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Exceptional America

by Mugambi Jouet

Why does a country built on the concept of liberty have the highest incarceration rate in the world? How could the first Western nation to elect a person of color as its leader suffer from institutional racism? ...

Strangers in a Strange Land

by Charles J. Chaput

A vivid critique of American life today and a guide to how Christians—and particularly Catholics--can live their faith vigorously, and even with hope, in a post-Christian public square.

From Charles J. Chaput,...

New World A-Coming

by Judith Weisenfeld

When Joseph Nathaniel Beckles registered for the draft in the 1942,  he rejected the racial categories presented to him and persuaded the registrar to cross out the check mark she had placed next to Negro...

Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb

by Keith Giles & Greg Boyd

What if the greatest threat to Christianity in America was American Christianity?

As the Church has become increasingly entangled in the pursuit of politics, the Gospel has become tarnished and often abandoned...

Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture

by Anthony M. Esolen

It's not your imagination: civilized human society—the institutions and values that separate man from beast and bring us closer to God—is collapsing. Communities are no longer directed towards a common good;...

A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall

by Anthony R Flagg & Exploratory Enterprises LLC

A Nation Divided

United we stand, Divided we fall

...It's November 9, 2016 and America is A Nation Divided amongst "We the People." We are called to topple the worldly structures, protected by corrupted foundations,...

Verbs, Bones, and Brains: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Nature

by Agustin Fuentes & Aku Visala

The last few decades have seen an unprecedented surge of empirical and philosophical research into the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens, the origins of the mind/brain, and human culture. This research and...

Politicizing Islam

by Z. Fareen Parvez

Home to the largest Muslim minorities in Western Europe and Asia, France and India are both grappling with crises of secularism. In Politicizing Islam, Fareen Parvez offers an in-depth look at how Muslims have...

Stones Rolled Away and Other Addresses

by Henry Drummond

Anyone who had read "The Greatest Thing in the World" could not help but desire to see and hear its author; and, when Professor Drummond visited Boston in the spring of 1893, the capacity of lecture halls was...

The Holocaust Across Generations

by Janet Jacobs

Over the last two decades, the cross-generational transmission of trauma has become an important area of research within both Holocaust studies and the more broad study of genocide. The overall findings of the...

Letters to a Young Muslim

by Omar Saif Ghobash

**A New York Times Editor's Pick**

**One of Time's Most Anticipated Books of 2017, a Bustle Best Nonfiction Pick for January 2017, a Chicago Review of Books Best Book to Read in January 2017, an Amazon Best of...

The FBI and Religion: Faith and National Security before and after 9/11

by Sylvester A. Johnson & Steven Weitzman

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has had a long and tortuous relationship with religion over almost the entirety of its existence. As early as 1917, the Bureau began to target religious communities and groups...

The Oxford Handbook of Secularism

Cognitive Science and the New Testament

by Istvan Czachesz

Over the last few decades, our knowledge of how the human mind and brain works increased dramatically. The field of cognitive science enables us to understand religious traditions, rituals, and visionary experiences...

Medieval Heresy and the Inquisition: How the Vatican Got Away with the Murders of Millions of Innocent People

by Arthur S. Turberville & William Garner

Arthur S. Turberville details the Vatican's doctrine underlying the violent Roman Inquisition, which was used to suppress all opponents to the Roman Catholic Church's well-established religion. This book is...

The Palestinians: Myths and Martyrs

by Johannes Gerloff & Daniel Tracy

Johannes Gerloff, born in 1963, is a professional journalist, a studied theologian and he is German. With all that carries with it in relation to Germany’s past history with the Jewish people – culminating...

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome

by Charles Chiniquy & William Garner

Rev. Charles Chiniquy chronicles his 50 years as a servant of the Church of Rome, while also revealing the evil machinations of the Jesuits and their Roman Catholic minions. He includes information about the...

Sharing Wisdom: Benefits and Boundaries of Interreligious Learning

by Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Anantanand Rambachan, Sallie B. King & Timothy Gianotti et al.

In this book, scholars representing six faith traditions explore what wisdom means, why and how it should be shared, and what specific wisdoms their tradition should share with and receive from other faiths,...

The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth: The Jesuit Assassin of Abraham Lincoln

by Finis L. Bates & William D. Garner

John Wilkes Booth, the Jesuit assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, did not die in 1865, as stated in revisionist history books and other accounts.

   Living under assumed names, Booth traveled in the western...

The Refugee Crisis and Religion

by Luca Mavelli & Erin Wilson

The current refugee crisis sweeping Europe, and much of the world, closely intersects with largely neglected questions of religion. Moving beyond discussions of religious differences, what can we learn about...