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Unfurling: Poems by Ian Adams

by Ian Adams

Ian Adams is one of the most original voices in contemporary Christian spirituality. His poems are short, arresting, richly textured and deceptively simple. The title of this collection, Unfurling, is indicative...

The Moment

by David W. Jones

The Moment: seventy-five practices and praxises for individuals and communities living every moment as The Moment taking church out of the past and into the present out of sanctuaries and into homes, bars, and...

Praise Him!

by Les Sussman

Seventeen of Christian music's top artists share moving personal stories. The power of Scripture has changed many lives. Here, seventeen stars of Christian music tell how it has changed theirs, and share the...

The Follower

by Bryan Kolar

In the small, midwestern town of Hopeton, drugs run rampant and the youth are set on paths of self-destruction. Enter Dylan Clark, a vagabond with an uncanny wisdom and a complete lack of fear. The estranged...

Bible Verses: First 100 Lessons

by First Lessons Team

Everyone needs a companion! Bible Verses: First 100 Lessons is the companion to your Holy Bible. Follow the Bible from its front cover to back cover with 100 specially selected verses in their correct order....

God Supplies & Miracles Happen

by Amy Jane Sandberg

Amy Jane Sandberg: Once completely Brain Dead; Two comas; Three open heart surgeries; Third person in the world to have her heart completely rebuilt; Three strokes; plus so much more. Yet Alive Strong, and still...

Miracle Motors: A Pert Near True Story

by Peggy Senger Morrison

Peggy was known as a storyteller from an early age - sometimes "a bit of a prevaricator" - so it stands to reason that a hooligan God set her on a path so full of the improbable that few would believe it. From...

Issues and Your Tissues a Manual for Deliverance

by Valerie Miller Simpson

This book explores the definition of spiritual issues, the dry places, transfer of spirits and what they really are. Matthew 12:43 Says: "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places,...

Getting Through the Wilderness of Singleness

by Jessica Davis

GETTING THROUGH THE WILDERNESS OF SINGLENESS is a book offering encouragement for dealing with a variety of personal concerns one might have while yet single. This spiritual book contains advice, instructions,...

Church in the Wild

by Andrew Eubank

What happens when an unexplainable love converges with limitless grace and undeniable truth, and people get caught in the middle? Boy am I glad you asked! Or at least read this description so I could ask for...

Love Story

by D. A. Fletcher

Love Story does not mean never having to say you're sorry - that's ridiculous. In fact, we American Christians may have so much to apologize for before we can begin to mount an apologetic, we seem to have lost...

Beyond Revelation: An Eschatology of the Kingdom

by Benjamin F Hoogterp

A fresh look at an old subject. The author addresses the study of the book of Revelation and Eschatology with an emphasis on the Kingdom. Notably, the results are conclusively Preterist in content by the eyes...

Betrayal of Jesus: 21st Century Challenges for Christians

by Davis D. Danizier

This book presents thought-provoking questions and challenges facing modern Christianity in the 21st Century. Raises questions about the credibility of the Bible and some of the core beliefs of Christians today....

Surviving Culture: When Character and Your World Collide

by Edward E. Moody

Young people today are faced with many challenges that attempt to lure them away from the truth of Scripture and their foundation of faith. Dr. Moody shares strong advice on the need to be prepared and make...

Have a Happy Family by Friday: How to Improve Communication, Respect & Teamwork in 5 Days

by Dr. Kevin Leman

Bestselling parenting expert gives practical insight and advice on the hot topics of family life, including communication, priorities, birth order, attitude, marriage, and building unity as a family.

Faith's Framework: The Structure of New Testament Theology

by Donald Robinson

The Bible is universally recognised as the handbook of our faith and the New Testament as the written record of God's revelation in Christ. We know it, love it, trust it--and yet how did it come to be? This...

Integrity: The Missing Ingredient

by PhD, Dr. Anthony L. Trice

Dr. Anthony Trice uncovers how one small act of dishonesty can lead to the next. No matter how great or small the dishonest act, sin is sin; these acts can separate us from a greater relationship with God.


Victorian King James Version of the New Testament: A "Selection" for Lovers of Elizabethan and Victorian Literature

by Dave Armstrong

Many revisions of the King James (Authorized) Bible of 1611 exist; even revisions of revisions have been done (ASV to NASB / RV to RSV / KJV to NKJV, etc.). The present work is a similar "hybrid". I don't know...

Karl Barth¿s Theology as a Resource for a Christian Theology of Religions

by Sven Ensminger

This book uses Karl Barth�s theology as a resource for Christian theology of religions. For this purpose, it examines Barth�s theology under the doctrinal aspects of revelation, revelation and religion,...


by Myron Humble

Charlie Hunter has experienced great disappointment and loss in his life and feels as if God is 'out to get him'. After his wife Arlene is killed by a drunk driver he sets off on the life of a mariner-a Vagabond,...