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How To Be Ten Times Better Than Your Peers

by Victor Ansor

Success is the desire of every human being, and we all wants to be successful in every aspect of our life. To be successful you need knowledge, and knowledge is a product of information. You can only


The American Dream in Tennessee: Stories of Faith, Struggle & Survival

by Dr. Manny Sethi

As an orthopedic trauma surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Dr. Manny Sethi has cared for people across Tennessee who have been the victims of high-energy trauma. Many of his patients...

De-Cloaking the Holy Ghost: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

by Sr. Larry T Barnett

Controversy and mystery have shrouded the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. For far too long the body of Christ has needlessly been separated and divided by what should have brought power, authority, anointing, and...

From Bagels to Curry: Life, Death, Family, and Triumph

by Lila Devi

This offbeat account takes the reader on a life-and-death journey through the eyes of a devoted yet independent daughter, showing how an alternative spiritual path can affect families immersed in traditional...

Human Being and Becoming: Living the Adventure of Life and Love

by David G. PhD Benner

An internationally respected depth psychologist, spiritual guide, and personal transformation coach develops a robust spirituality, showing us how to live in ways that move us toward wholeness.

God Without Religion: Questioning Centuries of Accepted Truths

by Sankara Saranam & Arun Gandhi

Since Sankara Saranam's groundbreaking book God Without Religion was released 10 years ago, thousands have been enlightened by his teachings and revelations. Now, in this special 10-year anniversary edition,...

The "I AM" SOLUTION: Simple Practices to Transform FEAR back to LOVE

by Dr. Karmen Smith

The "I AM" SOLUTION provides practical simple steps to transform our negative or traumatic experiences into our greatest treasure. The power lies within us every moment of our lives to see our life through the...

Worship in the Joy of the Lord: Selections from Chip Stam's Worship Quote of the Week

by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship & John D. Witvliet

Worship in the Joy of the Lord is a curated collection of over 300 quotations on the deep meaning and purpose of Christian public worship designed to inspire, challenge, and equip worshipers and worship leaders...

Sparrow: A Journey of Grace and Miracles While Battling ALS

by Jennifer R. Durant & Matthew P. Durant

Jennifer Durant, busy career woman, wife, and mom of two, made a drastic Career 2.0 change. In the lexicon of ministry, God called her to be an Episcopal priest, and Jennifer answered. Several years later, in...

A Way to God: Thomas Merton's Creation Spirituality Journey

by Matthew Fox

A religious and spiritual maverick details his personal and philosophical intersections with the legendary writer and monk Thomas Merton, revealing a new dimension to Merton's thought.

The Activist's Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for a Modern Revolution

by William Martin

Powerful inspiration for social change from a seasoned interpreter of ancient Taoist philosophy.

Seeking the Light of Justice: The Beginnings of a Spiritual Journey

by Barry Nadel, Yfat Yerushalmi & Sue Schoenfeld

During a routine dismantling of an antique book's binding, Israeli Archaeologist Professor Yoshua Rosenberg discovers the cover page of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. On the cover page is the name of the place where...

Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences

by William A. Richards

In the early 1960s, scientists openly advocated for experimentation with psychedelics. This effort, however, quickly turned into a discredited enterprise involving recreational drug use. But what if a study...

The Simplicity of Stillness Method: 3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain, and Access Your Highest Potential

by Marlise Karlin

The Simplicity of Stillness® (SOS) is an evolutionary technology designed to release stress, heal your body, and access your highest potential. It is so advanced that your life begins to transform in three...

God Unveiled: Our Creator Reveals All His Secrets of the Spiritual and Physical Worlds

by Mike Kirkpatrick

In God Unveiled our creator reveals for the first time all his secrets of the spiritual and physical worlds that the theology and science experts cannot explain. No other book exists that provides the reader...

Monastic Practices

by Charles Cummings

For three decades, Monastic Practices has been a valued resource for English-speaking aspirants to monastic life. In this revised edition, updated and expanded, Charles Cummings, OCSO, explores the common practices...

The Empty Bedroom: The Story of One Women's Loss and Spiritual Renewal

by S. Grace Keshishyan, Ishkhan Jinbashian & Raffi Antounian

The devastation of losing a child never quite goes away.No matter how many years separate us from the tragedy, the heartache always looms, often returning in waves, to crush and paralyze us once more. Yet...

The Tao of Birth Days

by Denny Sargent

This guide to ancient Chinese I Ching astrology is easy-to-use and can offer incredible insights into your life!

Follow the simple directions to determine which of the 64 natal hexagrams you were born under....

The End of Death: The Deeper Teachings of A Course in Miracles

by Nouk Sanchez & Carrie Triffet

We don’t trust God. We may think we do! But when we dare to look deeply into our own unconscious mind, we’ll be shocked to learn what we really believe about God—and thus, about Self and world.

The End...

The Truth the World Doesn't Want You to Know

by Burt Harding

The Four Stages of Awakening

Stage One is known as the average human consciousness that is oblivious to its true essence. This is the belief in being a separate person–the cause of all human suffering.