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Broken Bodies

by Davis McGuirt & Heather Geisel

If God is good, why do we get sick? When God created the world, He declared: "It is good." But then came the Fall, and with it sickness and death. In this heart-tugging monograph, Dr. Davis McGuirt draws from...

The Beautiful Word

by Zondervan

100 Illustrated NIV Verses That Reveal the Goodness of Scripture

Through beautifully hand-lettered and illustrated Bible verses, The Beautiful Word will inspire you with the hope found in Scripture.

One hundred...

Gender Roles and the People of God

by Alice Mathews

Most women in the church don't aspire to "lord" it over men, nor do they want to scramble for position. Instead, they want to be accepted as full participants in God's work, sharing in kingdom tasks in ways...

The C. S. Lewis Collection: Essays and Speeches

by C. S. Lewis

With his trademark warmth and wit, Lewis demonstrates his wide range of interests in this collection of writings—a must-read for fans of Lewis’s creative works.


• The Weight of Glory

• God in...

Exploring Moral Injury in Sacred Texts

by Joseph McDonald, Amir Hussain, Brad Kelle & Daniel C. Maguire et al.

Moral injury is a profound violation of a human being's core moral identity through experiences of violence or trauma. This is the first book in which scholars from different faith and academic backgrounds consider...

Psycho-spiritual Care in Health Care Practice

by Guy Harrison, Steve Nolan, Isabel Clarke & Gavin Garman et al.

Meeting the psychological and spiritual needs of patients is vital to supporting their wellbeing in health care settings. To develop an effective, holistic and inclusive approach to care within predominantly...

What Is the Bible?

by Rob Bell

Rob Bell, the beloved author of Love Wins and What We Talk About When We Talk About God, goes deep into the Bible to show how it is more revelatory, revolutionary, and relevant than we ever imagined—and offers...

Reaching the Unreached

by Peyton Jones & Alan Hirsch

For too long church leaders have focused on increasing the size of their church rather than increasing their reach outside of the four walls of the church building. The result? Church life becomes a predictable...

Strangers in the Kingdom

by Rupen Das & Brent Hamoud

Today’s refugee crisis has engulfed public policy and politics in countries around the world, deeply dividing communities. With increased migration many fear terrorism, crime and a dilution of their perceived...

Resurrection of the Dead in Early Judaism, 200 BCE-CE 200

by C. D. Elledge

Resurrection of the dead represents one of the more enigmatic beliefs of Western religions to many modern readers. In this volume, C. D. Elledge offers an interpretation of some of the earliest literature within...

Out of the Shadows of African Traditional Religion

by Moss Ntlha

In Africa, Christianity is sometimes rejected as a "white" religion or combined with elements of African Traditional Religion. The story of Francinah Baloyi shows that neither of these attitudes is correct....

Chosen Nation

by Benjamin W. Goossen

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the global Mennonite church developed an uneasy relationship with Germany. Despite the religion's origins in the Swiss and Dutch Reformation, as well as its longstanding...

Finding the Lost Art of Empathy: Connecting Human to Human in a Disconnected World

by Tracy Wilde & Judah Smith

Tracy Wilde, rising celebrity pastor who helped launch the LA Bible Study in Hollywood, reflects on the absence of empathy in today’s world and shares how Christians can renew their compassion to help unify...

1 Peter

by Dennis R. Edwards, Tremper Longman III & Scot McKnight

A new commentary for today’s world, The Story of God Bible Commentary explains and illuminates each passage of Scripture in light of the Bible’s grand story. The first commentary series to do so, SGBC offers...


by Timothy W Carroll

Are you ready to Step out of the Darkness and into the Light?

At some point many of us have suffered from anxiety and depression. If not ourselves we’ve walked alongside someone else who has. Sadly, many who...

Corita Kent: Gentle Revolutionary of the Heart

by Rose Pacatte

Corita Kent, an American nun and pop artist, led a life of creativity and love that took her in unexpected directions. In this engaging portrait, Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP, offers an in-depth look at Corita Kent,...

Praying Our Way Through Life

by Bill Huebsch

Prayer is the privileged moment of intimacy with God where we discuss our lives, the needs of the world, and the ways our hearts move within us. Main themes:

  • The Liturgy is the Work of the Trinity
  • The People,...

Living the Commandments

by Bill Huebsch

In this volume, we study the commandments and their place in modern life. Main themes:

  • No Strange gods
  • Keeping Holy the Lord’s Day
  • Honoring our Parents
  • You Shall not Kill
  • Called to chastity
  • Possessions, Greed,...

Living the Sacraments

by Bill Huebsch

In this volume, we examine the seven sacraments, their essential rites, and spiritual effects. Main themes:

  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Eucharist
  • Reconciliation
  • Anointing of the Sick
  • Holy Orders
  • Matrimony

The Mystery of the Church

by Bill Huebsch

What Christ entrusted to the apostles, they in turn handed on by their preaching and writing, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to all generations. Main Themes:

  • The Church hands on Divine Revelation...