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The Chemistry of Soils

The Garbage Collection Handbook: The Art of Automatic Memory Management

by Eliot Moss, Richard Jones & Antony Hosking

Published in 1996, Richard Jones's Garbage Collection was a milestone in the area of automatic memory management. The field has grown considerably since then, sparking a need for an updated look at the latest...

Ontology and the Ambitions of Metaphysics

Redesigning Life

Molecular Biology:  A Very Short Introduction

Guide to Fluorine NMR for Organic Chemists

by William R. Dolbier, Jr.

Following its well-received predecessor, this book offers an essential guide to chemists for understanding fluorine in spectroscopy. With over 1000 compounds and 100 spectra, the second edition adds new data...

Stereoelectronic Effects

by Igor V. Alabugin

Stereoelectronic Effects illustrates the utility of stereoelectronic concepts using structure and reactivity of organic molecules. This advanced textbook provides an up-to-date overview of the field, starting...

Pets on the Couch: Neurotic Dogs, Compulsive Cats, Anxious Birds, and the New Science of Animal Psychiatry

by Nicholas Dodman

The pioneering veterinarian and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Dog Who Loved Too Much, and the national bestseller, The Cat Who Cried for Help, recounts his uniquely entertaining—and poignant—stories...

Chemistry for the IB MYP 4 & 5: By Concept

by Annie Termaat & Christopher Talbot

The only series for MYP 4 and 5 developed exclusively with the IB

Drive meaningful inquiry through a unique concept-driven narrative.

- Supports every aspect of assessment with opportunities that use the criteria...

Miniaturized Testing of Engineering Materials

by V. Karthik, K.V. Kasiviswanathan & Baldev Raj

This book is a comprehensive overview of methods of characterizing the mechanical properties of engineering materials using specimen sizes in the micro-scale regime (0.3-5.0 mm). A range of issues associated...

Large Turbo-Generators: Malfunctions and Symptoms

by Isidor Kerszenbaum & Geoff Klempner

This book presents a comprehensive, ordered relationship between malfunctions and symptoms occurring in large turbogenerators. With this book, the operator and/or engineer in a generating station could identify...

Complex Survey Data Analysis with SAS

by Taylor H. Lewis

Complex Survey Data Analysis with SAS® is an invaluable resource for applied researchers analyzing data generated from a sample design involving any combination of stratification, clustering, unequal weights,...

Textbook of Drug Design and Discovery, Fifth Edition

by Kristian Stromgaard, Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen & Ulf Madsen

Building on the success of the previous editions, the Textbook of Drug Design and Discovery, Fifth Edition, has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide a complete source of information on all facets of...

The Monkey in the Mirror: Essays on the Science of What Makes Us Human

by Ian Tattersall

What makes us so different? How did we get this way? How do we know? And what exactly are we? These questions are what make human evolution a subject of general fascination. Ian Tattersall, one of those rare...

Seven Skeletons: The Evolution of the World's Most Famous Human Fossils

by Lydia Pyne

An irresistible journey of discovery, science, history, and myth making, told through the lives and afterlives of seven famous human ancestors

Over the last century, the search for human ancestors has spanned...

The Eurasian Beaver Handbook: Ecology and Management of Castor fiber

by Róisín Campbell-Palmer

This book presents a detailed overview of the ecology and behaviour of the Eurasian beaver. It shows how to recognise the presence and activities of beavers. It provides tried and tested methods for mitigating...

Bioorganic Synthesis


by Adrian Schmit & Jeremy Pollard

Part of the WJEC endorsement process.

Develop your scientific thinking and practical skills with resources that stretch and challenge all levels within the new curriculum produced by a trusted author team and...

Lapwings, Loons and Lousy Jacks: The How and Why of Bird Names

by Ray Reedman

Lapwings, Loons and Lousy Jacks uncovers the stories behind the incredible diversity of bird names, explains what many scientific names actually mean and takes a look at the history of the system by which we...

Cracking Mathematics: You, this book and 4,000 years of theories

by Colin Beveridge

This comprehensive guide covers the history and development of mathematics, from the Ancient Egyptians and Pythagoreans to key figures such as Galileo, Dodgson, Babbage and Lovelace through to contemporary work...