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Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles

by Emmanuel Virina

In 1965 Dr William Thetford, former Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City expressed his frustrations to his colleague Dr Helen Schucman...

Myanmar's Enemy Within

by Francis Wade

For decades Myanmar has been portrayed as a case of good citizen versus bad regime – men in jackboots maintaining a suffocating rule over a majority Buddhist population beholden to the ideals of non-violence...

Consecrating Science

by Lisa H. Sideris

Debunking myths behind what is known collectively as the new cosmology—a grand, overlapping set of narratives that claim to bring science and spirituality together—Lisa H. Sideris offers a searing critique...

The Moral Case for American Freedom

by Jr. Martin Capages

Somewhere in the preceding generations, the direction of the United States of America has careened towards an unsustainable progressive interpretation of the Constitution that will lead to further bankruptcy...

Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation

by Mark A. Lamport, Martin E. Marty & Bruce Gordon

The Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation is a comprehensive global study of the life and work of Martin Luther and the movements that followed him—in history and through today. Organized by a...

Apocalyptic Ecology

by Micah D. Kiel & Barbara R. Rossing

The author of the book of Revelation struggled, as we do today, to live out a Christian faith in the context of an empire that trampled and destroyed the earth and its creatures. In this book, Micah D. Kiel...

The Reason We Act the Way We Do Is That We Are Not Intelligent Enough to Act Otherwise

by Christian Awogbade

The reason we act the way we do is that we are not intelligent enough to act otherwise. This is like saying that the reason a person is not able to lift a box of a certain weight is that he is not strong enough...

The End of America?: Bible Prophecy and a Country in Crisis

by Jeff Kinley

What happens when a country turns away from faith in God? Jeff Kinley, author of As It Was in the Days of Noah, explores historical and biblical precedents for the demise of a nation and offers valuable perspective...

Getting to Church

by Sally K. Gallagher

Why do people go to church? What about a congregation attracts new members? What is it that draws women and men differently into diverse types of congregations? Getting to Church assesses the deeply personal...

Sophia Geography: Exploring Spirituality, Landscape and Archetypes

by Janice P Antill

"TELL ME YOUR LANDSCAPE and I will tell you who you are."   We are defined by our landscapes, as the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset said . Yet this book shows that it is the archetypes which are behind...


by F. C. Faris

What we seek is the simplicity of the complexity within the complexity of the simplicity. Science tells us the creation of our universe began with the Big Bang 13.809621 billion years ago. But what was there...

Divided Allegiance?

by Cristian Romocea, Mohammed Girma, Najib Awad & Issa Diab et al.

For Christians living as a persecuted minority in the Middle East, the question of whether their allegiance should lie with their faith or with the national communities they live in is a difficult one. This...

Science, Evolution and Religious Persuasion: Going in Search of the Logos

by Laurence E. Gesell PhD

Science, Evolution and Religious Persuasion is for readers caught in a dilemma and perplexed by the science versus religion debate.

The Augustinian Alternative

by Benjamin J. Wood

This book’s central claim is that a close reading of Augustine’s epistemology can help political theologians develop affirmative accounts of political liberalism. This claim is set in a scholarly context...

Dimensions Within: Physics and the Structure of Consciousness

by Samuel Avery

Until recently we thought the world was made of space, time, and matter. We assumed consciousness was “inside” of ourselves, while the hard, cold, material world was “outside,” existing independently...

Love First: Toward a Christian Humanism

by Lloyd E. Sandelands

This book is about the what, how, and why of being human. To be human is to love and know the being of things (their truth, beauty, and good). We are able to do this because we are male and female in the image...

Love First

by Lloyd E. Sandelands

The study of man today is divided in three ways that it should not be: between the humanities and the social sciences, between natural and metaphysical philosophy, and between faith and reason. This book bridges...

Radical Arab Nationalism and Political Islam

by Lahouari Addi & Anthony Roberts

In Radical Arab Nationalism and Political Islam, Lahouari Addi attempts to assess the history and political legacy of radical Arab nationalism to show that it contained the seeds of its own destruction. While...


by Alastair Bruce Scott -Hill

This book is written by a professional engineer dedicated to science - he chose his standard test for validity by accepting solely “solid” science i.e. documented replicated science experiments (performed...

Katie Luther, First Lady of the Reformation

by Ruth A. Tucker

Katharina von Bora, wife of Martin Luther, was by any measure the First Lady of the Reformation. A strong woman with a mind of her own, she would remain unknown to us were it not for her larger than life husband....