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The Business Turn in American Religious History

by Amanda Porterfield, Darren Grem & John Corrigan

Business has received little attention in American religious history, although it has profound implications for understanding the sustained popularity and ongoing transformation of religion in the United States....

Thomas and the Thomists

by Romanus Cessario, Op & Cajetan Cuddy, Op

Thomas Aquinas (1224–1274) is one of the most important thinkers in the history of western civilization. A philosopher and theologian, a priest and preacher, Aquinas bequeathed to the world an enduring synthesis...

The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Church History

by Bill Leonard & Tripp Fuller

Amid the ferment of dissent and the protests of heretics, the church developed most significantly. This guide introduces that history by looking at those periods.

A variety of questions have preoccupied Christian...

Constructing Constructive Theology

by Jason a. Wyman, Jr.

To date, constructive theology hasn’t been viewed or conceptualized as a movement or trend in theology on its own as a whole. Questions arise as to what constructive theology is, where it came from, why it...

The Americas' First Theologies

by Frauke Sachse, Sergio Romero, Robert M. Carmack & Garry Sparks

The Theologia Indorum by Dominican friar Domingo de Vico was the first Christian theology written in the Americas. Made available in English translation for the first time, Americas' First Theologies presents...

Richard Baxter and the Mechanical Philosophers

by David S. Sytsma

Richard Baxter, one of the most famous Puritans of the seventeenth century, is generally known as a writer of practical and devotional literature. But he also excelled in knowledge of medieval and early modern...

Biography of a Yogi

by Anya P. Foxen

With over four million copies in print, Paramahansa Yogananda's autobiography has served as a gateway into yoga and alternative spirituality for North American practitioners since 1946. Balancing traditional...

Simply Wait

by Pamela C. Hawkins

What if it really wasn't that hard to find more peace, more quiet, more room in your heart for the Christ child to be born? Hawkins will guide you—calmly and simply—through the busy season of Advent, and...

Jesus and Muhammad

by Daniel Hummel

Jesus and Muhammad lived in different times and in different contexts. An absolute comparison of the careers of these two men is not a satisfactory method in understanding the similarities and differences between...

Waiting in Joyful Hope: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas 2017-18

by Mary DeTurris Poust

Prepare spiritually for the coming of Christ with this popular, easy-to-use annual guide. During the especially busy Advent and Christmas seasons, this book offers brief, down-to-earth reflections that bring...

A Nearly Infallible History of the Reformation: Commemorating 500 years of Popes, Protestants, Reformers, Radicals and Other Assorted Irritants

by Nick Page

500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his ideas to a church door - and the Reformation began. Or maybe it was a little more complicated than that.

Nick Page brings his skills as an unlicensed historian to bear...

The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom

by Brandon L Emch

Learn what the Bible really says about the end times and the day of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom, a supernatural and purely scriptural framework for understanding the end...

Katie Luther, First Lady of the Reformation

by Ruth A. Tucker

Katharina von Bora, wife of Martin Luther, was by any measure the First Lady of the Reformation. A strong woman with a mind of her own, she would remain unknown to us were it not for her larger than life husband....

The Framing of Sacred Space

by Jelena Bogdanovic

The Framing of Sacred Space offers the first topical study of canopies as essential spatial and symbolic units in Byzantine-rite churches. Centrally planned columnar structures--typically comprised of four columns...

The Life, Works, and Witness of Tsehay Tolessa and Gudina Tumsa, the Ethiopian Bonhoeffer

by Samuel Yonas Deressa & Sarah Hinlicky Wilson

This book opens a window into the lives and extraordinary witness of a Christian couple whose faithful life of service has earned the moniker of Ethopia’s Bonhoeffer.

In Part One, the reader encounters the...

Christian Understandings of the Trinity

by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen

In this creative approach to the doctrine of the Trinity, author Veli-Matti Karkkainen focuses on keeping a dynamic balance between the intellectual-doctrinal and spiritual-charismatic approaches as parallel...

Exploring Christian Song

by Andrew Shenton, M. Jennifer Bloxam, Timothy H. Steele & J. H. Kwabena Nketia et al.

This essay collection celebrates the richness of Christian musical tradition across its two thousand year history and across the globe. Opening with a consideration of the fourth-century lamp-lighting hymn Phos...

The Koran in English

by Bruce B. Lawrence

For millions of Muslims, the Qur'an is sacred only in Arabic, the original Arabic in which it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century; to many Arab and non-Arab believers alike, the book...

Eugenics and Protestant Social Reform: Hereditary Science and Religion in America, 1860-1940

by Dennis L. Durst

The eugenics movement prior to the Second World War gave voice to the desire of many social reformers to promote good births and prevent bad births. Two sources of cultural authority in this period, science...

Making the Bible Belt

by Joseph L. Locke

Making the Bible Belt upends notions of a longstanding, stable marriage between political religion and the American South. H.L. Mencken coined the term "the Bible Belt" in the 1920s to capture the peculiar alliance...