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Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective: Volume 2: Photographs and Multimedia Tours

by Glenn B. Stracher, Anupma Prakash & Ellina V. Sokol

Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective is a compelling collection of research conducted by scientists and engineers around the world. It presents the scientific and industrial communities as well as the interested...

Renewable Energy: Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Energy Change

by William D. Brewer, Thomas B?hrke & Roland Wengenmayr

In the years since the publication of the first edition of this book, the world has undergone drastic changes in terms of energy sources. This is reflected in the expansion of this second edition from 20 to...

Analog Circuit Design Volume 2: Immersion in the Black Art of Analog Design

by Bob Dobkin & Jim Williams

Analog circuit and system design today is more essential than ever before. With the growth of digital systems, wireless communications, complex industrial and automotive systems, designers are being challenged...

Encyclopedia of the Alkaline Earth Compounds

by Richard C. Ropp

Encyclopedia of the Alkaline Earth Compounds is a compilation describing the physical and chemical properties of all of the alkaline earth compounds that have been elucidated to date in the scientific literature....

Proteomic Profiling and Analytical Chemistry: The Crossroads

by Pawel Ciborowski & Jerzy Silberring

Proteomic Profiling and Analytical Chemistry helps scientists without a strong background in analytical chemistry to understand basic analytical principles and apply them to proteomics profiling. In most proteomic...

Matlab by Example: Programming Basics

by Munther Gdeisat & Francis Lilley

MATLAB By Example guides the reader through each step of writing MATLAB programs. The book assumes no previous programming experience on the part of the reader, and uses multiple examples in clear language to...

Op Amps for Everyone

by Bruce Carter

Op Amps for Everyone is an indispensable guide and reference for designing circuits that are reliable, have low power consumption, and are as small and low-cost as possible. Operational amplifiers are essential...

Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula

by Sung Kwun Chough

Written by one of Korea's most respected earth scientists, Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula analyzes sedimentary facies, basin evolution, and sequence stratigraphy to provide answers to depositional...

Mineral Exploration: Principles and Applications

by S. K. Haldar

Globally, mineral exploration has grown significantly in recent years, driven by the rapid acceleration in prices for gold and diamonds since 2004 and the emergence of a middle class in both China and India-aggressively...

Regional Geology and Tectonics: Three-Volume Set

by David G. Roberts & A.W. Bally

Volume 1A: Principles of Geologic Analysis A "how-to" primer describes the basic concepts petroleum geologists and students need to understand hydrocarbon exploration in a broad range of geological settings...

Practical Approaches to Biological Inorganic Chemistry

by Ricardo Louro & Robert Crichton

The book reviews the use of spectroscopic and related methods to investigate the complex structures and mechanisms of biological inorganic systems that contain metals. Each chapter presents an overview of the...

Ostracoda as Proxies for Quaternary Climate Change

by David Horne, Jonathan Holmes & Finn Viehberg

Ostracod crustaceans, common microfossils in marine and freshwater sedimentary records, supply evidence of past climatic conditions via indicator species, transfer function and mutual climatic range approaches...

Liquid Glass Transition: A Unified Theory From the Two Band Model

by Toyoyuki Kitamura

A glass is disordered material like a viscous liquid and behaves mechanically like a solid. A glass is normally formed by supercooling the viscous liquid fast enough to avoid crystallization, and the liquid-glass...

Embedded Systems Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers

by Tammy Noergaard

"This book fills a void. Most books address only portions of the embedded problem. As the title indicates, this one is uniquely comprehensive. I consider it a must-read"

--Review of the 1st Edition. Jack Ganssle,...

Dynamic Well Testing in Petroleum Exploration and Development

by HuiNong Zhuang

Data accumulation, analysis, and interpretation technology are critical in hydrocarbon exploration and extraction to maximize petroleum recovery and development. Dynamic Well Testing in Petroleum Exploration...

Basin Evolution and Petroleum Prospectivity of the Continental Margins of India

by Rabi Bastia & M. Radhakrishna

During the past 10 years, the Oil industry in India has seen a tremendous rise in exploration activity with several major E&P companies generating vast amount of new geological and geophysical data. The availability...

Underneath the Bragg Peaks: Structural Analysis of Complex Materials

by Takeshi Egami & Simon J.L. Billinge

This book focuses on the structural determination of crystalline solids with extensive disorder. Well-established methods exist for characterizing the structure of fully crystalline solids or fully disordered...

Bioscience and Bioengineering of Titanium Materials

by Yoshiki Oshida

The second edition of Bioscience and Bioengineering of Titanium Materials is an essential resource for anyone researching titanium in its fundamental aspects and in medical/dental applications. The book organizes...

Metaheuristics in Water, Geotechnical and Transport Engineering

by Siamak Talatahari, Xin-She Yang & Amir Hossein Gandomi

Due to an ever-decreasing supply in raw materials and stringent constraints on conventional energy sources, demand for lightweight, efficient and low cost structures has become crucially important in modern...

READy: Renewable Energy Action on Deployment: policies for accelerated deployment of renewable energy

by IEA-RETD, Rolf de Vos & Janet Sawin

Are you developing strategies for a future sustainable energy supply? Are you designing policies to deploy renewable energy technologies in your country? Are you looking for new tools and measures to make your...