean Buddha was hailed by the New York Times Review of Books as "a bellwether anthology"--mapping the spiritual trails followed by a generation of American Buddhist youths. The Buddha's...

Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation

by Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams, Lama Rod Owens & Jasmine, Ph.D. Syedullah

Igniting a long-overdue dialogue about how the legacy of racial injustice and white supremacy plays out in society at large and Buddhist communities in particular, this urgent call to action outlines a new dharma...

Zen & Karma: Teachings of Roshi Taisen Deshimaru

by Roshi Taisen Deshimaru

Taisen Deshimaru (1914-1982) was a Japanese Zen Master, and the individual largely responsible for bringing Soto Zen to Europe. A legendary figure, widely acknowledged throughout the Zen world, he stands in...

The Buddha's Path to Deliverance: A Systematic Exposition in the Words of the Sutta Pitaka

by Nyanatiloka Thera

A classic entry in the Pali canon, this anthology charts the entire course of spiritual development as prescribed in the most ancient Buddhist texts. Drawing upon the Buddha's own words from Sutta Pitaka, they...

The Gospel of Buddha

by Paul Caurs

This vintage book contains Paul Carus's 1894 work, "The Gospel of Buddha". Modelled on the New Testament, it recounts Buddha's life and teachings in the form of parables. It was an instrumental tool used by...

The Light of Asia, or the Great Renunciation (Maha^bhinishkramana): Being the Life and Teaching of Gautama, Prince of India and Founder of Buddhism (a

by Edwin Arnold

This study presents details about the life and philosophy of the founder of Buddhism, Prince Gautama of India or the Buddha, in the form of a poem as told from an imaginary Buddhist character. When originally...