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Heretics and Orthodoxy

by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton’s Heretics was first published in 1905, with Orthodoxy following in 1908.  Chesterton viewed them as companions to one another, as Orthodoxy was written as a response to criticism he had...

Unearthly Beauty

by Magdalen Smith

‘Saints are people of unearthly beauty who show us a deep understanding of the fluid nature of divine grace.’

This warm-hearted book is for those of us who enter Advent longing for spiritual sustenance to...

I Thought There Would Be Cake

by Katharine Welby-Roberts


Growing up, Katharine Welby-Roberts imagined that being an adult was one big party. But depression, anxiety and crippling self-doubt led her to alienate...

In Touch With God

by Michael and Rosemary Green

Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Isaiah, Mary. . . This sequence of twenty-five meditations looks at how great biblical heroes of faith turned to God in times of need and in times of joy, showing how a better...

Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles

by Emmanuel Virina

In 1965 Dr William Thetford, former Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City expressed his frustrations to his colleague Dr Helen Schucman...

Thirsty for God

by Bradley P. Holt

A landmark text on the history of Christian spirituality embarks on the journey afresh. This accessible and engaging history provides an excellent primer on the two-millennium quest for union with God, a "thirst"...

Prayer, Peace and the Presence of God

by Dr. David Butts

“I’m sorry, Mr. Butts, but you have lymphoma and you are already in stage four.”

Those words would rattle anyone. Those are the words Dave and Kim Butts heard just 10 days into Dave’s beginning to write...

Eucharistic Body

by Frank C. Senn

Building on his previous work on embodied liturgy, Frank C. Senn explores the relationship between the sacramental body and blood of Christ, the ecclesial body of Christ, and the body of the communicant. Drawing...

Cross Vision

by Gregory A. Boyd

Renowned pastor-theologian Gregory A. Boyd tackles the Bible’s biggest dilemma.

The Old Testament God of wrath and violence versus the New Testament God of love and peace—it’s a difference that has troubled...

Protect Your Purity 101: Six Strategies to Help You Stay the Course of Celibacy and Abstinence

by Briana G Whitaker & Jacqueline Thompson

In this crazy, sex-driven world we live in it may not seem like it, but your purity is worth fighting for! And fight you must because you have an adversary whose sole purpose is to steal your peace, kill your...

Representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary in World Literature and Art

by Elena V. Shabliy, Karen O'Donnell, Anna Hamling & Gwyn McClelland et al.

This interdisciplinary study explores Marian imagery and representations in world literature and art throughout the centuries. This book demonstrates the widespread deep veneration of the image of the Blessed...

In Search of Soul

by Alejandro Nava

In Search of Soul explores the meaning of “soul” in sacred and profane incarnations, from its biblical origins to its central place in the rich traditions of black and Latin history. Surveying the work of...

And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy

by Adrian Shirk

  • A thoughtful, complex spiritual quest and narrative revisionist history
  • Written from a female perspective, contextualized within a feminist history of American religious traditions: And Your Daughters Shall...

  • Eight Keys to Progressive Spiritual Development

    by Darius M John

    The significance of these eight qualities must be viewed and understood not only as separate principles but in the relation of each to the whole. It is of eternal value to apply each one of these principles...

    The Energy of Love: Reiki and Christian Healing

    by Bruce G Epperly

    Today, we need to marshal all the healing resources at our disposal.

    A growing body of evidence shows that spiritual healing practices have a positive impact, both on healing and on the quality of life that people...

    The Price of God's Miracle Working Power

    by A. A. Allen

    After World War 2, there was a major revival movement where healing ministry played a huge part with renewed belief and emphasis in divine healing among many Christians. This book shows how the apostolic age...

    Moving the Church in 7 STEPs

    by David B Newell

    Step forward!

    Moving the Church in 7 STEPs is a commentary and a guide for how the Christian Church, and specifically a single congregation of believers, can move forward without fear and with great courage and...

    The Imitation of Christ

    by Thomas A Kempis, William C. Creasy & Dennis Billy

    "What would Jesus do?"

    That’s the primary question Thomas à Kempis answers in his universally acclaimed work, The Imitation of Christ. In 114 short chapters organized into four simple parts, this handbook...

    Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh of India

    by Sundar Singh

    In this book, Sundar Singh puts down the visions that the Lord had given him. Sundar felt that his religious pursuits in Sikhism and the questioning of Christian and Hindu priests left him without ultimate...


    by Jeremiah Stone

    In this era of angels and demons, the shroud of Muhammad’s Islam descends as the deadliest pall.Islam sprang up inside the tents of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar.  Ishmael’s legacy left a culture of virulent...