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Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns

by Craige McMillan & Diogo Landô

A mysterious streak of light cuts through the sky. Those it touches see the past and the future together, but the memory soon fades. The American military investigates, but finds nothing.

Archeil, a Native-American...

The Secret of Guidance

by F. B. Meyer

Many children of God are so deeply exercised on the matter of guidance that it may be helpful to give a few suggestions as to knowing the way in which our Father would have us walk, and the work He would have...

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

by Dr Andrew Murray

God has spoken to us in the Scriptures in divers portions and in divers manners; but the voice is ever the same, it is always the Word of the same God. Hence the importance of treating the Bible as a whole,...

The Principles of Life in the Spirit

by Paul Brewster

Romans 8 deals with the Principles that govern the realm of life in the Spirit.

The foundational principles such as the baptism with the Holy Spirit and the law of sowing and reaping are foundational to living...

To Be Broken and Tender: A Quaker Theology for Today

by Margery Post Abbott

In To Be Broken and Tender, Friend and Quaker historian Margery Abbott weaves together a brave and beautiful personal narrative with Quaker history and theological reflection in response to questions and struggles...

Deliverance : Your Key to Freedom

by Maria Yiangou & Cecilia Hassan

Are you tired of going around in circles, are you tired of a life of stagnation or are you tired of not being able to shake off a particular sin and change in your character? Then this book is for you! Delieverance...

The Anti-War: Peace Finds the Purpose of a Peculiar People; Militant Peacemaking in the Manner of Friends

by Douglas Gwyn

This book advocates a renewal of the traditional Quaker peace testimony, to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Today's darkening human prospect forces Friends to reclaim their identity as a people of God...

Global Renewal Christianity: Europe and North America Spirit Empowered Movements: Past, Present, and Future

by Vinson Synan & Amos Yong

This final volume is an authoritative collection from more than two dozen leaders and scholars of the Spirit-empowered movement.

200 Years at St. John's York Mills: The Oldest Church in Toronto

by Scott Kennedy & Jeanne Hopkins

St. John's Church at York Mills was built in 1816 on land that had been donated by pioneer settlers: a little log building that was the first parish church in the City of Toronto. The brick church that stands...

Psalm 91: God's Protection Policy

by Paul Brewster

Psalms 91 is our assurance policy that protects us and delivers us from the negative circumstances of life: Sickness, disease, poverty, accidents, anxiety and fears , satan and his cohorts. Our protection...


by Scott Camp & Ron Phillips

A Primer on Power, The Power of The Holy Spirit

The purpose of this book is to introduce this subject in the hopes that my readers may enter into this fullness of the life of the Spirit and His ministry gifts.  ...

The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Theology, 1600-1800

Humanism and Calvinism: Andrew Melville and the Universities of Scotland, 1560-1625

by Steven J. Reid

Across early-modern Europe the confessional struggles of the Reformation touched virtually every aspect of civic life; and nowhere was this more apparent than in the universities, the seedbed of political and...

God's Word Alone---The Authority of Scripture

by Matthew Barrett & R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Historians and theologians alike have long recognized that at the heart of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation were five declarations (or “solas”) that distinguished the movement from other expressions...

The Unfinished Reformation

by Gregg Allison & Christopher A. Castaldo

Five hundred years ago, a Catholic monk nailed a list of grievances on the door of a church in Germany and launched a revolution in the history of Christianity. Today there continues to be a number of unresolved...

Remembering the Reformation

Global Holocaust: What You Should Know, Expect and Be Prepared For

by Victor Ansor

The earth is very ripe for harvest, and we are in the final hours of the last days of the end time. Right before our eyes, Bible prophecies are being fulfilled at unimaginable speed while the devil is taking...

The New Way: Protestantism and the Hmong in Vietnam

by T¿m T. T. Ng¿, Charles F. Keyes & Laurie J. Sears

In the mid-1980s, a radio program with a compelling spiritual message was accidentally received by listeners in Vietnam�s remote northern highlands. The Protestant evangelical communication had been created...

Praying for the Whole World: A Handbook for Intercessors

by Gail Ramshaw

In this concise, charming, down-to-earth handbook, you will find seven steps, from Monday through Sunday, to assist your crafting of the prayers of the faithful.

Welcome One Another: A Handbook for Hospitality Ministers

by Paul E. Hoffman

This handbook includes many practical proposals that will expand and solidify notions of who hospitality ministers are and why they matter.