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Ecology of the Brain

by Thomas Fuchs

Present day neuroscience places the brain at the centre of study. But what if researchers viewed the brain not as the foundation of life, rather as a mediating organ? Ecology of the Brain addresses this very...

Henry Dresser and Victorian Ornithology

by Henry McGhie

This book explores the life of Henry Dresser (1838-1915), one of the most productive British ornithologists of the mid-late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and is largely based on unpublished correspondence...

Silencing the Bomb

by Lynn R. Sykes

In December 2016, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved their iconic "Doomsday Clock" thirty seconds forward to two and a half minutes to midnight, the latest it has been set since 1952, the year of the first...

Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare: Science and Practice

by Joy Mench

Advances in Agricultural Animal Welfare fully explores developments in the key areas of agricultural animal welfare assessment and improvement. Analyzing current topical issues, as well as reviewing the historical...


by William H. Pettit

This pamphlet is an appeal to reason and common sense.

It is not written specially for scientific experts and hence technical terms have been as far as possible avoided. The student or scientist who desires a...

An Introduction to the Gas Phase

by Claire Vallance

An Introduction to the Gas Phase is adapted from a set of lecture notes for a core first year lecture course in physical chemistry taught at the University of Oxford. The book is intended to give a relatively...

Electromagnetic Waves and Lasers

by Wayne D. Kimura

This book reviews basic electromagnetic (EM) wave theory and applies it specifically to lasers in order to give the reader not only tangible examples of how the theory is manifested in real life, but also practical...

Origins of Life

by Douglas Whittet

Origins of Life: A Cosmic Perspective presents an overview of the concepts, methods, and theories of astrobiology and origins of life research while presenting a summary of the latest findings. The book provides...

Moving Heaven and Earth (Icon Science)

by John Henry

Copernicus sowed the seed from which science has grown to be a dominant aspect of modern culture, fundamental in shaping our understanding of the workings of the cosmos. John Henry reveals why Copernicus was...

Hydrothermal Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Low-Carbon Fuels

by Fangming Jin

The book covers advances in hydrothermal reduction of CO2 into low-carbon fuels. It offers perspectives from chemical engineering, environmental chemicals, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry,...

Following Fifi: My Adventures Among Wild Chimpanzees: Lessons from our Closest Relatives

by John Crocker & Jane Goodall

An exhilarating quest into a remote African forest to examine chimpanzees and understand the roots of human behavior.

As a young student, John Crocker embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, spending eight...

Exact Thinking in Demented Times: The Vienna Circle and the Epic Quest for the Foundations of Science

by Karl Sigmund & Douglas Hofstadter

A dazzling group biography of the early twentieth-century thinkers who transformed the way the world thought about math and science

Inspired by Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and Bertrand Russell and...

Sibling Action

by Stefani Engelstein

Beginning in the late eighteenth century, Europeans embarked on a new way of classifying the world, devising genealogies that determined degrees of relatedness by tracing heritage through common ancestry. This...

The Social Origins of Language

by Dorothy L. Cheney, Robert M. Seyfarth & Michael L. Platt

How human language evolved from the need for social communication

The origins of human language remain hotly debated. Despite growing appreciation of cognitive and neural continuity between humans and other animals,...

Recommended Practice for Corrosion Management of Pipelines in Oil & Gas Production and Transportation

by Bijan Kermani

"First Published in 2017. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company."



Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Ayd?n University has started to publish an international journal on Electronics, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, denoted as “International Journal of Electronics, Mechanical...

Life and Habit

by Samuel Butler

One more point deserves notice. Butler often refers in “Life and Habit” to Darwin’s “Variations of Animals and Plants under Domestication.” When he does so it is always under the name “Plants and...

Applied Functional Analysis, Third Edition

by J. Tinsley Oden & Leszek Demkowicz

Applied Functional Analysis, Third Edition provides a solid mathematical foundation for the subject. It motivates students to study functional analysis by providing many contemporary applications and examples...

Bioreactors: Animal Cell Culture Control for Bioprocess Engineering

by Goutam Saha, Alok Barua & Satyabroto Sinha

Bioreactors: Animal Cell Culture Control for Bioprocess Engineering presents the design, fabrication, and control of a new type of bioreactor meant especially for animal cell line culture. The new bioreactor,...

Ralph Ellison, Temporal Technologist

by Michael Germana

Ralph Ellison, Temporal Technologist examines Ralph Ellison's body of work as an extended and ever-evolving expression of the author's philosophy of temporality-a philosophy synthesized from the writings of...