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Bless This House

by Donna Henes

In this comprehensive guide to crafting your own spiritual intentions, rituals, and blessings, urban shaman Mama Donna draws upon a variety of world cultures to show how to transform your environment into a...

The Adventures of Cancer Girl and God

by Anna Fitch Courie

• Popular health and fitness author/nurse • First-hand experience living with cancer in 30+ "days of journaling" through the course of a year • Help for Christians struggling with health and illness who...

Denial Is My Spiritual Practice

by Rachel G. Hackenberg & Martha Spong

• Speaks to an authentic articulation of living out our faith • Valuable insights presented in easy-to-read (and identify with) style It’s the sort of experience familiar to many: Somewhere between illness...

My Life With Putter

by Diane Rastello


A true story about power of love of an animal. Not knowing she was in such need of this love, a 8 week old chocolate lab entered her life and took her breathe away. Putter taught her many things, mainly the...


by Divine Worship Ctr In God We Trust

Scriptures from major world religions, safety & reminder tips, world cuisine, science, life discussions, inspirational verses, earth elements, conversion tables, historical facts, and more. 

Infinity Bible

by Divine Worship Ctr In God We Trust

Scriptures of major world religions, Safety & Reminder Tips, Life Discussion Ideas, Inspirational Verses, Cuisine, Science Facts, Earth Elements, Historical Facts, Work Professions, and much more. 

The Traveler

by Ph.D Xuemei Zhong


After her debut book, The Traveler Book 1, Dr. Xuemei Zhong continued the journey of the traveler. But this time, the story follows a flock of geese. Zacarias is a young goose in a flock where everyone strictly...

60 Years of the Chinese Zodiac

by Leon P. Burnette

Learn more of the Chinese zodiac you heard of over the years and see yourself in the pages.  This book will give you the insight to keep becoming better.  In the internet time we live, distance does not mean...

The Mantle of Purity

by Julie Brown

"In those sacred moments with Him, with one sovereign gift of a silver Mantle of Purity, Jesus revealed the depth of the redeeming work of the Cross, sufficient to bring His People forth in shining glory as...

A Theology of the Presence and Absence of God

by Anthony J. Godzieba

In a consumer-driven and technologized world, can we still experience the mystery of God? This book answers yes by exploring the rich resources of the Christian tradition of thinking and speaking about God....

Witch, Please: A Memoir

by Misty Bell Stiers

A touching and thought-provoking account of how a woman explored a spectrum of religions—ancient and new—and ended up, unexpectedly, becoming a bona fide witch.

Misty Bell Stiers set out on a spiritual...

A Man of Miracles

by Jr. Michael B Duffy

This is my personal journey to find the reality and relevance of miracles.  EVERY WORD IS TRUE! Through my journey, I have come to realize that the problem with miracles is that they sometimes need to be pointed...

Light in the Mourning

by Margo Lenmark

Death speaks to me.

A person's face in death mirrors their living and their dying. This book speaks of both.

Life, through the loss of many loved ones, has crushed me open – and left

behind many clear and important...

The Source

by Judith McAdam

In The Source, spiritual teacher Judith McAdam blends her broad knowledge of alternative therapies, ancient spiritual traditions and world religions to reveal her groundbreaking principles for creating your...

Sentimental Journal

by Marcia Duncan

Marcia Duncan's Sentimental Journal is designed to be a special book for mothers and daughters. Duncan has been a child therapist for over twenty years and has developed this book as a tool to encourage open...

The Future of Wisdom

by Bruno Barnhart, Cynthia Bourgeault & Cyprian Consiglio

This book recalls that a sapiential (wisdom) consciousness is central to the New Testament writings and remained the mode of theological understanding in Eastern and Western traditions for more than twelve centuries....

The Christ of India

by Abbot George Burke

The unique story of Jesus, Saint Thomas his Apostle, and how the Dharma of India became part of Saint Thomas Christianity

“Original Christianity” is the teaching of both Jesus of Nazareth and his Apostle...

More Prayer Thoughts II

by Orva Lynn Kaufmann

Consider the lilies, daisies, and grasses of the fields, they neither toil nor labor…. Also, consider the birds that fly, your Heavenly Father provides for all of these. How much more will He provide for you....

Journey of Praise

by Randy Hord

“Hello, this is ON-STAR…we have received a signal that your mother’s left air bag has been deployed in her garage.”

This chilling statement was the second indication that something had happened to Mom...


by Gordon Hurlburt

Finding answers to the current confusion about who we really are.


What is personhood really all about? That is a question about which

there is perhaps an all-time level of confusion. Are we simply the product...