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Commentary on Midrash Rabba in the Sixteenth Century

The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman

The Shia Revival (Updates)

by Vali Nasr

“Historically incisive, geographically broad-reaching, and brimming with illuminating anecdotes.” —Max Rodenbeck, New York Review of Books One of America’s leading commentators on current events in the...

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

No God but One: Allah or Jesus?

by Nabeel Qureshi

This eBook includes the full text of the book plus bonus content not found in the softcover! Bonuses include a Q&A with Nabeel Qureshi and downloadable videos that answer important questions about Islam and...

The Talmud

by Arsene Darmesteter

The following passage from the biography of Arsene Darmesteter, prefixed to Volume I of his Reliques Scientifiques, deserves quotation, both on account of its criticism of Emanuel Deutsch's brilliant article...

Tolerant Islam vs. Extremism

by Maryam Rajavi

Tolerant Islam vs. Extremism

This manuscript is a compilation of an article and excerpts from speeches by the Iranian Resistance's President-elect Maryam Rajavi, a Muslim woman who has led a relentless struggle...

Beyond Jihad

The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar

by Greg Marcus

Bring your everyday life into alignment with your aspirational values through Mussar, a thousand-year-old Jewish practice of spiritual growth based on mindful living and being the best self you can be.

The Qur'an and its Custodians

by Fondazione Internazionale Oasis

Jihadist Fundamentalism is re-opening the debate on the Islamic Scriptures’ Interpretation OASIS year XII - n. 23 - June 2016 - Interpretations in conflict - Michele Brignone - Reading the Qur'an in the Twenty-first...

Me, Myself and God: A Theology of Mindfulness

by Rabbi Jeff Roth

Heal from the sense of separation that pervades human consciousness and awaken to the true oneness of all things.

Many of our human existential struggles stem from the sense of disconnection, alienation and loneliness...

The Islamic Lineage of American Literary Culture

Brand Islam: The Marketing and Commodification of Piety

by Faegheh Shirazi

From food products to fashions and cosmetics to children's toys, a wide range of commodities today are being marketed as "halal" (permitted, lawful) or "Islamic" to Muslim consumers both in the West and in Muslim-majority...

The Wondering Jew : My Journey into Judaism

by Ellen Brazer

The Wondering Jew: My Journey into Judaism

It all began with a promise: a promise I made to my father, a promise that led me on a journey into the heart and soul of Judaism. The result is this book, filled with...

Book V. The improbable Rise of the Free Man

by Roland Maes

Book V details the expansion of the Christian nations, their interaction with other religions and secular entities and ends with the potential role of the United States.

Napoleon applied to Europe the fascist...

Book IV. The Diversity of European Spiritual Histories

by Roland Maes

The prospective ruin of Christendom was repeatedly predicted at the beginning of the fifteenth century.

In 1494, Sebastian Brant wrote “ship of fools. In 1511, Erasmus wrote the Prize of Folly. In 1515,...

Islam and International Relations: Exploring Community and the Limits of Universalism

by Faiz Sheikh

Questions how we conceive the ‘international’ of IR by constructing a normative political Islam to critique the universalising tendencies of core concepts, such as liberal individualism and the primacy of...

Mystical Resistance

Islam's Predicament: Perspectives of a Dissident Muslim

by Salim Mansur

Islam's Predicament brings together Dr Mansur's most important essays written over the last decade, previously published in various journals and media. Starting with "The War within Islam" he then goes on to...

The Silent Tears of Polygamy: Based on a True Story of an American Female Living in the US

by Robin Johnson

Every now and again a great book comes along that changes our perception of marriage. “The Silent Tears of Polygamy”: Based on a True Story of an American Female is a contemporary fiction novel about a modern,...