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The Star Spangled Buddhist: Zen, Tibetan, and Soka Gakkai Buddhism and the Quest for Enlightenment in America

by Jeffrey Ourvan

“Ourvan offers a succinct but illuminating overview of Zen, Tibetan, and Soka Gakkai Buddhism."—Publishers Weekly

Approximately four million Americans claim to be Buddhist. Moreover, hundreds of thousands...

The Two Truths Debate: Tsongkhapa and Gorampa on the Middle Way

by Sonam Thakchoe & Jay Garfield

All lineages of Tibetan Buddhism today claim allegiance to the philosophy of the Middle Way, the exposition of emptiness propounded by the second-century Indian master Nagarjuna. But not everyone interprets...

Kalachakra Tantra: Rite of Initiation

by Dalai Lama & Jeffrey Hopkins

Associated with the promotion of world peace, the Kalachakra - or "Wheel of Time" - tantra is one of the most detailed and encompassing systems of theory and practice within Tibetan Buddhism. This book contains...


by Brahm

Go beyond mindfulness—practice kindfulness!

Here Ajahn Brahm introduces a new kind of meditation: kindfulness. Kindfulness is the cause of relaxation. It brings ease to the body, to the mind, and to the world....

Stages of the Buddha's Teachings: Three Key Texts

by Dolpa, Gampopa, Sakya Pandita & David P. Jackson et al.

Stages of the Buddha's Teachings is an extraordinary and systematized representation of the complete path to enlightenment. From the acclaimed Library of Tibetan Classics.

The “stages of the teachings”...

Deathpower: Buddhism's Ritual Imagination in Cambodia

by Erik W. Davis

Drawing on extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Cambodia, Erik W. Davis radically recasts attitudes toward the nature of Southeast Asian Buddhism’s interactions with local religious practice and, by extension,...

Spreading Buddha's Word in East Asia: The Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon

by Jiang Wu & Lucille Chia

A monumental work in the history of religion, the history of the book, the study of politics, and bibliographical research, this volume follows the making of the Chinese Buddhist canon from the fourth century...

Mindfulness with Breathing: A Manual for Serious Beginners

by Buddhadasa, Santikaro & Larry Rosenberg

Any practitioner, after meditating for some time, inevitably wonders what meditation method the historical Buddha Shakyamuni himself used while beneath the Bodhi Tree. Many people understand that prior to his...

Rainbow Body and Resurrection: Spiritual Attainment, the Dissolution of the Material Body, and the Case of Khenpo A Ch

by Francis V. Tiso

Francis V. Tiso, a noted authority on the rainbow body, explores this manifestation of spiritual realization in a wide-ranging and deeply informed study of the transformation of the material body into a body...

Buddha Doodles: Imagine the Possibilities

by Molly Hahn

With simple, whimsical drawings and simple, deep truths, Buddha Doodles celebrates the amazing possibilities of the divine light within us all.


Vol. 1 Zen and the Art of De-programming : Letting Go of Social Engineering

by Ray Songtree

Zen and the Art of De-programming : Letting go of Social Engineering is the Zen edition of Vol. 1 from the Lipstick and War Crimes Book Series by Ray Songtree, with an introduction that gives the Buddhist perspective....

Buddhism in Practice: (Abridged Edition)

by Donald S., Jr. Lopez

This anthology, first published in 1995, illustrates the vast scope of Buddhist practice in Asia, past and present. Re-released now in a slimmer but still extensive edition, Buddhism in Practice presents a selection...

On Cold Mountain: A Buddhist Reading of the Hanshan Poems

by Paul Rouzer

In this first serious study of Hanshan ("Cold Mountain"), Paul Rouzer discusses some seventy poems of the iconic Chinese poet who lived sometime during the Tang dynasty (618–907). Hanshan’s poems gained...

Grassroots Zen

by Perle Besserman & Manfred B. Steger

Many Zen Buddhist practitioners have come to question some of Japanese Zen's less democratic aspects-from the strict, male-dominated hierarchies to the racial overtones. At the same time, modern American Buddhists...

Jizo Bodhisattva: Modern Healing & Traditional Buddhist Practice

by Jan Chozen Bays & Heng Sure

In Jizo Bodhisattva, Zen teacher and practicing pediatrician Jan Chozen Bays explores the development of traditional Buddhist practices related to Jizo, as well as the growing interest in Jizo practice in modern...

Zen Art for Meditation

by Stewart W. Holmes & Chimyo Horioka

This book is about emptiness and silence—the mind-expanding emptiness of Zen painting, and the reverberating silence of haiku poetry. Through imaginative participation in the visions of painters and poets,...

Mindfulness and Madness: Money, Food, Sex And The Sacred

by Ira Rechtshaffer

Mindfulness and Madness shows how to approach our everyday life without armor, and how to meet the world's nakedness with our own.

Buddhist-Christian Dual Belonging: Affirmations, Objections, Explorations

by Gavin, Professor D'Costa & Ross, Revd Dr Thompson

A growing number of people describe themselves as both Buddhist and Christian; but does such a self-description really make sense? Many people involved in inter-faith dialogue argue that this dialogue leads...

After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age

by Stephen Batchelor

Some twenty-five centuries after the Buddha started teaching, his message continues to inspire people across the globe, including those living in predominantly secular societies. What does it mean to adapt religious...

Nothing To It: Ten Ways to Be at Home with Yourself

by Brother Phap Hai

In Nothing To It, Brother Phap Hai brings his characteristic warmth and humor to explore the many different gates to transformation offered by Buddhism. A gate is a teaching, practice, or way of looking at things....