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Introduction to Physical Polymer Science

by L. H. Sperling

An Updated Edition of the Classic Text

Polymers constitute the basis for the plastics, rubber, adhesives,fiber, and coating industries. The Fourth Edition of Introductionto Physical Polymer Science acknowledges...

Connections Management Strategies in Satellite Cellular Networks

by Malek Benslama, Wassila Kiamouche & Hadj Batatia

This book provides a novel method based on advantages ofmobility model of Low Earth Orbit Mobile Satellite System LEO MSSwhich allows the evaluation of instant of subsequent handover of aMS even if its location...

Ceramic Materials for Energy Applications IV: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 35 Issue 7

by Hua-Tay Lin, Yutai Katoh & Josef Matyas

A collection of 14 papers from The American Ceramic Society’s 38th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 26-31, 2014. This issue includes papers...

Digital Signal and Image Processing using MATLAB, Volume 2: Advances and Applications: The Deterministic Case

by Gérard Blanchet & Maurice Charbit

The most important theoretical aspects of Image and SignalProcessing (ISP) for both deterministic and random signals, thetheory being supported by exercises and computer simulationsrelating to real applications....

Fluid Dynamics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

by M. Z. Rachinsky & V. Y. Kerimov

Whether as a textbook for the petroleum engineering student or areference for the veteran engineer working in the field, this newvolume is a valuable asset in the engineer’s library for new,tested methods...

Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis

by James G. Speight

Introduces the reader to the production of the products in arefinery

• Introduces the reader to the types of test methodsapplied to petroleum products, including the need forspecifications

• Provides detailed...

Guidelines for Initiating Events and Independent Protection Layers in Layer of Protection Analysis

by Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS

The book is a guide for Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)practitioners.   It explains the onion skin modeland in particular, how it relates to the use of LOPA and the needfor non-safety instrumented independent...

Electrochemical Power Sources: Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Supercapacitors

by Vladimir S. Bagotsky, Alexander M. Skundin & Yurij M. Volfkovich

Electrochemical Power Sources (EPS) provides in a concise way theoperational features, major types, and applications of batteries,fuel cells, and supercapacitors

• Details the design, operational features,...

Nanotechnology for Biomedical Imaging and Diagnostics: From Nanoparticle Design to Clinical Applications

by Mikhail Y. Berezin

Nanotechnology for Biomedical Imaging and Diagnostics: FromNanoparticle Design to Clinical Applications reflects upon theincreasing role of nanomaterials in biological and medical imaging,presenting a thorough...

Polymers in Regenerative Medicine: Biomedical Applications from Nano- to Macro-Structures

by Manuel Monleon Pradas & Maria J. Vicent

Biomedical applications of Polymers from Scaffolds toNanostructures

The ability of polymers to span wide ranges of mechanicalproperties and morph into desired shapes makes them useful for avariety of applications,...

Popular Science: The Big Book of Hacks: 264 Amazing DIY Tech Projects

by Doug Cantor

The ingenious and hilarious projects in The Big Book of Hacks are perfect for aspiring makers. And it's all brought to you by the DIY masters at Popular Science magazine. GEEK TOYS Be the life of any party with...

Seed Libraries: And Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People

by Cindy Conner

Community-based initiatives to preserve and protect our food supply

Citizen Planners: Shaping Communities with Spatial Tools

by Bernard J. Jr. Niemann, D. David Moyer & Stephen J. Ventura

Citizens want a say in what their communities look like, where development makes sense, and how natural assets can be protected. By applying geospatial technology and collaborating with planning professionals,...

Knowing Nature in Early Modern Europe

by David Beck

Today we are used to clear divisions between science and the arts. But early modern thinkers had no such distinctions, with 'knowledge' being a truly interdisciplinary pursuit. Each chapter of this collection...

Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations: An Introduction

by Daniel J. Arrigo

A self-contained introduction to the methods and techniques of symmetry analysis used to solve ODEs and PDEs

Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations: An Introduction presents an accessible approach to the...

Advanced Processing and Manufacturing Technologies for Nanostructured and Multifunctional Materials: CESP Volume 35 Issue 6

by Tatsuki Ohji, Mrityunjay Singh & Sanjay Mathur

Over 170 contributions (invited talks, oral presentations, and posters) were presented by participants from universities, research institutions, and industry, which offered interdisciplinary discussions indicating...

Fundamental Aspects of Operational Risk and Insurance Analytics: A Handbook of Operational Risk

by Marcelo G. Cruz, Gareth W. Peters & Pavel V. Shevchenko

A one-stop guide for the theories, applications, andstatistical methodologies essential to operational risk

Providing a complete overview of operational risk modeling andrelevant insurance analytics, Fundamental...

The Fundamentals of Interior Design

by Simon Dodsworth & Stephen Anderson

The second edition of The Fundamentals of Interior Design provides a thorough introduction to the key elements of interior design and the ideas that underpin them. The book describes the entirety of the creative...

Representational Techniques for Architecture

by Lorraine Farrelly & Nicola Crowson

The techniques used to represent architectural design are examined in Representational Techniques for Architecture. A broad array of methodologies for developing architectural ideas are described, ranging from...

Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind

by David J. Linden

The New York Times bestselling author examines how our sense of touch and emotion are interconnected

Johns Hopkins neuroscientist and bestselling author of The Compass of Pleasure, David J. Linden presents an...