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Sacred Reading: The 2017 Guide to Daily Prayer

by Apostleship of Prayer & Douglas Leonard

This powerful and inspiring prayer book from the Apostleship of Prayer--"the pope's prayer group"--engages readers with the Church's daily scripture readings and introduces Catholics and other Christians to...

Seven from Heaven: How Your Family Can Find Healing, Strength and Protection in the Sacraments

by Elizabeth Ficocelli

Demonstrating how the seven sacraments are both powerful encounters with the Living Christ and a marvelous blueprint for rich and joyous living-from birth through confirmation, marriage, and the end of life-this...

Pro Ecclesia Vol 25-N2: A Journal of Catholic and Evangelical Theology

by Joseph Mangina & Pro Ecclesia

Pro Ecclesia is a quarterly journal of theology published by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology.

Butler's Lives of the Saints: The Complete Edition, Original and Unabridged

by Fr. Alban Butler

The unabridged, classic work by Fr. Alban Butler (1710-1773).  This work is the fruit of over 30 years’ research by a uniquely qualified priest. First published in several volumes as The Lives of the Fathers,...

To All the World: Preaching and the New Evangelization

by Michael Connors

Pope Francis's vision of the ministry of preaching offers a renewed emphasis on what it means to preach the Word of God in such a way that it transforms lives and communities, and inspires hope. In To All the...

Fifty Years In The Church Of Rome

by Charles Chiniquy

This vintage book contains Charles Chiniquy's 1884 autobiography, "Fifty Years In The Church Of Rome". Charles P. Chiniquy (1809 - 1899) was a Canadian Catholic priest who converted to Presbyterianism. This...

How to Do Apologetics: Making the Case for Our Faith

by Patrick Madrid

Master apologist Patrick Madrid shows how YOU "can demonstrate confidently and effectively that Catholic teaching is reasonable and consistent and compelling" with this toolkit covering everything you need to...

Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare

by Dwight, Fr. Longenecker

Fr. Dwight Longenecker asks, ìAre you disturbed by the state of our world?î

For most of us the answer is ìyes.î The news reports fuel this dread. We see and hear the horrors of terrorism and war, crime, corruption,...

Fordham, A History of the Jesuit University of New York

Speaking the Love of God: An Introduction to the Sacraments

by Jacob W Wood

"Our words indicate our thoughts, but our thoughts don't make anything happen. . . . It's not the same with God." In Speaking the Love of God: An Introduction to the Sacraments, Dr. Jacob W. Wood shows how Christ...

Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages

by Scott Hahn

Why were the early Christians willing to die to protect a single iota of the creed? Why have the Judeans, Romans, and Persians-among others-seen the Christian creed as a threat to the established social order?...

The Jesuits and Globalization: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Challenges

by Thomas Banchoff

The Society of Jesus is the most successful and enduring global missionary enterprise in history. Founded by Ignatius Loyola in 1540, the Jesuit order has preached the Gospel, managed a vast educational network,...

The Other Catholics: Remaking America's Largest Religion

by Julie Byrne

Independent Catholics are not formally connected to the pope in Rome. They practice apostolic succession, seven sacraments, and devotion to the saints. But without a pope, they can change quickly and experiment...

Becoming Planetary People: Celebrations of Earth, Art, & Spirit

by Jim Conlon

Becoming Planetary People carries forward Thomas Berry’s project of infusing the scientific version of our origins with the poetry and majesty of ritualized religion. You will find in every corner of this...

Follow Christ: Developing the Lifestyle of an Intentional Disciple

by Ally Erik Arnold Ascosi Dave Nodar

This new book leads us through the important, basic disciplines that characterize disciples, then teaches us to recognize and defend against the struggles that often accompany a renewed relationship with Christ....

The Cross, Our Only Hope: Daily Reflections in the Holy Cross Tradition

by Andrew Gawrych C. S. C. & Kevin Grove C. S. C.

The publication of the first edition of The Cross, Our Only Hope in 2008 established it as a foundational work of contemporary Holy Cross spirituality. This thoroughly revised edition, which features many new...

Mother Angelica Her Grand Silence: The Last Years and Living Legacy

by Raymond Arroyo

“Even now, I still meet with Mother in memory and in spirit. And though I miss her physical presence, the writing of this work has allowed me to once again spend long hours with her and share her essence with...

The Cistercian Fathers and Their Monastic Theology: Initiation into the Monastic Tradition 8

by Thomas Merton & Patrick F. O'Connell

These conferences, presented by Thomas Merton to the novices at the Abbey of Gethsemani in 1963–1964, focus mainly on the life and writings of his great Cistercian predecessor, St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153)....

Mother Teresa's Secret Fire

by Joseph Langford

Published at Mother Teresa's personal request to share her message with the world, it contains personal stories, revealing insights and never-before-seen letters from Mother Teresa.

American Jesuits and the World: How an Embattled Religious Order Made Modern Catholicism Global

by John T. McGreevy

At the start of the nineteenth century, the Jesuits seemed fated for oblivion. Dissolved as a religious order in 1773 by one pope, they were restored in 1814 by another, but with only six hundred aged members....