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Embark: Adventure Awaits Those Who Are Willing

by Beaux E. Hinote

All of us were designed, crafted, and commissioned for a great adventure, but somewhere along the line, many of us have gone adrift, settling for the safe instead of embarking to live a life at its fullest....

God, It's Me: 181 Days for Young Adults to Become Passionate about Prayer and Bible Study (Workbook)

by Paula Thomoson

Most often, entering a new spiritual season requires a new action to go along with it. This Bible study will help you make glorious changes to strengthen your life, prepare your heart for refreshing levels of...

Presence and Encounter: The Sacramental Possibilities of Everyday Life

by David G. PhD Benner & OFM, Richard Rohr

An internationally respected psychologist and spiritual guide provides a unique resource for knowing the presence of God more deeply in our lives.

Short Stories by Jesus

by Amy-Jill Levine

Jesus was a skilled storyteller and perceptive teacher who used images from everyday life to stir up interest in his message about the Kingdom of God. But life in first-century Galilee and Judea was very different...

So That You Will Know: The Prophecies Concerning the Messiah's First Coming

by Lynda Fadler

I was in chapel the Wednesday following Thanksgiving, when our Spiritual Life Director at the school where I teach reminded each of us that there were more than one hundred prophecies concerning Jesus’ first...

Street Sabbatical: Life Lessons for a Contemplative Beggar

by Paul Mast

Did you know there are homeless who live in houses as well as on the streets? During a six month sabbatical, Paul Mast developed a spirituality of homelessness that fits both groups. It is founded on the spiritual...

Rest in the Shadow: A Study of Psalm 91

by John C. Sorrell

The phrase “rest in the shadow” from Psalm 91 provides a beautiful visual of calm and security as given by a loving Father. It is a descriptor of peace and protection through all circumstances of life. The...

Yeshua, the God-Man

by Carroll Roberson


Was Yeshua God? Was He man? Why is it important to know the Hebrew name of Jesus? In a time when liberal theologians are trying to explain away the deity of Jesus, this book uses the Scriptures to help us...

Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom

by Yuval Ron, Laura M George & Zia Inayat-Khan

Music is the language of the soul, and Divine Attunement provides a unique window into the world of ecstatic music, sacred sound, and ritual dance. Written by master-musician and composer Yuval Ron, the book...

So Amazing

by Darlene McKenna

I said, “Mom, I’m just so sorry for hurting you.” My words were kind, and I again tried to explain why I had done what I did. All of a sudden, buried tears deep inside my heart began to pour out.


For the Living of These Days

by David L. Petty

"I'm on death row; the state wants to kill me, but I'm innocent! Can you help me get through these days?"

In this manner, I was invited to become Joe's pen pal. My agreement set in motion a long, arduous pilgrimage....

Successful Suffering Part 3: The Victory of Faith

by Shelli Ross

Victory for a butterfly happens when the butterfly pollinates a plant. In the same way, victory for the Christian is when we do what Jesus Christ has saved us for. That may mean a variety of things, from preaching...

From Sick to Bliss to Conversations with God

by Angela Mia White

This book is about you. It was channeled through me, but it is ultimately about you, and it can change your life! I learned the body can heal itself, that life is complex yet simple and there are many spiritual...

A Captive No More: Finding the Life God Has Planned for You

by Mark Killingsworth

This book, A Captive No More, helps us take a journey to identify the circumstances in our lives that rob us of the full life that Jesus intended. Jesus summarized this purpose when He said, “The thief comes...

Miracle Motors: A Pert Near True Story

by Peggy Senger Morrison

Peggy was known as a storyteller from an early age - sometimes "a bit of a prevaricator" - so it stands to reason that a hooligan God set her on a path so full of the improbable that few would believe it. From...

God, It's Me: 181 Days for Young Adults to Become Passionate about Prayer and Bible Study (Workbook)

by Patti Londa Greene

This easy-to-use workbook draws from the author’s forty-two years of personal prayer journaling experience and fifteen years as a high school librarian. It is filled with God’s perspective on the everyday...

Dangerous Passions, Deadly Sins: Learning from the Psychology of Ancient Monks

by Dennis Okholm

Applies the wisdom of the monastic tradition to the spiritual and psychological well-being of readers today, offering guidance for overcoming the seven deadly sins.

Locating God's Ways in the Hebrew Alphabet Psalms 119:1-176

by Dr Tom D Fritts

Psalm 119 contains prayers, praises, and professions of obedience, and personal attention from a young person. Keil-Delitzsch volume 5, page 244, calls attention to the period in which this psalm was composed....

Living in the Spirit: Paul's Timeless Message to Christians

by Ron Andrea

Building understanding and confidence in God’s plan, Living in the Spirit offers insights into the book of Romans and outlines the role of today’s believers.

Author Ron Andrea discusses the richness of Paul’s...

The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy and Religion

by Diane Morgan

The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy & Religion provides a thorough discussion of the most widely practiced belief systems of the East. Author Diane Morgan understands how to direct the materialistic, linear...