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Who Will Lead Us?

by Samuel C. Heilman

Hasidism, a movement many believed had passed its golden age, has had an extraordinary revival since it was nearly decimated in the Holocaust and repressed in the Soviet Union. Hasidic communities, now settled...

Women of the Wall

by Yuval Jobani & Nahshon Perez

In October of 2014, 12-year-old Sasha Lutt read from a tiny Torah scroll as a part of her bat mitzvah in the Women's section of the plaza at the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site. Surrounded by members...

The Levites and the Boundaries of Israelite Identity

by Mark Leuchter

At a glance, the Hebrew Bible presents the Levites as a group of ritual assistants and subordinates in Israel's cult. A closer look, however, reveals a far more complicated history behind the emergence of this...

The Origin of the Jews

by Steven Weitzman

The Jews have one of the longest continuously recorded histories of any people in the world, but what do we actually know about their origins? While many think the answer to this question can be found in the...

Resurrection of the Dead in Early Judaism, 200 BCE-CE 200

by C. D. Elledge

Resurrection of the dead represents one of the more enigmatic beliefs of Western religions to many modern readers. In this volume, C. D. Elledge offers an interpretation of some of the earliest literature within...

Jewish History: A Very Short Introduction

by David N. Myers

How have the Jews survived? For millennia, they have defied odds by overcoming the travails of exile, persecution, and recurring plans for their annihilation. Many have attempted to explain this singular success...

The Beginning of Politics

by Moshe Halbertal & Stephen Holmes

The Book of Samuel is universally acknowledged as one of the supreme achievements of biblical literature. Yet the book's anonymous author was more than an inspired storyteller. The author was also an uncannily...

Redemption and Utopia: Jewish Libertarian Thought in Central Europe

by Michael Lowy

Classic study of Jewish libertarian thought, from Walter Benjamin to Franz Kafka

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, there appeared in Central Europe a generation of Jewish intellectuals whose work was...

Judaism and Modernity: Philosophical Essays

by Gillian Rose

A reinterpretation of thinkers from Benjamin and Rosenzweig to Simone Weil and Derrida

Judaism and Modernity: Philosophical Essays challenges the philosophical presentation of Judaism as the sublime ‘other’...

For This We Left Egypt?

by Dave Barry, Alan Zweibel & Adam Mansbach

The book you hold before you is no ordinary Haggadah. If you’ve ever suffered through a Seder, you’re well aware of the fact that the entire evening can last as long as the exodus from Egypt itself. There...

The Banality of Heidegger

by Jean-Luc Nancy & Jeff Fort

Jean-Luc Nancy provides an analysis of the anti-Semitic aspects of Heidegger's recently published Black Notebooks. Nancy refers to a philosophical or "historial" anti-Semitism marked, nonetheless, by the "banality"...

Because Nothing Looks Like God Teacher's Guide

by Karen Kushner

A guide for Jewish educators and parents to the companion book "Because Nothing Looks Like God".

The Way Into Jewish Prayer Teacher's Guide

by Rabbi Jennifer Ossakow Goldsmith

A companion to The Way Into Jewish Prayer, an accessible introduction to the reasons for and the ways of Jewish prayer. This guide helps you explore with a group the reasons for and the ways of Jewish prayer....

The JGirl's Teacher's and Parent's Guide

by Miriam P. Polis & Dr. Shulamit Reinharz

Insights, Ideas and Activities for discussing with girls what it

means to become a Jewish woman

A step-by-step guide to creative use of The JGirl’s Guide in the classroom, synagogue and home. Each lesson...

Tough Questions Teacher's Guide

by Rabbi Edward Feinstein

Insights, ideas and activities for discussing with students the toughest questions of Jewish life. A step-by-step guide to creative use of the award-winning Tough Questions Jews Ask in the classroom. Each lesson...

Sage Tales Teacher's Guide

by Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky

Insights, Ideas and Thoughtful Questions for Discussing with Students the Wisdom Tales of the Ancient Rabbis

A helpful guide to creative use of Sage Tales: The Wisdom and Wonder of the Rabbis of the Talmud in...

Israel Mission Leader's Guide

by Rabbi Elliott Kleinman

This guide will assist mission leaders in transforming ordinary trips into spiritual pilgrimages. Includes thoughts as to how Israel—A Spiritual Travel Guide can be used with your group, as well as a section...

I Am Jewish Teacher's Guide

by Jewish Lights Publishing

Being Jewish. What does it mean—for today, and for the future?

A companion teacher's guide to the best-selling I Am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl this collection of...

No Stories to Tell

by Steve Sherr

At the end of the tumultuous 1960s, Steve Sherr, a young university psychologist finds himself drowning in a sea of relative values and political correctness. Battling growing disenchantment with his profession...

The Wars of the Jews

by Flavius Josephus

In 'The Wars of the Jews' Flavius Josephus gives us valuable insight into the first Jewish Roman War and the rebellions that followed thereafter. Josephus, having been an agent for both sides of the conflict,...