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One Nation Without God?: The Battle for Christianity in an Age of Unbelief

by David Aikman

Veteran TIME Magazine journalist exposes the waning influence of Christianity in America and reveals vibrant signs of renewal and growth across the country.

Learning to Be You: How Our True Identity in Christ Sets Us Free

by David D. Swanson

This accessible, engaging book helps readers discover who God made them to be in order to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

The Challenges Facing Biblical Teachings in Our Modern Society : Third Edition

by Ken Kapreilian

The third edition by Ken Kapreilian, Biblical Studies teacher and author. This edition is a must have for all those who are interested in teaching the Bible. About the Author: Ken Kapreilian is a graduate of...


by Christian Piatt

We all have heard time and time again of the changes a woman goes through when she is pregnant. But what about the man? Doesn't his life change too? PregMANcy is an honest and humorous memoir looking at the...

Any Day a Beautiful Change

by Katherine Willis Pershey

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the minister with the baby carriage. In this collection of interrelated personal essays, Katherine Willis Pershey chronicles the story of her life as a young...

Adventist Heritage of Health, Hope, and Healing

by William C. Andress

In mid-1800s America, in a milieu where thousands were dying prematurely from tuberculosis, dysentery, yellow fever, cholera, diphtheria, smallpox, and even malaria, God raised up a people with a salvific message,...

6 Things Every Healthy Relationship Needs

by Stephen Arterburn & John Shore

Christian counselor and radio personality Stephen Arterburn draws on his own positive and negative experiences to offer specific tips to help you create healthy relationships. This is a selection from Arterburn's...

The Marvel of It All: God's faithfulness as one couple serves Christ for more than three decades in Brazil

by Joe Tarry & Leona Tarry

How can anyone look back on 36 years of experiences that have included broken-down cars, near-fatal traffic accidents, serious illnesses, the near-death of a child, prolonged separation from loved ones, and...

Finding a Job God's Way: Moving into the HOV Lane of Your Career

by David Rawles

Like having your personal career coach at your side . . .. What does the Bible have to say about job-hunting? Everything you'd ever want to know, contends David Rawles, whose CAREERWORKSHOPS, Inc., have encouraged...

Families of the Bible: How They Coped with Today's Problems

by Howard Hovde & Louis Moore

"No one has ever had things this bad before." Families who struggle with difficult interpersonal issues today sometimes feel lonely and isolated because they believe they grapple with challenging issues unique...

Journey: Moments of Guidance in the Presence of God

by David Jeremiah

In our complicated, hectic world, we all long for direction in helping us make the best life decisions to assist us in our personal journey. We need guidance, no matter what our circumstances. Each daily reading...

Girls Uncovered: New Research on What America's Sexual Culture Does to Young Women

by Jr., MD, Joe McIlhaney, Freda McKissic McKissic Bush & Jr., MD, Joe S McIlhaney

Any parent can identify with the feeling that girls growing up in America face a treacherous future; Uncovered Girls unveils the facts. In a follow up to their eye-opening release, Hooked, obstetricians Joe...

Letters to Heaven: Reaching Across to the Great Beyond

by Calvin Miller

Master wordsmith Calvin Miller writes beautifully poignant letters to those influential voices who have preceded us into eternity-showing us how to live and love now, so that none of us leaves this life with...

One Perfect Word

by Debbie Macomber

In the tradition of One Simple Act and God’s Guest List, perennial bestselling novelist Debbie Macomber reveals in inspiring, moving stories that the simplicity of one perfect word can become profound. When...

Buds, Blossoms and Bloom: A Kaleidoscope of Unfolding Womanhood

by Tani Ifediora

“You are the crown of His creation! You are yesterday’s bud, blossoming out today in readiness to become tomorrow’s full bloom!”

Depending on Jesus: Son Seekers Bible Study Series #1: Jesus Provides What We Truly Need in Every Life Challenge

by Gospel Light

The Depending on Jesus Bible Study Guide will help adults dig into the Bible’s promises Jesus provides what we truly need for every challenge in life. Based on Philippians 4:19, “my God will meet all your...

Influencing Others: Growing in Godly Leadership

by Youth For Christ

More than ever, our world needs people to lead as Jesus does, serving in love. With this three-part study, you'll learn the characteristics of leaders and how to influence people in a godly way. Discover the...

Reaching Out: Making a Difference in Your World

by Youth For Christ

God sends His followers into all nations to show His love and to share their story of faith with everyone. Dig through Scripture to uncover the foundations and basic skills for sharing your faith and building...

Spiritual Warfare: Finding Freedom in the Power of God

by Youth For Christ

Are you confused about spiritual warfare and what it involves? You're not alone; lots of people are in the dark about battling the powers of darkness. With Spiritual Warfare: Finding Freedom in the Power of...

Dreaming of More for the Next Generation: Lifetime Faith Ignited by Family Ministry

by Michelle Anthony

With a fresh approach to spiritual formation in the lives of kids and teens, Dreaming of More for the Next Generation will reawaken your passion for ministry and give you a refocused look at what is most important...