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Streams in the Desert Morning and Evening

by L. B. E. Cowman

Streams in the Desert and Springs in the Valley combine in this morning and evening devotional to not only sustain and replenish God’s weary desert travelers but also provide refreshment and joy to the thirsty...

What Makes You Happy Participant's Guide

by Andy Stanley

Everybody wants to be happy. Everybody is on a happiness quest. For many, happiness is measured in moments. Experiences. It's elusive. Unsustainable. What about you? What makes you happy? Something comes to...

I Am

by Michele Cushatt

From the moment a woman wakes until she falls, exhausted, on her pillow, one question plagues her at every turn:

Am I enough?

The pressure to do more, be more has never been more intense. Online marketing. Self-help...

You Carried Me: A Daughter's Memoir

by Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden is fourteen when she learns she is only alive because she was rescued after a botched abortion. In this intimate memoir she details for the first time her search for her parents, and her own journey...

Answers to Prayer

by George Müller

Prayer is vital to the Christian life, and no author of Christian literature has exemplified this more than George Muller. In this work, Answers to Prayer, Muller shows how powerful prayer and God’s provision...

The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life

by Hannah Whitall Smith

Every person experiences doubts. What keeps someone together in these times is a firm foundation in God’s faithfulness, rather than allowing their lives to be moved on a roller coaster of emotions. The Christian’s...

People of God's Mercy: What 14 figures from Scripture Reveal about Divine Compassion

by Marci Alborghetti

Marci Alborghetti brings her unique narrative voice to 14 Biblical figures who famously experienced God’s mercy. We see God granting selfish, petty, brother-killing Cain protection from his enemies. We meet...

My Dream Hunt in Alaska: With God on the Adventure of a Lifetime

by Steve Chapman

Join the hunt with Steve as he recounts his thrilling adventure, starting with the birth of his dream as a young boy and culminating with his heart-stopping encounter with an impressive thousand-pound, nine-foot...

Encounter with God

by Sally Nelson & Vivien Whitfield

As we follow the Easter story through John’s Gospel, we are encouraged to mentally walk in the sandals of the various characters and to think through the events with an adult imagination and understanding....

Daily Bread

by John Grayston & Catherine Butcher

Arguably Easter is the most significant time of the year for Christians. We celebrate the outrageous grace of God in sending the Son to free us from the power and penalty of sin. We rejoice in the new life that...

A Nation Divided: United we stand, Divided we fall

by Anthony R Flagg & Exploratory Enterprises LLC

A Nation Divided

United we stand, Divided we fall

...It's November 9, 2016 - America is A Nation Divided amongst "We the People." We are called to topple the worldly structures protected by our corrupted foundations...

The Secret Door To Success

by Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn was an American artist and book illustrator who became a New Thought spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer in her middle years. The Secret Door to Success was the third of her metaphysicals...

Eastern Orthodox Christianity and American Higher Education: Theological, Historical, and Contemporary Reflections

by Ann Mitsakos Bezzerides & Elizabeth H. Prodromou

Over the last two decades, the American academy has engaged in a wide-ranging discourse on faith and learning, religion and higher education, and Christianity and the academy. Eastern Orthodox Christians, however,...

If I Had a Parenting Do-Over: 7 Vital Changes I'd Make

by Jonathan McKee

Ever wish parenting came with a do-over button? . . . In If I Had a Parenting Do-Over, author Jonathan McKee offers real, practical help to parents who would rather learn from someone else's firsthand experiences....

Becoming a Person of Mercy: Personal Reflections and Practices on the Works of Mercy

by Max Oliva

Fr. Max Oliva shares stories and insights from decades of ministry around the globe with people whose lives are enriched by giving and accepting mercy. Steeped in scriptural insights and enhanced with the words...

Why Worry?: A Catholic's Guide for Learning to Let Go

by Jeff Dunn

The average person spends 14.3 hours a week worrying. We can’t easily dismiss our anxieties, but we can find some powerful allies in people who have walked the journey. With empathy and just the right touch...

The Beatitudes of Peace: Meditations on the Beatitudes, Peacemaking & the Spiritual Life

by John Dear

With a foreword by Nobel Winner Mairead Corrigan Maguire

The Beatitudes are “the hope and prayer and vision of Jesus…the blueprint for Christian discipleship, the job description of every Christian,” says...

Only Through Spiritual Eyes Will You See Messages Volume 1

by Avril Hall

Only Through Spiritual Eyes Will You See is a wonderful book that encapsulates powerful scriptures and provides strategies on how to live an abundant life through Jesus Christ, enabling the reader to see their...

Vocation across the Academy

by David S. Cunningham

Although the language of vocation was born in a religious context, the contributors in this volume demonstrate that it has now taken root within the broad framework of higher education and has become intertwined...

The Restitution of All Things

by Joseph Farah

Did Jesus of Nazareth really intend to start a brand new religion called "Christianity"?

Or, did He come to fulfill that which all of the Hebrew prophets had foretold since the fall of man—something the Holy...