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Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

Beyond Jihad

The Qur'an and its Custodians

by Fondazione Internazionale Oasis

Jihadist Fundamentalism is re-opening the debate on the Islamic Scriptures’ Interpretation OASIS year XII - n. 23 - June 2016 - Interpretations in conflict - Michele Brignone - Reading the Qur'an in the Twenty-first...

The Islamic Lineage of American Literary Culture

Brand Islam: The Marketing and Commodification of Piety

by Faegheh Shirazi

From food products to fashions and cosmetics to children's toys, a wide range of commodities today are being marketed as "halal" (permitted, lawful) or "Islamic" to Muslim consumers both in the West and in Muslim-majority...

The Wondering Jew : My Journey into Judaism

by Ellen Brazer

The Wondering Jew: My Journey into Judaism

It all began with a promise: a promise I made to my father, a promise that led me on a journey into the heart and soul of Judaism. The result is this book, filled with...

Book V. The improbable Rise of the Free Man

by Roland Maes

Book V details the expansion of the Christian nations, their interaction with other religions and secular entities and ends with the potential role of the United States.

Napoleon applied to Europe the fascist...

Book IV. The Diversity of European Spiritual Histories

by Roland Maes

The prospective ruin of Christendom was repeatedly predicted at the beginning of the fifteenth century.

In 1494, Sebastian Brant wrote “ship of fools. In 1511, Erasmus wrote the Prize of Folly. In 1515,...

Islam and International Relations: Exploring Community and the Limits of Universalism

by Faiz Sheikh

Questions how we conceive the ‘international’ of IR by constructing a normative political Islam to critique the universalising tendencies of core concepts, such as liberal individualism and the primacy of...

Mystical Resistance

The Silent Tears of Polygamy: Based on a True Story of an American Female Living in the US

by Robin Johnson

Every now and again a great book comes along that changes our perception of marriage. “The Silent Tears of Polygamy”: Based on a True Story of an American Female is a contemporary fiction novel about a modern,...

The Linotype Operator

by Michael R Wolf & Leah Maines

Set in present day Brooklyn and Manhattan—with historic monuments and institutions as background characters — The Linotype Operator is the story of Orthodox Jewish former Linotype operator David Kaplan and...

The Wisdom of the Sufis

by Kenneth Cragg

In his introduction to the anthology The Wisdom of the Sufis, Kenneth Cragg offers the Western reader valuable insight into the religion and richly poetic literature of the Middle East, and the esoteric, deeply...

Journey Together: 49 Steps to Transforming a Family

by Sarah Hermelin

Offering a model of self-improvement rooted in Jewish thought and practice, Journey Together explains the mystical system of counting the Omer-a Jewish practice of counting the days between the holidays of Passover...

Islam Evolving: Radicalism, Reformation, and the Uneasy Relationship with the Secular West

by Taner Edis

How is Islam adapting to the rapid changes of the 21st century? Despite political unrest and terrorism, the author argues that many Muslim societies are successfully developing their own versions of modern life....

Christianity And Progress

by Harry Emerson Fosdick

This vintage book contains Harry Emerson Fosdick's 1922 collection of lectures, "Christianity And Progress". In these lectures, Fosdick guides the reader from the past to the present through the ideas, doctrines,...

Singing God's Words

Muslims beyond the Arab World

The Far Mosque

by Kazim Ali

Kazim Ali's poetry debut draws on mystical traditions of the world's religions in its urgent quest.

Magic In Islam

by Michael Muhammad Knight

The progenitor of "Muslim punk rock" and one of today's freshest spiritual voices pushes back against the common assumption that the historic faiths have no occult or magical tradition in this richly learned...