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The Mechanism and Psychology of Voice

by Frank E. Miller & Charles E. Blanchard

Man possesses language, and makes large use of it, while, on the other hand, not even the most intelligent animals have the power of designating objects, or of translating sensations into articulate speech....

The Relation of Music to Mental Progress

by Stephen A. Pearce

This book treats of the relation of music to the mental progress.The music of a people may be considered in direct relation to their supersensuous natures. From this point of view alone, strongly marked differences...

The Origin of Fruits and Cultivated Plants

by Alphonse P. de Candolle & C. Grant Allen

The Origin of Fruits and Cultivated Plants.

"To the attractive hues of fruit, I believe, we must ultimately trace back our whole artistic pleasure in the pure physical stimulation of beautiful colors, displayed...

The Astronomical History of the World

by Daniel Vaughan

The information which geologists derive from the evidences of organic remains does not wholly satisfy the keen appetite of educated minds for a knowledge of the mysteries of Nature and the revolutions of past...

The Influence of Inventions Upon Civilization

by Chauncey Smith

This book treats of the Influence of Inventions upon Civilization.

The Evolution of the Human Form

by Charles Morris

This book deals with the evolution of human and organic forms.

“That men, or thinking beings akin to man, exist only on that minute fragment of the universe we call the earth is a conception so highly improbable,...

Geographical Evolution

by Archibald Geikie

It must be owned that man, in most of his struggles with the world around him, has fought blindly for his own ultimate interests. His contest, successful for the moment, has too often led to sure and sad disaster....

Genius and his Environment

by James Mark Baldwin

“Psychological science has reached a sort of understanding in these recent years of the individual and of the social setting in which he customarily disports himself; and the duty now devolves upon it of...

Evolution and the Distribution of Animals

by David Starr Jordan

This book treats of the Evolution and the Distribution of Animals

“No one with good eyes and brains behind them has ever looked forth on the varied life of the world—on forest or field or brook or sea—without...

How Standard Time is Obtained

by Theodore B. Wilson

This book deals with how the Standard or Universal time is obtained; and What is the Accurate Measurement of Time.

" Almost everybody knows that observatories are the places from which standard time is sent...

Black Software

by Charlton D. McIlwain

Activists, pundits, politicians, and the press frequently proclaim today's digitally mediated racial justice activism the new civil rights movement. As Charlton D. McIlwain shows in this book, the story of racial...

A Short Philosophy of Birds

by Philippe J. Dubois & Elise Rousseau

A French ornithologist and philosopher teach us to pause, look to the sky, and reconnect with the natural world, in twenty-two short lessons inspired by the secret lives of birds.

There is a lot we can learn...

The First Man-Carrying Aeroplane Capable of Sustained Free Flight

by Albert Francis Zahm

Such a mischance, happening now, would be viewed as a passing accident; however around then it appeared to the vast majority to show the purposelessness of all flying examinations. The press overpowered the...

The Andre Norton Collection

by André Norton & Steppenwolf Press

Andre Norton was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy and the first woman to be SFWA Grand Master. There isn't really anything else that needs to be said...

The Andre Norton Collection brings...

Ladder Logic Programming Fundamentals 2019

by A. J. Wright

This book, "Ladder Logic Programming Fundamentals 2019" is the second edition of the book and is updated. It teaches you step by step the fundamentals of ladder logic diagrams, their basics and variables, including...


by Andrew May

Are we alone in the Universe, or are there as many planets supporting life as there are stars in the sky?

It’s one of the most important and fascinating questions human beings can ponder, and astrobiology is...

A Brief History of Early Horticulture in Oregon

by James Robert Cardwell

-The first settlers found here in the indigenous fruits, a promise of the abundant yield of the cultivated varieties which they were not long in introducing with most gratifying results.- The introduction of...

Ecological Footprint

by Mathis Wackernagel, Bert Beyers & Katharina Rout

Resource accounting is essential to avoid ecological bankruptcy – here’s why and how

Our economy is running a Bernie Madoff-style Ponzi scheme with the planet. We use future resources to run the present,...

The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine

by Basil Valentine & Johann Thölde

One of the most well known books on alchemy, The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine,  is a allegorically encrypted set of instructions on how to create the philosopher's stone, a legendary substance that can turn...

Electronic Systems

by Franco Zappa

The book deepens the understanding of important concepts and elements necessary to properly design an electronic system by exploiting analog, mixed-signal and digital components. The book provides tools to analyze...