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Feeding the Five Thousand: Studies in the Judaic Background of Mark 6:30-44 par. and John 6:1-15

by Roger David Aus

This book explores the many facets of early Palestinian Judaism which inform the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Aus describes motifs in the narrative, as well as the Markan and Johannine redaction,...

First Steps in the Talmud: A Guide to the Confused

by Jacob Neusner

This study of the inclusion of biographical narratives examines sage-stories, anecdotes about the life and deeds of Rabbinic sages, in components of the unfolding canon of Rabbinic Judaism during the formative...

Continuity and Change: A Festschrift in Honor of Irving Greenberg's 75th Birthday

by STEVEN T. KATZ & Steven Bayme

This collection of essays was created as a tribute to Dr. Irving Greenberg, a truly major figure in the American Jewish community for the past forty years. The authors who have contributed to this volume are...

The Documentary History of Judaism and Its Recent Interpreters

by Jacob Neusner

Neuser has collected some of the more ambitious ventures into the documentary hypothesis of the Rabbinic canon and its current recapitulations. Neusner begins with the article written by Professor William Scott...

Holy Days: The World Of The Hasidic Family

by Lis Harris

A beloved contemporary classic, Holy Days is a personal account of New York's Hasidic community, its beliefs, its mysteries, and its encounter with secularism in the present age.

Combining a historical understanding...

Voltaire's Jews and Modern Jewish Identity: Rethinking the Enlightenment

by Harvey Mitchell

Harvey Mitchell's book argues that a reassessment of Voltaire's treatment of traditional Judaism will sharpen discussion of the origins of, and responses to, the Enlightenment. His study shows how Voltaire's...

Broken Fragments: Jewish Experiences of Alzheimer's Disease through Diagnosis, Adaptation, and Moving On

by Douglas J. Kohn

Noted author Douglas J. Kohn weaves into each chapter's narrative rich Jewish texts with essays and touching personal stories by physicians, Jewish clergy, social workers, and family members of people with Alzheimer's...

A Tapestry for the Soul: The Introduction to the Zohar by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag, Explained Using Excerpts Collated from His Other Writings Includin

by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag & Yedidah Cohen

A Tapestry for the Soul takes the Introduction to the Zohar (as translated in In the Shadow of the Ladder) as its main thread, from its beginning to its end. Excerpts from Rabbi Ashlag’s other writings are...

Last Works

by Moses Mendelssohn & Bruce Rosenstock

Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) was the central figure in the emancipation of European Jewry. His intellect, judgment, and tact won the admiration and friendship of illustrious contemporaries. Last Works includes,...

Text Messages: A Torah Commentary for Teens

by Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin

A collection of messages on each Torah portion specifically for teens. Shows how each Torah portion contains worlds of meaning for what they are going through in their lives and how they can shape their Jewish...

The Birth of Conservative Judaism: Solomon Schechter's Disciples and the Creation of an American Religious Movement

by Michael R. Cohen

Solomon Schechter (1847–1915), the charismatic leader of New York’s Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), came to America in 1902 intent on revitalizing traditional Judaism. While he advocated a return to traditional...

Israeli Feminism Liberating Judaism: Blood and Ink

by Bonna Devora Haberman

Author Bonna Haberman expresses her concerns about religion and society in Israel. Engaging feminist interpretation of Jewish sources, this book questions the interplay between civil and religious authority...

The Other Talmud-The Yerushalmi: Unlocking the Secrets of The Talmud of Israel for Judaism Today

by Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams

This engaging look at the Judaism that might have been examines what the Yerushalmi is, how it differs from the Bavli-the Babylonian Talmud-that is used today. Reveals the Yerushalmi's vision of Jewish practice...

Abraham's Children: Liberty and Tolerance in an Age of Religious Conflict

by Kelly James Clark

Scarcely any country in today's world can claim to be free of intolerance. Israel and Palestine, Northern Ireland, the Sudan, the Balkans, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and the Caucasus are just some of the areas...

God, Jews and the Media: Religion and Israel S Media

by Yoel Cohen

In order to understand contemporary Jewish identity in the twenty-first century, one needs to look beyond the Synagogue, the holy days and Jewish customs and law to explore such modern phenomena as mass media...

From Defender to Critic: The Search for a New Jewish Self

by David Hartman

Dr. David Hartman, leading modern Orthodox theologian, presents his own painful spiritual evolution. His creates space for questioning and critique that can allow traditionally religious Jews to act out a moral...

The Essential Guide to Jewish Prayer and Practices: Deepen Your Spiritual Life Through Jewish Prayer and Ritual

by PhD, Ph.D., Andrea Lieber

An insightful and illuminating guide to Judaism's basic tenets and practices.

The Essential Guide to Jewish Prayer and Practices offers a more profound understanding of Judaism-for practicing Jews and non-Jews...

These Are the Words, 2nd Edition: A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life

by Arthur Green

With humor and insight, Dr. Arthur Green explains the meaning, history and origin of over 150 core Hebrew words, laying out the basic vocabulary of Jewish communal and religious identity. A highly readable,...

The Boy in the Suitcase: Holocaust Family Stories of Survival

by Sheryl Cohn

Each chapter within The Boy in the Suitcase tells a different story of families throughout the world who have been affected by the Holocaust. This book also covers the trauma of second generation children of...

Emotions in Jewish Music: Personal and Scholarly Reflections

by Jonathan Friedmann

Emotions in Jewish Music is an insider’s view of music’s impact on Jewish devotion and identity. Written by cantors who have devoted themselves to the study and execution of Jewish music, the book’s six...