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Using the Project Management Maturity Model: Strategic Planning for Project Management

by Harold Kerzner

Updated for today's businesses-a proven model FOR assessment and ongoing improvement

Using the Project Management Maturity Model, Second Edition is the updated edition of Harold Kerzner's renowned book covering...

What Functional Managers Need to Know about Project Management

by Harold Kerzner & Frank P. Saladis

Discover how functional managers can apply the Kerzner Approach to project management

As a functional manager today, you need to become more involved in project management. That doesn't mean you need to become...

What Executives Need to Know about Project Management

by Harold Kerzner & Frank P. Saladis

Discover how executives can apply the Kerzner Approach® to improve project management

As an executive today, you need to become more involved in project management. That doesn't mean you need to become a project...

International Project Management: Leadership in Complex Environments

by Thomas W. Grisham

The theory, practice, and example projects of international project management

A Singaporean corporation builds a manufacturing facility in Cambodia, with a Chinese partner, a Cambodian government agency, and...

5 Steps to a 5 500 AP Chemistry Questions to Know by Test Day

by Mina Lebitz & Thomas A. editor - Evangelist

Organized for easy reference and crucial practice, coverage of all the essential topics presented as 500 AP-style questions with detailed answer explanations

5 Steps to a 5: 500 AP Chemistry Questions to Know...

Handbook of Instrumentation and Techniques for Semiconductor Nanostructure Characterization: (In 2 Volumes)


"... These volumes provide the very latest in this critical technology and are an invaluable resource for scientists in both academia and industry concerned with the semiconductor future and all of science."...

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries: Materials, Technology, and New Applications

by Kazunori Ozawa

Starting out with an introduction to the fundamentals of lithium ion batteries, this book begins by describing in detail the new materials for all four major uses as cathodes, anodes, separators, and electrolytes....

Organoselenium Chemistry: Synthesis and Reactions

by Thomas Wirth

Selenium-based methods in synthetic chemistry have developed rapidly over the past years and are now offering highly useful tools for organic synthesis. Filling the gap for a comprehensive handbook and ready...

Porous Silicon in Practice: Preparation, Characterization and Applications

by M. J. J. Sailor

By means of electrochemical treatment, crystalline silicon can be permeated with tiny, nanostructured pores that entirely change the characteristics and properties of the material. One prominent example of this...

Genome Organization And Function In The Cell Nucleus

by Karsten Rippe

By way of its clear and logical structure, as well as abundant highresolution illustrations, this is a systematic survey of the players and pathways that control genome function in the mammalian cell nucleus....

Scanning Probe Microscopy of Soft Matter: Fundamentals and Practices

by Vladimir V. V. Tsukruk & Srikanth Singamaneni

Well-structured and adopting a pedagogical approach, this self-contained monograph covers the fundamentals of scanning probe microscopy,

showing how to use the techniques for investigating physical and chemical...

Transport and Mixing in Laminar Flows: From Microfluidics to Oceanic Currents

by Roman Grigoriev & Heinz Georg Georg Schuster

This book provides readers from academia and industry with an up-to-date overview of important advances in the field, dealing with such fundamental fluid mechanics problems as nonlinear transport phenomena and...

Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astronomy: An Introduction to Theory, Experiment and Data Analysis

by Jolien D. E. D. E. Creighton & Warren G. G. Anderson

This most up-to-date, one-stop reference combines coverage of both theory and observational techniques, with introductory sections to bring all readers up to the same level. Written by outstanding researchers...

Design Innovation for the Built Environment

by Michael U. Hensel

Today architecture and other fields in the built environment face the steep task of answering complex questions pertaining to sustainability, performance, and adaptability.

  • How are these disciplines to accomplish...

Strategic Lean Mapping

by Steve Borris

Proven methods for diagnosing problems, improving processes, and increasing profits

In Strategic Lean Mapping, continuous improvement expert Steven Borris reveals how to visually document your organization's...

Recommendations of the Committee for Waterfront Structures: Harbours and Waterways (EAU 2004)

by John Wiley

Since 1949 the "Committee for Waterfront Structures" has operated on honorary base as a committee of the Society for Harbour Engineering (HTG), Hamburg, and since 1951 also as working group of the German Society...

Recommendations for Design and Analysis of Earth Structures using Geosynthetic Reinforcements - EBGEO

by Alan Johnson & John Wiley

The completely revised and extended Recommendations deal with all questions relevant to the planning and dimensioning of geosynthetics-reinforced earth structures. In addition to the demands on materials and...

Hardrock Tunnel Boring Machines

by Bernhard Maidl, Leonhard Schmid & Willy Ritz

This book covers the fundamentals of tunneling machine technology: drilling, tunneling, waste removal and securing. It treats methods of rock classification for the machinery concerned as well as legal issues,...

The History of the Theory of Structures: From Arch Analysis to Computational Mechanics

by Karl-Eugen Kurrer

This book traces the evolution of theory of structures and strength of materials - the development of the geometrical thinking of the Renaissance to become the fundamental engineering science discipline rooted...

Building Physics -- Heat, Air and Moisture: Fundamentals and Engineering Methods with Examples and Exercises

by Hugo S. L. C. Hens

Bad experiences with construction quality, the energy crises of 1973 and 1979, complaints about 'sick buildings', thermal, acoustical, visual and olfactory discomfort, the move towards more sustainability, have...