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Cowboy Christians

by Marie W. Dallam

Cowboy Christians examines the long history of cowboy Christianity in the American West, with a focus on the present-day cowboy church movement. Based on five years of historical and sociological fieldwork in...

The Lithic Garden

by Mailan S. Doquang

The Lithic Garden offers innovative perspectives on the role of ornament in medieval church design. Focusing on the foliate friezes articulating iconic French monuments such as Amiens Cathedral, it demonstrates...

Signs of Virginity

by Michael Rosenberg

Although the theme of bloodied nuptial sheets seems pervasive in western culture, its association with female virginity is uniquely tied to a brief passage in the book of Deuteronomy detailing the procedure...

St. Teresa of Avila

by Teresa of Ávila, Kieran Kavanaugh & Regina Marie Gorman

St. Teresa of Avila, one of the most interesting and important figures in the history of the Catholic Church, was also one of the most candid, entertaining, and brilliant correspondents of her century. This...

Baptist Revival Fellowship

by Phil Hill

This book explores the history of the Baptist Revival Fellowship from 1938-1972, its effectiveness in promoting spiritual renewal and the influence of its most prominent member, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

About the...

Pauses for Pentecost

by Trevor Hudson

How do you prepare for Pentecost?

As followers of Christ, we are invited to become Easter people filled with the Holy Spirit. The Resurrection is the center of the Christian faith. Without it there would be no...

The Promise of Lent Devotional: A 40-day Journey toward the Miracle of Easter

by Chris Tiegreen

Lent is a time of remembering Christ’s sacrifice—and yet it is not meant to be depressing; it is meant to be reorienting. The 40-day holy season is one of transition when we turn our eyes away from fading...

No Destiny, There Is No Santa Claus

by Larry Mattox

This delightful Christmas story is in the ilk of "It's a Wonderful Life." Taking place over the weekend following Thanksgiving, it involves a young family in Ohio. Enjoy the twist and turns as they endure a...

Toward a catholic Christianity

by Michael Halpin McCarthy

Toward a catholic Christianity tries to show how by working collaboratively the “people of God” can credibly meet them together. In this way, the diversity and unity within the Roman Catholic community are...

Hinglaj Devi

by Jurgen Schaflechner

About two hundred kilometers west of the city of Karachi, in the desert of Baluchistan, Pakistan, sits the shrine of the Hindu Goddess Hinglaj. Despite the temple's ancient Hindu and Muslim history, an annual...

An Uncensored Guide to the Christmas Stories

by Lucas Walker

This is a short book which retells the Bible's Christmas stories and investigates their similarities and differences. The stories are illustrated with cartoons that include scenes that are usually absent from...

Oneida Utopia

by Anthony Wonderley

" Oneida Utopia offers a fresh new reading of this fascinating American experiment, freed of the sociological and religious assumptions that have guided more traditional studies of the topic. An eye-opener."—Ellen...

Liturgy and Byzantinization in Jerusalem

by Daniel Galadza

The Church of Jerusalem, the 'mother of the churches of God', influenced all of Christendom before it underwent multiple captivities between the eighth and thirteenth centuries: first, political subjugation...

The Roman Martyrs

by Michael Lapidge

The Roman Martyrs contains translations of forty Latin passiones of saints who were martyred in Rome or its near environs, during the period before the 'peace of the Church' (c. 312). Some of the Roman martyrs...


by Jack Forbes

DECONSTRUCTING THE CODE is a story of love and lost meaning, treachery and distrust, creative expression and blatant forgery, book burnings and the chance discovery of priceless writings of antiquity. In a new...

Staritsa: The Spiritual Motherhood of Catherine Doherty

by Donald A. Guglielmi & Robert Wild

The present book is the first work to highlight Catherine Doherty's vocation to spiritual motherhood. Drawing upon primary archival sources, the author traces Catherine's development as a staritsa, or spiritual...

Christianizing Egypt

by David Frankfurter

How does a culture become Christian, especially one that is heir to such ancient traditions and spectacular monuments as Egypt? This book offers a new model for envisioning the process of Christianization by...

Public vs. Private

by Robert N. Gross

Americans today choose from a dizzying array of schools, loosely lumped into categories of "public" and "private." How did these distinctions emerge in the first place, and what do they tell us about the more...

The Spirit of Early Evangelicalism

by D. Bruce Hindmarsh

Evangelicalism appeared as a new pattern of Christian devotion at a moment when the foundations of Anglo-American society were shifting. The Spirit of Early Evangelicalism locates the rise of evangelical religion...

The New England Watch and Ward Society

by P. C. Kemeny

The New England Watch and Ward Society provides a new window into the history of the Protestant establishment's prominent role in late nineteenth-century public life and its confrontation with modernity, commercial...