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by Swami B.P. Puri

This publication commemorates the completion of Swami B. P. Puri's Samadhi Mandir in Mayapur, India and was released in conjunction with the inauguration of the temple.


This publication commemorates the completion...

And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy

by Adrian Shirk

  • A thoughtful, complex spiritual quest and narrative revisionist history
  • Written from a female perspective, contextualized within a feminist history of American religious traditions: And Your Daughters Shall...

  • Bless Me Indeed

    by Janet Kisyombe

    “A self-centered prayer that can change your life forever and bring God’s supernatural blessings”


    Ephesians 3:20


    Now to him who is able to do Exceeding Abundantly over and above all that we ask or think...

    The Imitation of Christ

    by Thomas A Kempis, William C. Creasy & Dennis Billy

    "What would Jesus do?"

    That’s the primary question Thomas à Kempis answers in his universally acclaimed work, The Imitation of Christ. In 114 short chapters organized into four simple parts, this handbook...

    ABCs of the Christian Life

    by G. K. Chesterton & Peter Kreeft

    Aside from C. S. Lewis, no other Christian writer of the twentieth century has had more influence on faith and understanding than the enigmatic, larger-than-life G. K. Chesterton. This anthology combines twenty-six...

    Embracing the Call

    by Rev. Betty A Beach-Connell

    Embracing the Call is the true story of what can happen when an imperfect woman discovers a perfectly gracious God. Rev. Betty Beach-Connell is a retired pastoral minister in the United Methodist Church. Born...


    by MamiWata Priestess

    Mami Wata Priestess, through her conversations in a series of collected essays, describes traditional African Vodun and its mystery and beauty. Coming from the perspective of one initiated into the pantheon...

    Commentary on The Gospel Book of John

    by Rev. Raymond G Cross

    Warning! The Bible is the most misunderstood and mysterious book ever written. Although a best seller, the bible is rarely read or thoughtfully analyzed except by ministers and theologians. The Bibles words...

    The Matapaua Conversations: 100 questions about the universe, reality,  evolution, spirituality and human existence answered by non-embodied spiritual

    by Peter Calvert & Keith Hill

    Who are we? Where do we come from? How did the universe come to be? What is the structure of reality? Do we have a higher purpose? If so, what is it?

    For millennia the world’s religions have offered answers...

    Examining the Great Commission: A Call to Study

    by Christopher Baidoo Essien

    In this study, we examine Jesus's last words to His disciples in which He outlined the duties involved in making disciples and retaining those disciples. We read these passages in Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18,...

    Guru: The Universal Teacher

    by Swami B. P. Puri

    Guru: The Universal Teacher is a carefully curated selection of articles written by Swami B. P. Puri relating to what the concept of guru truly means. 

    Guru: The Universal Teacher is a compilation of articles...

    The Heart of a Vaishnava: Exploring the Essence of Humility, Tolerance & Compassion in the Life of God's Servants

    by Swami B.P. Puri & Swami B.B. Bodhayan

    This book glorifies the Vaishnava: it tells us of the necessity of Vaishnava association, how to recognize the Vaishnava, and how to serve the Vaishnava. 


    The Heart of a Vaishnava reminds us of Krishna's words,...

    Experimental Spirituality: Going Beyond Belief to Discover the Hidden Foundations of Your Life

    by Keith Hill

    We live in an era when traditional religious approaches to spirituality are increasingly losing relevance. Equally, the sciences, which have very successfully helped us understand physical reality, are not equipped...

    Sophia Geography: Exploring Spirituality, Landscape and Archetypes

    by Janice P Antill

    "TELL ME YOUR LANDSCAPE and I will tell you who you are."   We are defined by our landscapes, as the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset said . Yet this book shows that it is the archetypes which are behind...

    Seeing Haloes

    by John Shea, Mark McMahon & Franklin McMahon

    Christmas is unavoidable. But if it is going to happen for us, we need to take time. We need to slow down and do something out of the ordinary, something that has to do with the spiritual meaning of the feast...

    Faith To Obey God

    by Kevin B Brewer & Kimberly Hargraves

    Have you ever wanted to know why you are here? How you and God fit in with your life, and this thing called destiny and purpose?

    Kevin B. Brewer examines the lives of several well-known biblical figures, and...

    Body and Soul

    by Peter Wells, Muna Al-Jawad, Andy Nutall & Peter Larson-Disney et al.

    Patients who are facing illness and uncertainty often find themselves reflecting on the bigger questions in life, and the core beliefs or principles they live by. These convictions, religious or otherwise, are...

    Chaplaincy in Hospice and Palliative Care

    by Bob Whorton, Karen Murphy, Louise Adey Huish & Martin Hill et al.

    Hospice chaplains have traditionally played a unique part in palliative care, providing human compassion and support to help ease life's final chapter. This book thoughtfully tackles the question at the heart...

    A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe. Vol. II: The Heartwarming Journey Through The Depths Of Love, Life And The Human Spirit Continues.

    by Sameer Kochure

    The spiritual fable continues.

    See the world through the eyes of a young boy that are full of wonder and innocence. He sees what others don't and questions what the grownups won't. And boy, does he have questions....

    Made in the Image of God

    by Reid A Ashbaucher

    Made in the Image of God is a book that provides key concepts for understanding the nature and personhood of God and mankind, while providing deeper insights into how we as human beings relate to God physically,...