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The Amir

by Harry Giles

The Umayyads were early Muslim Caliphs who valued Jewss and Christians, and who put the cross on their public buildings and their coins. They were overthrown by some heretics from Persia, and Iraq, against the...

The Gift

by Stephanie M. Matthews

Edited by New York Times Best Seller editor Steve Parolini, “The Gift” is a supernatural thriller that will carry you away to the wintery streets of Europe, and insert you into the struggle against a darkness...

The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors

by Dan Jones

An instant international bestseller, this major new history of the knights Templar by the bestselling author of The Plantagenets is “another triumphant tale from a historian who writes as addictively as any...

The Great Shift: Encountering God in Biblical Times

by James L. Kugel

One of the world's leading Bible scholars summarizes a career of study to ask the biggest questions: how has the nature of God changed over time? What are the origins of belief and religion? Why is the modern...

Jesus in the White House: Make Humanity Great Again

by Gina Messina

In a nation where the majority of Evangelical and Catholic populations elected Donald J. Trump to the highest office in the land, many have been left scratching their heads. How did Jesus’ teachings result...

Living the Season Well

by Jody Lee Collins

Living the Season Well is a down-to-earth volume that encompasses the arc of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, introducing a new frame of mind about approaching the holidays. Instead of December ramping up to...

A World Ablaze

by Craig Harline

October 2017 marks five hundred years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg and launched the Protestant Reformation. At least, that's what the legend says. But with a figure...

The Promise of Robert W. Jenson's Theology

by Stephen John Wright & Chris E. W. Green

North America has rarely produced a theologian as creative and productive as Robert W. Jenson. A truly ecumenical thinker, Jenson consistently demonstrates the way that the church’s confession of the triune...

Passion for Nothing

by Peter Kline

Passion for Nothing offers a reading of Kierkegaard as an apophatic author. As it functions in this book, “apophasis” is a flexible term inclusive of both “negative theology” and “deconstruction.”...

Augustine and the Mystery of the Church

by James K. Lee

Over the course of the past two centuries, Augustine's ecclesiology has been subject to interpretations that overdraw the distinction between the visible and invisible dimensions of the church, sometimes reducing...

On This Rock

by Aaron Simms

What did people living around the time of Jesus of Nazareth really believe and say about him? Is he the Christ, the promised Savior? Did he really die and then rise from the dead?

This book answers these questions...

What Are We Waiting For?

by William H. Petersen

• Both practical and scholarly • Offers a new perspective on Advent, including resources Everyone knows that Advent is about waiting, but author William H. Petersen asks, What Are We Waiting For? In this...

Solve by Christmas

by Amber Schamel & Deirdre Lockhart

When sabotage threatens the Rudin Sugar Factory, Detective Jasper Hollock believes this will be his first real case. But dear Mr. Rudin—the only father Jasper has ever known—holds a different assignment...

In Days to Come

by George Hovaness Donigian

Many people end their celebration of Christmas on December 25, but George Donigian reminds us that the celebration is only beginning. Donigian offers meditations that begin with Advent and continue through Epiphany...

Was It a Crucifixion or Rather a Cross Fiction?

by Alejandro Cuevas-Sosa

Reduced-updated version of the tenth book (Authorized biography…), important new data. This book is not on religions, but about whom the religious figures and many more persons were and are. Patriarchs, prophets,...

12 Things You Need to Know about the Reformation

by Benjamin Wiker

2017 is the 500th year anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing his Ninety-five Theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, the event marking the beginning of the Reformation—and the end of...

Satanic Feminism

by Per Faxneld

According to the Bible, Eve was the first to heed Satan's advice to eat the forbidden fruit and thus responsible for all of humanity's subsequent miseries. The notion of woman as the Devil's accomplice is prominent...

Reformation Myths

by Rodney Stark

What has the Reformation ever done for us?

A lot less than you might think, as Rodney Stark shows in this enlightening and entertaining antidote to recent books about the rise of Protestantism and its legacy....

Representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary in World Literature and Art

by Elena V. Shabliy, Karen O'Donnell, Anna Hamling & Gwyn McClelland et al.

This interdisciplinary study explores Marian imagery and representations in world literature and art throughout the centuries. This book demonstrates the widespread deep veneration of the image of the Blessed...


by Swami B.P. Puri

This publication commemorates the completion of Swami B. P. Puri's Samadhi Mandir in Mayapur, India and was released in conjunction with the inauguration of the temple.


This publication commemorates the completion...