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Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God's Grace

by Scott Keith & Rosenbladt Rod

This book deals with the way fathers, and the subject of fatherhood, are treated in modern culture. Dr. Keith brings his experience with family, students, great mentors and friends to bear on a  subject which...

Every Man His Own University

by Russell H. Conwell

A distinct university walks about under each man's hat. The only man who achieves success in the other universities of the world, and in the larger university of life, is the man who has first taken his graduate...

From the Outside Looking In: Essays on Mormon History, Theology, and Culture

by Matthew J. Grow & Reid L. Neilson

This book contains fifteen essays, each first presented as the annual Tanner Lecture at the conference of the Mormon History Association by a leading scholar. Renowned in their own specialties but relatively...

Desert Deacon: Pioneer Anglican Priest Journey

by Pam Halbert

Climb every mountain…

Find out how a fun-loving young girl was motivated to turn early life tragedy

and challenges into a life of freedom and ‘mountain top’ experience. Discover

how a strong faith, courage...

The Spirit-Filled Life: All the Fullness of God

by Charles L Holt, Ginny Mooney & Gregory O Brewer

The Spirit-Filled Life: All the Fullness of God - A study for the season of Pentecost. Jesus gave us an amazing gift. Are we experiencing it? Jesus calls the Holy Spirit a "gift" who will guide us, lead us,...

He Will Give You Another Helper: A Complete Understanding of the Holy Spirit's Role in Our Lives

by Marilyn Hickey

Marilyn Hickey presents a comprehensive manual, guiding the believer and non-believer alike into a deeper Spirit-filled walk with God. Practical in nature, Marilyn Hickey illustrates the role of the Holy Spirit...

Kathryn Kuhlman: The Radio Chapel Years

by Shane Philpott

In May of 1939, one of America's most beloved preachers forever departed Mason City, Iowa, while the dream church she helped pioneer lay in ruins. For two years, Kathryn had served as co-pastor at Radio Chapel,...

Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds

by Vito Rallo

Learn to use the mighty weapons of spiritual warfare God has provided every believer in Christ—weapons that have divine power to demolish spiritual strongholds in believers' lives!

If you are living under...

A World Upside Down: Four Essays on the Life and Theology of Martin Luther

by Charles E Fry

A simple, uncluttered faith in Christ to the glory of God alone: what Luther discovered in Scripture changed the world. It can change you, too.

As he approached the final decade of his life, Martin Luther observed...

Charismatic Captivation: Authoritarian Abuse & Psychological Enslavement in Neo-Pentecostal Churches

by Steven Lambert

Multitudes of sincere and trusting believers are caught in the virtually invisible web of religious captivation in the churches they attend, the ministries they are under, and the networks they are aligned with,...

Why Some Churches Are Blessed: Putting Faith and Obedience into Action

by Dan Betzer & Scott Temple

Unfortunately there's no one-size-fits-all answer to church growth. But in Why Some Churches Are Blessed, you'll learn the one principle author Dan Betzer says is the secret: Give and it will be given to you....

Gray Sabbath: Jesus People USA, Evangelical Left, and the Evolution of Christian Rock

by Shawn David Young

Formed in 1972, Jesus People USA is an evangelical Christian community that fundamentally transformed the American Christian music industry and the practice of American evangelicalism, which continues to evolve...

Fisher's Catechism: The Westminster Assembly's Shorter Catechism Explained

by James Fisher, Ebenezer Erskine & Edward Walsh

"Ebenezer Erskine and his son-in-law, James Fisher, were partners in producing what was at first spoken of as The Synod's Catechism, but came to be known better as Fisher's, for it was the younger man that finished...

God's Babies

by John McKeown

The human population's annual total consumption is not sustainable by one planet. This unprecedented situation calls for a reformation in religious cultures that promote a large ideal family size. Many observers...

Divine Healing: God's Recipe for Life & Health

by Norvel Hayes

Sickness is a defeated foe. Jesus dies on the cross to redeem us not only from sin but also from sickness! He has given every believer the power to take authority over the devil, who is the one responsible for...

The Christian Life: Cross or Glory?

by Steven A Hein

This book offers a radically different perspective from that of many best-selling authors concerning how the Christian should measure and evaluate travel along God's path of righteousness. It will endeavor to...

Catholic and Mormon: A Theological Conversation

by Stephen H. Webb & Alonzo L. Gaskill

What could Roman Catholicism and Mormonism possibly have to learn from each other? On the surface, they seem to diverge on nearly every point, from their liturgical forms to their understanding of history. With...

The Scandal of Evangelicals and Homosexuality: English Evangelical Texts, 1960-2010

by Mark, Revd Dr Vasey-Saunders

English evangelicals give the appearance of being a community at war, with each other and with the world around them. The issue of homosexuality is one of the key battlegrounds. How has this issue become so...

Building Gods Kingdom: Inside the World of Christian Reconstruction

by Julie J. Ingersoll

For the last several decades, at the far fringes of American evangelical Christianity has stood an intellectual movement known as Christian Reconstruction. The proponents of this movement embrace a radical position:...

Where Christ Is Present: A Theology for All Seasons on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

by John Warwick Montgomery & Gene Edward Veith

Five hundred years ago, the church of Jesus Christ underwent a Reformation. A lot happened after Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg. But the fallout was not simply the...