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Passage to Sunrise

by Bruno Jambor

“This man masquerading as a monk is a dangerous CIA sharp shooter serving an organization led by a former member of SEAL Special Forces. They want to resurrect the ancient faith that shaped Western civilization....

Sometimes Deceived

by Daniel Howell

It's often said that evolution is science and creationism is religion. Although this opinion is widely held by the public – including many religious people – it represents a misunderstanding of both creationism...

Dictionary of Christianity and Science

by Paul Copan, Tremper Longman III, Christopher L. Reese & Michael Strauss

The Dictionary of Christianity and Science provides, in one volume, entries on over 450 key terms, theories, individuals, movements, and debates at the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary science....

The Mighty And The Almighty

by Nick Spencer

For a secular age, we have a lot of religious politicians.

Theresa May, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, even Donald Trump all profess Christianity, as did Obama, Brown, Sarkozy, Bush and Blair before them. Indeed,...

Exceptional America

by Mugambi Jouet

Why does a country built on the concept of liberty have the highest incarceration rate in the world? How could the first Western nation to elect a person of color as its leader suffer from institutional racism? ...

The Authentic Lover: Reclaiming love's beauty and power

by Chris Hakim

The four great enemies of love are violence, pettiness, vanity, and our reproductive agenda. If we can overcome these formidable enemies, nothing more keeps us from the vast experience of unconditional love....

I Commend to You Phoebe

by Ross Saunders

“Paul has been much maligned for his many criticisms of women. He is often seen as the primal male chauvinist, responsible for the anti-female attitude of Christianity.

My aim is not to exonerate Paul.

My aim...

Is the Bible Good for Women?: Seeking Clarity and Confidence Through a Jesus-Centered Understanding of Scripture

by Wendy Alsup

Is it possible to embrace the inherent dignity of womanhood while still cherishing the Bible?

Many people, both inside and outside the church, are concerned that an orthodox understanding of the Bible is threatening...

God in Captivity: The Rise of Faith-Based Prison Ministries in the Age of Mass Incarceration

by Tanya Erzen

An eye-opening account of how and why evangelical Christian ministries are flourishing in prisons across the United States

It is by now well known that the United States’ incarceration rate is the highest in...

Blasphemous Modernism

by Steve Pinkerton

Scholars have long described modernism as "heretical" or "iconoclastic" in its assaults on secular traditions of form, genre, and decorum. Yet critics have paid surprisingly little attention to the related category...

Practice Resurrection

by Erik Reece

A student of Wendell Berry and Guy Davenport, Erik Reece is a strong and eloquent voice for a new generation of dedicated activists fighting on behalf of the embattled wilderness and the future of our planet....

Strangers in a Strange Land

by Charles J. Chaput

A vivid critique of American life today and a guide to how Christians—and particularly Catholics--can live their faith vigorously, and even with hope, in a post-Christian public square.

From Charles J. Chaput,...

New World A-Coming

by Judith Weisenfeld

When Joseph Nathaniel Beckles registered for the draft in the 1942,  he rejected the racial categories presented to him and persuaded the registrar to cross out the check mark she had placed next to Negro...

Pride and Pain in Difficult Times

by Basil Fernando

This extraordinary collection of poems by global human rights activist, author and jurist, Basil Fernando bears witness to one of the most harrowing clashes in South Asian history. Bringing an utterly human...

Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb

by Keith Giles & Greg Boyd

What if the greatest threat to Christianity in America was American Christianity?

As the Church has become increasingly entangled in the pursuit of politics, the Gospel has become tarnished and often abandoned...

A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall

by Anthony R Flagg & Exploratory Enterprises LLC

A Nation Divided

United we stand, Divided we fall

...It's November 9, 2016 and America is A Nation Divided amongst "We the People." We are called to topple the worldly structures, protected by corrupted foundations,...

Verbs, Bones, and Brains: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Nature

by Agustin Fuentes & Aku Visala

The last few decades have seen an unprecedented surge of empirical and philosophical research into the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens, the origins of the mind/brain, and human culture. This research and...

Politicizing Islam

by Z. Fareen Parvez

Home to the largest Muslim minorities in Western Europe and Asia, France and India are both grappling with crises of secularism. In Politicizing Islam, Fareen Parvez offers an in-depth look at how Muslims have...

Stones Rolled Away and Other Addresses

by Henry Drummond

Anyone who had read "The Greatest Thing in the World" could not help but desire to see and hear its author; and, when Professor Drummond visited Boston in the spring of 1893, the capacity of lecture halls was...

The Holocaust Across Generations

by Janet Jacobs

Over the last two decades, the cross-generational transmission of trauma has become an important area of research within both Holocaust studies and the more broad study of genocide. The overall findings of the...