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Revelations on The Book of Revelation

by Winifred MacCardell Flood & Christa Phillips

    Winifred MacCardell Flood has translated Revelation using the words a loving God would have said.  This very different translation makes the reader aware of the wild vacillations that Man goes through...

Conscious Whole Being Integration: A Return to Wholeness

by Deborah Hall

It’s popular in modern society to use psychological labels, spiritual bypasses and outside-in modalities to override experiences that are too uncomfortable for us to consciously feel. However, this way of...

The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan Centennial Edition: Volume I The Inner Life

by Hazrat Inayat Khan

The works of Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan are one of the great spiritual treasures of the world. At once deeply rooted in the Sufi tradition and strikingly original in insight and expression, Hazrat's teachings...

Loving: Spiritual Exercises in Tangible Loving Your Literal Neighbors

by Tim Nichols & Joe Anderson

If the Kingdom of God came to your neighborhood, you and your neighbors would know each other, tangibly love and care for each other, and band together to help each other. You could have that. A playbook for...

Drinking From Love's Cup


by Mary Temple

Lifting the Veil and revealing the Truth, the Light and the Way.  It is written in simplicity and not in high sounding words, as Jesus Christ only used simple words of Truth to reach the heart of those listening...

The Spiritual Journals of Warren Felt Evans: From Methodism to Mind Cure

by Warren Felt Evans & Catherine L. Albanese

Warren Felt Evans (1817-1889) converted to Methodism while at Dartmouth College, became a minister, and spent his Methodist years as a spiritual seeker. His two extant journals, edited and annotated by Catherine...

In A New Light: Volume 1: The Four Gospels

by Anton Jarrod

In A New Light is a new series of books aimed at providing an innovative, authoritative, comprehensive and readable introduction to the works and ideas of the Danish writer, Martinus. Presented by long-time...

My Kawasaki

by Hollis Warren Johnson

Disease has no name, no reason; no time, no target.  It is ruthless, it is cunning, it is shapeless.  Three-year old Joshua, jovial and carefree, could never know what lay in his path.  Kawasaki had him in...

Forgiveness A Key to Happiness 31 Days Devotional on Forgiveness

by Dr Okwudili James Ezeh

This book is a practical guide on forgiveness. I am confident that as you read this book you will develop the faith, joy, power and sensitivity to forgive and understand the importance of continuous forgiveness....

Nekudah: A Program for Daily Spiritual Renewal

by Shaya Guttman

In many ways, our greatest challenge is to cope with everyday life in a way that retains our enthusiasm and inspi- ration. If we allow ourselves to fall into blind routine, we can easily descend into apathy,...



by Dean Bonkovich

Why change yourself when you can change the country? It was the country :). Separatism. Sometimes humorous and sometimes serious :). Written by the author of the book: Money By Fiat - the demand for debt.

A Christian Guide to Spirituality: Foundations for Disciples

by Stephen W. Hiemstra, Reid Satterfield & Neal D. Presa

Spirituality is lived belief. When we pray, worship, or reach out to our neighbors, we live out our beliefs. Our beliefs structure our spirituality like skin stretched over the bones of our bodies.  



The Seven Creative Principles

by Hiram E. Butler

The lectures in this book will be found highly suggestive and valuable to thinking people, on account of the original views presented, and the novel and forcible analysis and treatment of the great subject of...

The Love Between: Bridging the Gap Between God and His Love for You

by Tiffany Hayes

The Love Between challenges you to let go of your past and walk into the light and love of Jesus Christ. Author Tiffany Hayes shares many of her personal stories in an effort to spread the message that God loves...

Tao Te Ching: 81 Verses by Lao Tzu with Introduction and Commentary

by Ralph Allen Dale & Barbara Marx Hubbard

 'This is an extraordinary book, enlightening and insightful in personal and social realms. Many readers will value it as a work of art, others because of the new meaning it gives to their lives. Dr. Dale's...

The Way of Power: Seventh Principle Studies & First Source Explorations

by Lily Adams Beck, "Twinkle" Marie Manning & Johanna Maria Hendrika Daemen

The work contained within this manuscript was penned by Lily Adams Beck circa 1928 and edited in 2016 by “Twinkle” Marie Manning.  This non-fiction work chronicles Beck’s experiences exploring the Occult. ...

Conversations in the Spirit: Lex Hixon's WBAI 'In the Spirit' Interviews: A Chronicle of the Seventies Spiritual Revolution

by Lex Hixon, Sheila Hixon & Bernard Glassman

The collectors edition of Lex Hixon's interviews with prominent spiritual teachers Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Kalu Rinpoche, Swami Muktandananda, and more.

Women of Spirit: Exploring Sacred Paths of Wisdom Keepers

by "Twinkle" Marie Manning, Judy Ann Foster & Shiloh Sophia

This book is a compilation of women sojourners, sages, mystics, witches, shaman, medicine women, philosophers, life coaches, yogis, and more. Their journeys. Their stories. Their teachings and practices. Poetry,...