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The Gods of Indian Country

by Jennifer Graber

During the nineteenth century, white Americans sought the cultural transformation and physical displacement of Native people. Though this process was certainly a clash of rival economic systems and racial ideologies,...

Christianization and Commonwealth in Early Medieval Europe

by Nathan J. Ristuccia

Christianization and Commonwealth in Early Medieval Europe re-examines the alterations in Western European life that followed widespread conversion to Christianity-the phenomena traditionally termed "Christianization"....

Saint Thomas Aquinas

by 50MINUTES.Com

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas in next to no time with this concise guide. provides a clear and engaging analysis of the life, work and ideas...

John Woolman and the Government of Christ

by Jon R. Kershner

John Woolman, a tailor, was a lay Quaker leader in religiously charged 18th century colonial America. Woolman attempted to shape the rapidly changing culture and economy of the midcentury according to his radical...

Enslaved Leadership in Early Christianity

by Dr. Katherine A. Shaner

Enslaved persons were ubiquitous in the first- and second-century CE Roman Empire, and early Christian texts reflect this fact. Yet the implications of enslaved presence in religious practices are under-examined...

Antonio Vieira

by Mónica Leal da Silva & Liam Brockey

This volume is the first English translation and annotation of the sermons of António Vieira, a major cultural figure in the Portuguese-speaking world. Born in Lisbon in 1608, Vieira was a Jesuit who lived...

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Race in American History

by Kathryn Gin Lum & Paul Harvey

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Race in American History brings together a number of established scholars, as well as younger scholars on the rise, to provide a scholarly overview for those interested in...

The Church as Sacred Space in Middle English Literature and Culture

by Laura Varnam

This book presents an exciting new approach to the medieval church by examining the role of literary texts, visual decorations, ritual performance and lived experience in the production of sanctity. The meaning...


by Jorg Rupke & David M. B. Richardson

From one of the world's leading authorities on the subject, an innovative and comprehensive account of religion in the ancient Roman and Mediterranean world

In this ambitious and authoritative book, Jörg Rüpke...

Friday's Child

by Brian Mountford

Brian Mountford has chosen thirty five poems which explore the human experience of suffering and redemption, accompanied by his own thoughtful and witty commentary. The collection contains secular and sacred...

A Prophet with Honor

by William C. Martin

A Prophet with Honor is the biography Billy Graham himself invited and appreciated for its sympathetic but frank approach. Carefully documented, eminently fair, and gracefully written, it raises and answers...

Foundational Texts of Mormonism

by Mark Ashurst-McGee, Robin Jensen & Sharalyn D. Howcroft

Joseph Smith, founding prophet and martyr of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, personally wrote, dictated, or commissioned thousands of documents. Among these are several highly significant sources...

Thomas Fuller

by W. B. Patterson

Long considered a highly distinctive English writer, Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) has not been treated as the significant historian he was. Fuller's The Church-History of Britain (1655) was the first comprehensive...

A History of Judaism

by Martin Goodman

A sweeping history of Judaism over more than three millennia

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world, and it has preserved its distinctive identity despite the extraordinarily diverse forms and beliefs...

Resurrecting Easter

by John Dominic Crossan & Sarah Crossan

In this four-color illustrated journey that is part travelogue and part theological investigation, bestselling author and acclaimed Bible scholar John Dominic Crossan and his wife Sarah painstakingly travel...

A Doubter's Guide to Jesus

by John Dickson

A Doubter's Guide to Jesus is an introduction to the major portraits of Jesus found in the earliest historical sources. Portraits because our best information points not to a tidy, monolithic Jesus, but to a...

Irish vs. Yankees

by James W. Sanders

Boston entered the twentieth century as an Irish Catholic city, no longer the "Yankee" town of its Puritan past. The dominance of the Irish Catholic population, swelled by the "potato famine" masses, gave it...

Houses Divided

by Lucas Volkman

Houses Divided provides new insights into the significance of the nineteenth-century evangelical schisms that arose initially over the moral question of African American bondage. Volkman examines such fractures...

Evangelical Scholarship, Retrospects and Prospects

by Verlyn Verbrugge

This is, perhaps, the most multifaceted collection of essays Zondervan has ever published. A fitting Festschrift to Stan Gundry, a man known by many people for many things, but never for being one-dimensional....

Peace and Penance in Late Medieval Italy

by Katherine Ludwig Jansen

Medieval Italian communes are known for their violence, feuds, and vendettas, yet beneath this tumult was a society preoccupied with peace. Peace and Penance in Late Medieval Italy is the first book to examine...