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Speaking Our Faith Leader Guide

by Kit Carlson

This Leader Guide offers five session plans designed to bring the process described in Kit Carlson’s book, Speaking Our Faith, to small groups of adults (including millennials) in a congregational or school...

Our One Word

by Martha Johnson Bourlakas

• Author of best-selling book Love Feast • Chapters contain questions for group discussion and/or personal contemplation • Perfect for a Lenten practice that easily fits even a busy lifestyle Women live...

Gender, Power, and Talent

by Jinhua Jia

During the Tang dynasty (618–907), the adoption of Daoism as the de facto state religion opened the possibility for Chinese women to play an unprecedented role in religious and public life. Women from imperial...

The Iranian Metaphysicals

by Alireza Doostdar

What do the occult sciences, séances with the souls of the dead, and appeals to saintly powers have to do with rationality? Since the late nineteenth century, modernizing intellectuals, religious leaders, and...

In Search of Israel

by Michael Brenner

Many Zionists who advocated the creation of a Jewish state envisioned a nation like any other. Yet for Israel's founders, the state that emerged against all odds in 1948 was anything but ordinary. Born from...

Finding Still Waters

by Amy LaBossiere

This memoir tracks Amy LaBossiere's life through relationships and personal trauma, love, and loss. She becomes an alcoholic. During her downward spiral, Amy's spirit invites her to create artwork to heal. The...

Touch of Joy

by Jyotish Novak & Devi Novak

This powerful collection of spiritual writings will change your life by guiding you through inspiration and new perspectives for facing life’s challenges and living a life in joy. Drawing from the teachings...

Spiritual Direction

by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Henri Nouwen—beloved author, priest, and internationally recognized spiritual master, counselor, and guide—offers gentle wisdom for universal questions of the spiritual life:

Who am I?

Where have I been and...

Out of a Heart of Worship

by Pastor Glen D. Brady

Whose life can your worship change?

There's a power in worship that we've forgotten all about. By his worship David touched the heart of King Saul and sent spirits fleeing from the room. The songs that David...

A Sparrow Splashing

by Shih Jingang

A Sparrow Splashing is a journey into the heart of the Buddha’s teachings. This book of stories and poetry looks at the life of the author through the eyes of three characters: a child named Little Pebble,...

Life Out Of Reach

by Jas Dosanjh

One of six girls born to immigrants who moved from India to Wolverhampton, Jas Dosanjh tells a no-holds-barred, raw and harrowing first-hand account of growing up in a harsh, oppressive and male-dominated Sikh...

Rising Into the Age of Light

by Iris Sparkes

This book continues to explain to the reader the profound inner journey experienced by hundreds and hundreds of people who have continued to cross my path since the early years of the new millennium. It has...

Confucius: The Complete Works

by Confucius

This ebook contains Confucius' complete works. This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the...

Your Light Is The Key

by Mimi Novic

Go with the flow. Sing with excitement. Let your cares fall away. Create your own music. Stay positive. Celebrate in your uniqueness. Make a difference in the world. You are extraordinary. You are unique. ...

Influenced by the Devil Saved by God

by Harry J. Drone

Influenced by the Devil Saved by God is one of the best book ever, a must-read story, if you want to learn about “Copyright Thieves” and how to stop them! Who blacks really are, including how to save your...

Spiritual Living for Busy People

by José L de la Torre

In today's frantically busy world, how can we find the time to live spiritually? 

What does living spiritually mean, anyway?  Why are we even here?  What is the point of it all?

Spiritual Living for Busy People...


by Mohamed Adly

SAMATYA An Egyptian Woman Among the Children of Israel is the monotheistic story of love triumphing over faith intermingled with murder and tragedy. Hori is a poor farmer who lives with his beloved Egyptian...

8 Keys To Accessing The Supernatural

by Kimberly Moses & Kimberly Hargraves

Kimberly Moses gives eight strategies to operate in the supernatural realm. She gives various testimonies about her supernatural encounters. Eight Keys To Accessing The Supernatural Is Full of wisdom about going...


by F. Aster Barnwell

In this substantially revised version of F. Aster Barnwell’s previous work, The Meaning of Christ for Our Age, Barnwell reveals the hidden treasure—a universal template for advancing human consciousness—buried...

From Fixation to Freedom

by Eli Jaxon-Bear

Your true nature is happiness and bliss. Everyone wants to be happy. This is a universal component of the human condition and may seem so self-evident that it does not bear noting. So why is it that so few people...