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Complaints of the Saints

by Mary Lea Hill & Fsp

Complaints of the Saints by Sr. Mary Lea Hill, FSP, shares some of the saints’ responses to suffering.

The witty anecdotes and wisdom Sr. Hill shares are both consoling and relatable, teaching us that the saints...

The Spirit of Catholicism

by Karl Adam

In this book, Karl Adam seeks to identify the "spirit" or essence of Roman Catholicism. The Spirit of Catholicism is an accessible, articulate, and compelling presentation of the fundamental tenets of the Catholic...

The Baking Cookbook for Teens

by S.Timothy

This baking cookbook for teens will take you step-by-step through the principles of baking. It has a bunch of super easy recipes to follow. Recipes include bread, cake and cookies recipes with timing, servings,...

At the End of the Santa Fe Trail

by Blandina Segale

Originally published in 1932 and long unavailable, this memoir by a strong-willed and resourceful nun is a valuable addition to the story of women in the West. Sister Blandina (1850-1941) served in southern...

Brother Lorenzo's Pretzels

by Cornelia Mary Bilinsky

Cornelia Bilinsky, author of Patrick and the Fire, The Queen and the Cross, and The Saint who Fought the Dragon: The Story of St. George brings a new story to children ages four to seven: the story of Brother...

Start with Jesus

by Julianne Stanz

2019 Best Book Awards, Finalist: Religion—Christianity

Take a moment and ask yourself: does every activity in my parish point more deeply to Jesus?

Julianne Stanz wants to help you and your parish community...

Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book

by Marie Paul Curley

Deepen your relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist through these prayers, scripture passages, meditations, hymns, and more, that provide a guide and companion to a Eucharistic hour of adoration. Written by...

Jeanne D'Arc: her life and death

by Margaret Oliphant

*** Premium Ebook ***

"Thus died the Maid of France—with "Jesus, Jesus," on her lips—till the merciful smoke breathing upwards choked that voice in her throat; and one who was like unto the Son of God, who...

St. Francis of Assisi

by G. K. Chesterton

Francis of Assisi is, after Mary of Nazareth, perhaps the greatest saint in the Christian calendar, and one of the most influential men in the whole of human history. By universal acclaim, this biography by...

Holy Thirst

by Editors at Paraclete Press & Adam Bucko

These saints have spoken to the hearts of millions. They’ve helped many on the way to understanding the role of God in their lives. In this collection, may their words again help all who long for a life of...

Mercenaries and Missionaries

by Brandon Vaidyanathan

Mercenaries and Missionaries examines the relationship between rapidly diffusing forms of capitalism and Christianity in the Global South. Using more than two hundred interviews in Bangalore and Dubai, Brandon...

The Age of the Great Western Schism

by Clinton Locke

The Great Western Schism, also called Papal Schism, Great Occidental Schism and Schism of 1378, was a split within the Catholic Church lasting from 1378 to 1417 in which two, since 1410 even three, men...

A Saint of Our Own

by Kathleen Sprows Cummings

What drove U.S. Catholics in their arduous quest, full of twists and turns over more than a century, to win an American saint? The absence of American names in the canon of the saints had left many of the faithful...

Inner Peace

by Jean Pierre de Caussade & Kathryn Hermes

How do I find peace of mind in my stressed-out life? Caussade tells us not to fret over the past, nor worry about the future because God is at work for our good in the midst of every duty and every event. Jean-Pierre...

Secrets of the Spirit

by Luis Martinez & Germana Santos

How do I develop a deep, loving relationship with God? Martinez, author of The Sanctifier, encourages us to trust in the love and concern God has for us in all that we do. Without glossing over the reality of...

Intimacy in Prayer

by Bernard of Clairvaux

How can I have a more intimate relationship with God through prayer? In these selections from his sermons on the Song of Songs, Bernard awakens us to God’s tender embrace and God’s desire to have his affection...

Courage in Chaos

by Kathryn Hermes

How can I live my life while still staying true to my beliefs? Can I stay in control when everything is changing? Saint Francis de Sales is known for his spiritual guidance and advice for everyday problems....

Secret to Happiness

by Donna Giaimo

How can I discover the secret to happiness and holiness in my life? This collection contains famous and lesser-known writings from the humble 20th century giant, Saint John XXIII. Born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli...

Migration for Mission

by Mary Johnson S.N.D. de N., Mary Gautier, Patricia Wittberg S.C. & Thu T. Do L.H.C

Patterns of migration for the purpose of religious mission are an unexamined dimension of the immigration narrative. Catholic sisters from many countries around the world come to the United States to minister...

Christ in Our Midst

by Caryll Houselander

How do I find Christ in the people around me?This compilation contains famous writings of twentieth century English mystic and laywoman Caryll Houselander who shows us how we can see Christ in ourselves and...