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The Blessings of Business

The Power of the Gospel

by Dr Bobby Y.K Sung

The Power of the gospel

A practical guide to help

understand the basic gospel of the

Holy Bible

The reason I have written this book is to help people

to understand the power of the gospel. Without

knowing these...

Our Life Is Love: The Quaker Spiritual Journey

by Marcelle Martin

Our Life is Love describes the transformational spiritual journey of the first ­Quakers, who turned to the Light of Christ within and allowed it to be their guide. Many Friends today use different language,...

Exposing the Dangers of Martial Arts: Mortal Enemies: Martial Arts and Christianity

by Vito Rallo & Steven Lambert

Follow former five-time USA National Karate Champion, Dr. Vito Rallo, as he takes you behind the veil of the martial arts rituals and reveals the closely guarded secret known only to the masters about the real...

A Bptist Ctechism: For Personal and Family Devotion

by J. Hall

This manual includes the London Baptist Confession (1689) and the Baptist Catechism (1751), along with a short essay on the modern-day downgrade and a Bible reading plan. This material has been collected specifically...

Youth A Part

by Ian Carliol

This report is the result of consultation with parish and diocesan youth workers. It looks at the Church's work past and present with young people

Justice: Hope for Everyone Everywhere

by Adam J LiVecchi

Justice : Hope for Everyone Everywhere paints a big picture of God's greater story. The author, Adam LiVecchi, highlights the injustices in the world and shows how we can do Justice. The book was written to...

Victorian Reformations: Historical Fiction and Religious Controversy, 1820-1904

by Miriam Elizabeth Burstein

In Victorian Reformations: Historical Fiction and Religious Controversy, 1820-1900, Miriam Elizabeth Burstein analyzes the ways in which Christian novelists across the denominational spectrum laid claim to popular...

Heavenly Help: Experiencing the Holy Spirit in Everyday Life

by Sarah Bowling

Sarah Bowling, the daughter of healing minister Marilyn Hickey, learned about the Holy Spirit early in life, but remained skeptical for years. Now she shares her journey to find answers. Based on Jesus' own...

Only One Reason for your Sickness

by Mervin Praison

Find the Only reason for your sickness with Bible proofs. 

Find the reason, deal with the reason, resolve your sickness and be healed. 

Get answers for various other questions like,

  • "is it the will of God...

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit

by Dr. Larry Ollison

The world is full of mysteries. Many are intrigued by earth's mysteries - UFO's, the lost city of Atlantis, the pyramids, the Nebula of Orion, etc. God knows the answer to every mystery. However, as interesting...

Faith Basics on the Spirit Empowered Life: Find Your Flow

by Beth Jones

Who Knew the Spirit Empowered Life Could Be So Fun?

Are you ready for an enjoyable, line-upon-line, fun, and practical study in God's Word? Are you thirsty to learn more about experiencing the Spirit empowered...

The Emergence of Pentecostalism in Wales: A Historical, Theological Evaluation of the Early Development of the Assemblies of God Denomination in South

by Chris Palmer

British Pentecostalism is linked to the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles through T. B. Barratt and Anglican vicar Alexander A. Boddy at Sunderland. Boddy’s experience and subsequent ministry set the foundation...

Metrical Psalmody in Print and Practice: English 'Singing Psalms' and Scottish 'Psalm Buiks', c. 1547-1640

by Timothy Duguid

During the Reformation, the Book of Psalms became one of the most well-known books of the Bible. This was particularly true in Britain, where people of all ages, social classes and educational abilities memorized...

Ever Increasing Faith

by Smith Wigglesworth

"These are the days when we need to have our faith strengthened, when we need to know God." Prominent 1900s evangelist Smith Wigglesworth penned those words decades ago. He began his career as an unassuming...

Public Religious Disputation in England, 1558-1626

by Joshua Rodda

With a focus on England from the accession of Elizabeth I to the mid-1620s, this book examines the practice of direct, scholarly disputation between fundamentally opposing and oftentimes antagonistic Catholic,...

Andrew Melville (1545-1622): Writings, Reception, and Reputation

by Steven J. Reid & Roger A. Mason

Andrew Melville is chiefly remembered today as a defiant leader of radical Protestantism in Scotland, John Knox's heir and successor, the architect of a distinctive Scottish Presbyterian kirk and a visionary...

Anglican Confirmation: 1662-1820

by Phillip Tovey

Confirmation was an important part of the life of the eighteenth-century church which consumed a significant part of the time of bishops, of clergy in their preparation of candidates, and of the candidates themselves...

Revised Common Lectionary, Spanish: Lectern Edition

by Church Publishing

The Revised Common Lectionary in Spanish is intentionally designed for use beyond The Episcopal Church and includes notations of lessons (where they differ) for the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America),...

Impacting the World Through Spiritual Gifts Study Guide

by James Goll

This companion study guide to Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today isn't just about discovering your spiritual gifts, or even receiving them, it's about releasing them! God wants you to experience the great wonder...