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The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume V

by William L. Sachs

The Oxford History of Anglicanism provides a global study of Anglicanism from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first. The five volumes in the series look at how Anglican identity was constructed and contested...

Jesus In The Holy Quran

by Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd Al-Kareem Ash-Sheha

By God’s grace, Islam is the fastest growing religion in our time, as confirmed by a study undertaken by the Pew Research Center, and our motive is to make this great divine faith known to all people. This...


by Kelly Jean Whitaker

JEALOUS will cause you to come away from the Christian norm and allow God to position you in a place of victory over the world's darkest enemy.

Do you ever wonder what is happening to our world when you see...

In Defense of Martin Luther

by John Warwick Montgomery

In these seven engaging essays, renowned Lutheran scholar and Christian apologist John Warwick Montgomery presents a firm defense of Martin Luther, the leader of the Reformation. Republished for the 500th anniversary...

False Prophets Among Us: A Critical Analysis of the New Apostolic Reformation

by Kent A. Philpott & Katie LC Philpott

Kent Philpott, former charismatic/Pentecostal pastor, presents a compelling evaluation of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Those aligned with the NAR hold that God is doing a “new thing” in these last...

False Prophets Among Us

by Kent A. Philpott & Katie LC Philpott

Kent Philpott, former charismatic/Pentecostal pastor, presents a compelling evaluation of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Those aligned with the NAR hold that God is doing a “new thing” in these last...

The New England Watch and Ward Society

by P. C. Kemeny

The New England Watch and Ward Society provides a new window into the history of the Protestant establishment's prominent role in late nineteenth-century public life and its confrontation with modernity, commercial...

Being Dad

by Scott Keith & Rod Rosenbladt

This book deals with the way fathers, and the subject of fatherhood, are treated in modern culture. Dr. Keith brings his experience with family, students, great mentors, and friends to bear on a subject that...

A Documentary History of Lutheranism, Volumes 1 and 2

by Eric Lund & Mark Grunquist

This unique collection of excerpts from Lutheran historical documents--many translated here for the first time--presents readers with a full picture of how the Lutheran movement developed in its thought and...

Crispina and Her Sisters

by Christine Schenk

Discovering reliable information about women in early Christianity is a challenging enterprise. Most people have never heard of Bitalia, Veneranda, Crispina, Petronella, Leta, Sofia the Deacon, and many others...

Jesus, the Cross and the Blood

by Joan Pearce

We are truly living in the end-times. We know we only have a season of time.

JESUS, THE CROSS, AND THE BLOOD will prepare you to be ready for what is coming very soon to planet earth.

This book is about Jesus'...

W. E. B. Du Bois and the Sociology of the Black Church and Religion, 1897–1914

by Robert A. Wortham

W. E. B. Du Bois is the founding figure of the sociological study of the Black Church. His discussion of the six functions of Philadelphia’s Black Church in The Philadelphia Negro (1899) represented an early...

Fundamentals of Pentecostal Oneness

by Harry L. Herman & Eric A. Beda

Fundamentals of Pentecostal Oneness is Dr. Harry Herman’s bold, honest, and heartwarming message about the unipersonality of God and the audacious discovery about the hidden identify of this one true God unpacked...

Wealth, Health, and Hope in African Christian Religion

by Stan Chu Ilo, Obaji M. Agbiji, Michael Barkowski & Peter Clark et al.

Wealth, Health, and Hope in African Christian Religion offers a portrait of how contending narratives of modernity in both church and society play out in Africa today through the agency of African Christian...

Reformation Theology

by Bradford Littlejohn & Jonathan Roberts

Few episodes in Western history have so shaped our world as the Protestant Reformation and the counter-Reformations which accompanied it. The Reformation tore the seamless garment of Western Christendom in two,...

Transformed: Living in the Power of the Gospel for the Glory of God

by Jeff Emery

This is a book about how the gospel of Jesus Christ and the glory of God transform the lives of people. The gospel saves us. God’s glory changes us. This change, this total transformation, happens in the context...

The New Spirit

by Havelock Ellis

The New Spirit


Havelock Ellis

Worldly Conformity in Dress

by John Horsch

It is perhaps generally known that there is carried on, at the present time, an organized propaganda to persuade our people that certain restrictions, for which we as a church stand, are nothing more than unnecessary...

The Rise and Fall of the Incomparable Liturgy

by Bryan D. Spinks

‘The Peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and the love of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.’

The Book of Common Prayer, with local variations,...

Spirit-Filled Protestantism: Holiness-Pentecostal Revivals and the Making of Filipino Methodist Identity

by Luther Jeremiah Oconer & David Bundy

In Spirit-filled Protestantism, Luther Oconer shows how holiness- and Pentecost-themed revival meetings called culto Pentecostal helped form the development of Methodism in the Philippines. He focuses on these...