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No gods but God: Confronting Our Modern-Day Idolatry

by Dennis Newkirk

Why is it that so many of us settle for a less-than-satisfying Christian life? We suffer the symptoms-spiritual dryness, dissatisfaction, and unanswered prayers-of a yet-unidentified problem that creates an...

Mormon Wisdom: Inspirational Sayings from the Church of Latter-Day Saints

by Christopher Kimball Bigelow, Bennett Floyd & Jonathan Langford

Mormonism has only been around for less than two hundred years, but it has a large following in the United States. While their practices may be slightly different from mainstream Christianity, their fundamental...

The Story of Monasticism: Retrieving an Ancient Tradition for Contemporary Spirituality

by Greg Peters

This accessible history of monasticism recovers the riches of the monastic tradition for contemporary spiritual formation and devotional practice.

Is It Just My Imagination? : Utilizing Your God-Given Imagination

by Jr. Ternae T. Jordan

Is It Just My Imagination will encourage and challenge you to use your God-given imagination to fulfill not only your dreams, but what Gods desires for you. This book will assist you with tapping into a childlike...

Living Backward: The Gift of Hindsight in Building a Truly Significant Life

by Angelique Cooper McGlotten

Imagine looking back on the sum total of your earthly years . . . and realizing that your reasons to rejoice are far greater than your regrets. Living Backward is your invitation to discover the powerful gift...

A Sage's Fruit: Essays of Baal HaSulam

by Rav Yehuda Ashlag

In the essays herein, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, author of the Sulam (Ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar, offers remarkable ideas about our lives and the world we live in. Despite the poor state of the manuscripts,...

Essence of the Supreme Reality: ¿Abhinavagupta's Parama¯rthasa¯ra

by Swami Lakshmanjoo & John Hughes

In this multimedia study set, Swami Lakshmanjoo, the fully realized philosopher saint of the long concealed and secret tradition known as Kashmir Shaivism, translates and illuminates Abhinavagupta's Paramarthasara....

When the Light Returned to Main Street: A Collection of Stories to Celebrate the Season

by Jeff Hampton

WHEN THE LIGHT RETURNED TO MAIN STREET is a collection of stories that explores the meaning of Christmas from different angles and perspectives.

From the traditional settings of “Just What They Wanted” and...

Alien Invasion: Can We Defend Earth?

by Ryuho Okawa

Why did Professor Hawking start to warn the threat of aliens? 
Who is giving spiritual guidance to Professor Hawking? 
How can we tell the difference between good aliens and bad aliens? 

This book reveals alien's...

The Laws of Invincible Leadership: How to Keep on Succeeding

by Ryuho Okawa

Today, the world has been through tough times and society has become increasingly competitive, making it ever more challenging to find happiness and success. The Laws of Invincible Leadershipis a breakthrough...

The Mystical Laws: Going Beyond the Dimensional Boundaries

by Ryuho Okawa

Life after death, channeling, spiritual possession, occultism, UFOs... Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science, author of over 1,800 books, reveals the truths of the great universe. 

"I believe that once you have...

PROSPERITY THINKING: Developing the Mindset for Attracting Infinite Riches

by Ryuho Okawa

Today, we can find many books introducing various ways of thinking that claim to attract abundance, wealth or success. Among them, Prosperity Thinking: Developing the Mindset for Attracting Infinite Riches is...

The Adventure of Being Human I: Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation

by Jerry Lane & Byron Belitsos

Amplifying the core spiritual teachings of The Urantia Book—a unique and thrilling revelatory book first published in 1955—this guide introduces the two central deity-personalities of the Urantia revelation:...

Deeper Simplicity, Broader Generosity: Images of Financial Wholeness

by Celeste A. Ventura

Images found in agriculture, architecture and creation are some of the most universally understood. Jesus, in his use of the phrase " is like..." as well as with his metaphors and parables, intuitively...

Magical World: Stories, Reflections, Poems

by Rabbi Sara Brandes

Magical World is a collection of essays and poems, interwoven with the personal story of a mystic. Rabbi Sara Brandes draws from the ancient wisdom of Jewish tradition to craft a life of meaning in this magical...

The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path: Understanding the Purpose of Life's Tests

by Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad has written a book that can assist us all on the path to wholeness, and help us live a life of balance and peace. By using life’s little lessons and tests also called initiations, Dr Mirdad...

Finding Your Way Back to God Participant's Guide: Five Awakenings to Your New Life

by Dave Ferguson & Jon Ferguson

Take the Next Step


Perfect for individual or group study

The companion Participant’s Guide explores the idea that we all want to find our way home – and back to God.  The participant’s guide offers Bible...

Darkness Is My Only Companion: A Christian Response to Mental Illness

by Kathryn Greene-McCreight & Justin Welby

A brave and compassionate look at mental illness that offers theological understanding and personal insights from the author's experiences.

Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection & Empowerment

by Ari Kopel

Here is the Manual that was never given to us when we were born on Earth. There is a dire need for this information right now. As we start feeling more adverse conditions in the world at large and our personal...

The Golden Thread: The Art of Living Life at the Peak

by Amata Natasha Goldie

A collection of practical and metaphysical wisdoms, sourced from contemporary geniuses, throughout a range of expert fields.

"The Golden Thread gives inspiration to us all to unite as a human family to contribute...