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Jews on the Frontier: Religion and Mobility in Nineteenth-Century America

by Shari Rabin

An engaging history of how Jews forged their own religious culture on the American frontier Jews on the Frontier offers a religious history that begins in an unexpected place: on the road. Shari Rabin recounts...

Coming of Age in Medieval Egypt

by Eve Krakowski

Much of what we know about life in the medieval Islamic Middle East comes from texts written to impart religious ideals or to chronicle the movements of great men. How did women participate in the societies...


by Marcin Wodziński, David Biale, David Assaf & Benjamin Brown et al.

The first comprehensive history of the pietistic movement that shaped modern Judaism

This is the first comprehensive history of the pietistic movement that shaped modern Judaism. The book’s unique blend of...

The JGirl's Guide

by Ellen Golub, Penina Adelman, Ali Feldman & Dr. Shulamit Reinharz

What does it mean to become a Jewish woman?

This growing up business isn't always what it's cracked up to be: It can be complicated and scary and seem impossibly hard. With all the choices and challenges before...

Exodus Tales of Prophet Moses (Musa) & Prophet Haron (Aaron)

by Muhammad Vandestra

The pharaoh who ruled Egypt was a tyrant who oppressed the descendants of Prophet Jacob (pbuh), known as the children of Israel (Bani Israel). He used every means to demean and disgrace them. They were kept...

Let's Eat

by Lori Stein & Ronald H. Isaacs

The food that Jewish people eat is part of our connection to our faith, culture, and history. Not only is Jewish food comforting and delicious, it’s also a link to every facet of Judaism. By learning about...

Rabbinic Tales of Destruction

by Julia Watts Belser

In Rabbinic Tales of Destruction, Julia Watts Belser examines early Jewish accounts of the Roman conquest of Judea. Faced with stories of sexual violence, enslavement, forced prostitution, disability, and bodily...

The Symbolism of the Shoe with Special Reference to Jewish Sources

by Jacob Nacht

This vintage book contains a fascinating essay on the subject of the shoe and its importance within Jewish customs and traditions, as well as its symbolism in other cultures and traditions. This concise and...

The Religion and Theology Student Writer's Manual and Reader's Guide

by Joel Hopko, Gregory M. Scott & Stephen M. Garrison

The Religion Student Writer’s Manual and Reader’s Guide, is a set of instructions and exercises that sequentially develop citizenship, academic, and professional skills while providing students with knowledge...

Jews, Turks, and Infidels

by Morton Borden

Borden reveals the ways in which many mainstream Protestants worked to maintain preferential treatment for Christians in common law, state constitutions, and federal practices, even attempting through interpretation...

The Story of the Jews Volume Two

by Simon Schama

In the second of two volumes of this magnificently illustrated cultural history—the tie-in to the PBS and BBC series The Story of the Jews—Simon Schama details the story of the Jewish people, spanning from...

On the Chocolate Trail

by Rabbi Deborah R. Prinz

Take a delectable journey through the religious history of chocolate—a real treat!

In this new and updated second edition, explore the surprising Jewish and other religious connections to chocolate in this...

Why Judaism Matters

by Rabbi John Rosove

Presented in the form of letters from a rabbi to his sons, Why Judaism Matters is common sense guidance and a road map for a new generation of young men and women who find Jewish orthodoxy, tradition, issues,...

Secret Groups in Ancient Judaism

by Michael Stone

Were there groups in Ancient Judaism that cultivated esoteric knowledge and transmitted it secretly? With the discovery and burgeoning study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and particularly of the documents legislating...

A Life in Dialogue

by Eugene J. Fisher & James M. Barrens

Eugene J. Fisher believes that the sense of limitless horizons for human potential in classic science fiction, such as the works of Isaac Asimov, opened his mind at a young age to the “radical” idea that...

The Book of Separation: A Memoir

by Tova Mirvis

The memoir of a woman who leaves her faith and her marriage and sets out to navigate the terrifying, liberating terrain of a newly mapless world

Crucible of Faith: The Ancient Revolution That Made Our Modern Religious World

by Philip Jenkins

One of America's foremost scholars of religion examines the tumultuous era that gave birth to the modern Judeo-Christian tradition

In The Crucible of Faith, Philip Jenkins argues that much of the Judeo-Christian...

Ambivalent Embrace

by Rachel Kranson

This new cultural history of Jewish life and identity in the United States after World War II focuses on the process of upward mobility. Rachel Kranson challenges the common notion that most American Jews unambivalently...

A Rocky Road

by Abraham Levy & Simon Rocker

Born into the 300-year-old Jewish community in Gibraltar, Abraham Levy spent his early years, which coincided with the Second World War, on the island of Madeira before returning to “The Rock”. There the...

From Gratitude to Blessings and Back

by Marilyn Price & David A. Teutsch

An exquisite combination of Judaism's common blessings, stories from everyday life, and tales and wisdom from Jewish tradition, this book is a source of inspiration and a cause for self-reflection. A resource...