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by Terrence N. Tice

Friedrich Schleiermacher is widely reputed to be the father of modern theology, as an evangelical (gospel-oriented) liberal. Amazingly, Schleiermacher anticipated much thought in the twentieth century and beyond,...

With An Anointed Voice

by Onedia Nicole Gage

With An Anointed Voice: The Power of Prayer addresses the areas of prayer which God calls us to. With An Anointed Voice creates within us a craving to pray, eliminates the anxiety of prayer, directs on when...

Tools for These Times

by Onedia Nicole Gage

Tools for These Times share the word of God through authentic, transparent sermons which are portable and transformational. Tools for These Times is designed to meet your needs and aid in your understanding...

Come, Lord Jesus

by Mark Braaten

How can Christians today understand the book of Revelation and its meaning and implications for our lives? Mark Braaten, a pastor and scholar who has spent years studying and teaching Revelation, answers the...

Market Place Ministry Strategy

by Daniel Blanton

Moving with Holy Spirit in the spirit of excellence the author provides readers knowledge of his God given dispensation of Victorious Living. Revelation of the strategies in this book offer their direction and...

Preaching the Scriptures

by Joel K. T. Biwul

The African church needs preachers who preach the Scriptures to bring people to Christ and nurture them in the faith. Yet many are failing at this task. Some use their sermons to promote themselves rather than...

Thinking Hebraically

by Alyosha Ryabinov

who was preached to you before, whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began? (Acts 3:19- 21).



The Crescent Moon and the Magen David

by Karel Valansi

The nationalist outlook of the Turkish state since the beginning of the Republican era in 1923 targeted uniform identity formation. While Turkey did not recognize the existence of ethnic identities as long as...

The Raccolta

by Ambrose St John

The Raccolta (literally, "collection" in Italian) is a book that listed Roman Catholic prayers and other acts of piety, such as novenas for which specific indulgances were granted by Popes. It was translated by...

30 Day Prayer Journaling

by Melissa Wells

Far too often, we lose our identity and our sense of who we are as children of God, and allow unfinished dreams, visions, and plans to slip away from us. We bury those dreams away in the back of our minds and...

Grieving with Hope

by Albín Masarik

In this well-researched work, Dr Albín Masarik explores various features of funeral sermons arising from their unique context and homiletic process. While funeral sermons are an important element in pastoral...

If Ye Shall Ask

by Oswald Chambers

Oswald Chambers brings you a simple approach to prayer. It has little to do with getting what you need from God—and everything to do with God getting what He needs from you.

In this refreshing approach to this...

CSB Pastor's Bible

by Csb Bibles by Holman

Available in two editions—Genuine Leather or Deluxe LeatherTouch—the CSB Pastor’s Bible is ideal for pastoral use during preaching, while officiating special services or occasions, or personal study. ...

Evelyn Underhill's Prayer Book

by Evelyn Underhill

Between 1924 and 1938, Evelyn Underhill compiled two personal prayer books for use when conducting spiritual retreats at Pleshey (the retreat house for the diocese of Chelmsford). The prayers were carefully...

The Intercessions Resource Book

by John Pritchard

Compelled by the belief that a large number of Christians want to come to God with others’ needs, John Pritchard has created this follow-up to his hugely successful volumes, The Intercessions Handbook and...

On Mysticism, Ontology, and Modernity

by Christopher Shaw

This new study offers a serious and long-overdue examination of the unstable bifurcation between theology and secularity. Rather than understanding these two formative elements of culture to be in a constant...

Experience God's Presence

by Melissa Lanza

This book will teach a person how to connect, encounter and experience God inside the center of oneself, to experience God's presence inside one's own heart. What is God's presence like? How do we get that water...

Old Paths and New Ways

by Robert Lilleaasen

The relationship between tradition and relevance is a core feature in religious practice in general and public worship in particular. On the one hand, worship is a bearer of religious traditions, i.e. traditions...

Conquering The Mind

by Hargraves Kimberly, Kimberly Moses & Moses Tron

“Conquering The Mind: A Daily Devotional” contains wisdom and various ways to implement the word of God for an effective mindset. This book uncovers the plan of the adversary for total breakthrough and deliverance....

Preach the Word

by Myles MacBean

How should we help equip the church leaders of Africa today? There remains a well-documented lack of theologically sound, Bible-centric preaching in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the majority of sermons are preached...