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Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices and Tools

by Roey Izhaki

Your mix can make or break a record, and mixing is an essential catalyst for a record deal. Professional engineers with exceptional mixing skills can earn vast amounts of money and find that they are in demand...

Record Label Marketing

by Tom Hutchison, Paul Allen & Amy Macy

Record Label Marketing offers a comprehensive look at the inner workings of record labels, showing how the record labels connect commercial music with consumers. In the current climate of selling music through...

Design for Diversity

by Emily Talen

The city is more than just a sum of its buildings; it is the sum of its communities. The most successful urban communities are very often those that are the most diverse - in terms of income, age, family structure...

Marketing Green Building Services

by Jerry Yudelson

Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success presents all the information key decision-makers need to respond to the fast-growing market for green buildings, design and construction services and...

Maternitites, Gender, Bodies and Spaces: Gender, Bodies and Space

by Robyn Longhurst

Over the past decade geographers have shown a growing interest in 'the body' as an important co-ordinate of subjectivity and as a way of understanding further relationships between people, place and space....

English Regional Planning 2000-2010: Lessons for the Future

by Corinne Swain, Tim Marshall & Tony Baden

Regional and strategic planning aims to give coherence to the ways in which towns and the countryside change over the medium and longer term. It recognises that such change needs to be considered across reasonably...

Measuring Wellbeing: Towards Sustainability?

by Karen Scott

This book offers new insights into the relationship between wellbeing and sustainable development through a focus on local indicators

Advanced Motorsport Engineering

by Andrew Livesey

For Level 3 IMI, EAL and BTEC sourse structures

Energy Efficiency in Housing Management: Policies and Practice in Eleven Countries

by Nico Nieboer, Sasha Tsenkova & Vincent Gruis

The embedding of energy efficiency in the management of individual housing organisations is crucial for the realization of current ambitious energy efficiency policies. This issue is examined for the first time...

Structural Design in Building Conservation

by Dimitris Theodossopoulos

No building is properly conserved if it is not structurally sound. Consequently architects, engineers and conservation officers need an adequate grounding in the technology, the materials and the historic origins...

Sustainable Landscape Planning: The Reconnection Agenda

by Paul Selman

This book takes as its starting point the need to examine critically the case for landscape reconnection. It looks at alleged disconnections and their supposed consequences. It explores the arguments about reconnecting...

An Objective Theory of Probability (Routledge Revivals)

by Donald Gillies

This reissue of D. A. Gillies highly influential work, first published in 1973, is a philosophical theory of probability which seeks to develop von Mises' views on the subject. In agreement with von Mises, the...

Introduction to Geopolitics

by Colin Flint

This clear and concise introduction to the field of geopolitics highlights how geographic factors are important in determining whether tensions become conflicts, and whether or not resolutions are just and long-lasting....

To Design Landscape: Art, Nature & Utility

by Catherine Dee

To Design Landscape sets out a distinctively practical philosophy of design, in accessible format. Based on the notion that landscape design is a form-based craft addressing environmental processes and utility,...

Carbon Management in the Built Environment

by Rohinton Emmanuel & Keith Baker

Three broad sectors of the economy are generally recognized as key to a low carbon future: energy, construction and transportation. Of these, carbon management in the built environment remains the least well-studied....

The Pesticide Detox: Towards a More Sustainable Agriculture

by Jules Pretty

Since the 1960s, the world's population has more than doubled and agricultural production per person has increased by a third. Yet this growth in production has masked enormous hidden costs arising from widespread...

Collaborative Governance of Tropical Landscapes

by Carol Jean Pierce Jean Pierce Colfer

This book provides a novel approach to governance relating to biodiversity and human well-being in complex tropical landscapes, including forests and protected areas. It focuses attention at the interface between...

Food Security and Global Environmental Change

by John Ingram, Polly Ericksen & Diana Liverman

First Published in 2010. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Solar Home Design Manual for Cool Climates

by Shawna Henderson & Don Roscoe

If you want an inexpensive, environmentally sound source of energy for your home, you need look no further than the sun. Solar heat is not subject to rate increases, is totally renewable, pollution free and...

The Rice Crisis: "Markets, Policies and Food Security"

by David Dawe

The recent escalation of world food prices - particularly for cereals - prompted mass public indignation and demonstrations in many countries, from the price of tortilla flour in Mexico to that of rice in the...