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Pharmaceutical Microbiology

by Ravi Kumar Maddali

Pharmeceutical Microbiology is one of the important components in pharmaceutical sciences to prepare and maintain the sterile preparations, control the spoilage of drugs and to study the infectious diseases....

Experimental Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

by T. Durai Ananda Kumar & N. Swathi

The modern medicinal chemistry utilizes several novel drug discovery tools to identify the drug-like molecules (lead) and to convert them into therapeutically potential molecules. The advanced and adequate practice...

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

by Khaza Somasekhar Rao & Chennupati venkata Suresh

This book consists of Theory as well as Practical Parts of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry. It covers all topics as per syllabi of almost all Indian Universities and caters the needs of Pharmacy and Chemistry...

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

by V. Alagarsamy

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry is a much awaited great work in the Pharmacy. Targeted mainly to B. Pharmacy & Pharm-D students, this book will also be useful for B.Sc. as well as M.Sc. chemistry and pharmaceutical...

Medicinal Chemistry

by Prof. Rama Rao Nadendla

This book deals with discovery and development of drugs for treating variety of diseases. The present edition of Medicinal Chemistry treats many aspects of drugs such as Structure-Activity Relationships, Mechanism...

Pharmaceutical Mathematics with Application to Pharmacy

by D.H. Panchaksharappa Gowda

Books covering pharmaceutical sciences combined with Mathematics  are not available in the market. To overcome this setback, this book is authored in a detailed and easy to understand in a  manner incorporating...

The Meaning of Surah 016 An-Nahl The Bees Las Abejas From Holy Quran Bilingual Edition English Spanish Standar Version

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

The Meaning of Surah 016 An-Nahl The Bees (Las Abejas) From Holy Quran Bilingual Edition In English & Spanish Languange Standar Version .

Surah An-Na?l (The Bees) is the 16th chapter (surah) of The Holy Qur'an,...

Quantum entanglement and collective unconscious. Physics and metaphysics of the universe. New interpretations.

by George Anderson

Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli worked respectively in the field of psyche and in that of matter. These two sectors are considered absolutely incompatible with each other. In fact, scientific materialism denies...

The Mechanism and Psychology of Voice

by Frank E. Miller & Charles E. Blanchard

Man possesses language, and makes large use of it, while, on the other hand, not even the most intelligent animals have the power of designating objects, or of translating sensations into articulate speech....

The Relation of Music to Mental Progress

by Stephen A. Pearce

This book treats of the relation of music to the mental progress.The music of a people may be considered in direct relation to their supersensuous natures. From this point of view alone, strongly marked differences...

The Origin of Fruits and Cultivated Plants

by Alphonse P. de Candolle & C. Grant Allen

The Origin of Fruits and Cultivated Plants.

"To the attractive hues of fruit, I believe, we must ultimately trace back our whole artistic pleasure in the pure physical stimulation of beautiful colors, displayed...

The Astronomical History of the World

by Daniel Vaughan

The information which geologists derive from the evidences of organic remains does not wholly satisfy the keen appetite of educated minds for a knowledge of the mysteries of Nature and the revolutions of past...

The Influence of Inventions Upon Civilization

by Chauncey Smith

This book treats of the Influence of Inventions upon Civilization.

The Evolution of the Human Form

by Charles Morris

This book deals with the evolution of human and organic forms.

“That men, or thinking beings akin to man, exist only on that minute fragment of the universe we call the earth is a conception so highly improbable,...

Geographical Evolution

by Archibald Geikie

It must be owned that man, in most of his struggles with the world around him, has fought blindly for his own ultimate interests. His contest, successful for the moment, has too often led to sure and sad disaster....

Genius and his Environment

by James Mark Baldwin

“Psychological science has reached a sort of understanding in these recent years of the individual and of the social setting in which he customarily disports himself; and the duty now devolves upon it of...

Evolution and the Distribution of Animals

by David Starr Jordan

This book treats of the Evolution and the Distribution of Animals

“No one with good eyes and brains behind them has ever looked forth on the varied life of the world—on forest or field or brook or sea—without...

How Standard Time is Obtained

by Theodore B. Wilson

This book deals with how the Standard or Universal time is obtained; and What is the Accurate Measurement of Time.

" Almost everybody knows that observatories are the places from which standard time is sent...

A Short Philosophy of Birds

by Philippe J. Dubois & Elise Rousseau

A French ornithologist and philosopher teach us to pause, look to the sky, and reconnect with the natural world, in twenty-two short lessons inspired by the secret lives of birds.

There is a lot we can learn...

The Andre Norton Collection

by André Norton & Steppenwolf Press

Andre Norton was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy and the first woman to be SFWA Grand Master. There isn't really anything else that needs to be said...

The Andre Norton Collection brings...