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The Complete Collection of Charles Darwin

by Charles Darwin

23 Complete Works of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin His Life in an Autobiographical Chapter, and in a Selected Series of His Published Letters

Coral Reefs

Geological Observations on South America

Insectivorous Plants...

The Best Collection of Albert Einstein

by Albert Einstein

The Best Works of Albert Einstein


Relativity - The Special and General Theory

Sidelights on Relativity


The Best Collection of Alfred Russell Wallace

by Alfred Russell Wallace

The Best Works of Alfred Russell Wallace

Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection

Is Mars Habitable

Island Life

Little Masterpieces of Science

The Malay Archipelago

The Malay Archipelago Vol II

Panda Nation

by E. Elena Songster

A logo on products ranging from chopsticks and toilet paper to cell phones and automobiles, the panda is one of the most ubiquitous images in China and throughout the world. Yet the panda holds little notable...

Signatures of the Artist

by Steven E. Vigdor

How does the scientific enterprise really work to illuminate the origins of life and the universe itself? The quest to understand our universe, how it may have originated and evolved, and especially the conditions...

Medical Nihilism

by Jacob Stegenga

This book argues that if we consider the ubiquity of small effect sizes in medicine, the extent of misleading evidence in medical research, the thin theoretical basis of many interventions, and the malleability...

The Birds at My Table

by Darryl Jones

Darryl Jones is fascinated by bird feeders. Not the containers supplying food to our winged friends, but the people who fill the containers.

Why do people do this? Jones asks in The Birds at My Table. Does the...

Far from Land

by Michael Brooke & Bruce Pearson

Seabirds evoke the spirit of the earth's wildest places. They spend large portions of their lives at sea, often far from land, and nest on beautiful and remote islands that humans rarely visit. Thanks to the...

The Fevers of Reason

by Gerald Weissmann

“Oliver Sacks, Richard Selzer, Lewis Thomas . . . Weissmann is in this noble tradition.” —Los Angeles Times

“[Weissmann] is a man of wide culture, a captivating and graceful writer.” —New Yorker


Tomorrow's Table

by Pamela C. Ronald & Raoul W. Adamchak

"Tomorrow's Table" argues that a judicious blend of two important strands of agriculture--genetic engineering and organic farming--is key to helping feed the world's growing population in an ecologically balanced...

Oxford Handbook of Evolution, Biology, and Society

by Dr. Rosemary Hopcroft

Evolution, biology, and society is a catch-all phrase encompassing any scholarly work that utilizes evolutionary theory and/or biological or behavioral genetic methods in the study of the human social group,...


by Jillian Scudder

In this enthralling cosmic journey through space and time, astrophysicist Jillian Scudder locates our home planet within its own ‘family tree’. Our parent the Earth and its sibling planets in our solar system...

Human and Machine Consciousness

by David Gamez

Consciousness is widely perceived as one of the most fundamental, interesting and difficult problems of our time. However, we still know next to nothing about the relationship between consciousness and the brain...

Privileged Structures in Drug Discovery

by Larry Yet

A comprehensive guide to privileged structures and their application in the discovery of new drugs 

The use of privileged structures is a viable strategy in the discovery of new medicines at the lead optimization...

Thinking Through Breast Cancer

by Mary Ann G. Cutter

Anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer recognizes that cancer raises a host of questions concerning its nature and how we treat it. Such questions...

Our Angry Earth

by Isaac Asimov & Frederik Pohl

“A lucid overview of [environmental] problems and a compelling call to action.” Publishers Weekly

From two of science fiction’s most celebrated and brilliant minds—Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl—comes...

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) for Metals

by Mark F. Horstemeyer

Focuses entirely on demystifying the field and subject of ICME and provides step-by-step guidance on its industrial application via case studies 

This highly-anticipated follow-up to Mark F. Horstemeyer’s...

Laboratory handbook

by Ivan Scamorza

this book is useful for students that study chemistry and contains several analyses to do on water, drinkable or surface one to better understand what's in it.

Inhospitable World

by Jennifer Fay

In recent years, environmental and human rights advocates have suggested that we have entered the first new geological epoch since the end of the ice age: the Anthropocene. In this new epoch, humans have come...

Vineyards, Rocks, and Soils

by Alex Maltman

Jurassic, basalt, moraine, flint, alluvial, magma: what are these words and what do they have to do with wine? The answers are here in this book. They are geological terms that reflect a bond between wine and...