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Fourier Series and Orthogonal Functions

by Harry F. Davis

An incisive text combining theory and practical example to introduce Fourier series, orthogonal functions and applications of the Fourier method to boundary-value problems. Includes 570 exercises. Answers and...

Applied Multivariate Analysis: Using Bayesian and Frequentist Methods of Inference, Second Edition

by S. James Press

This two-part treatment deals with foundations as well as models and applications. Topics include continuous multivariate distributions; regression and analysis of variance; factor analysis and latent structure...

Irrefutable Evidence: A History of Forensic Science

by Michael Kurland

The rise of scientific thinking in finding, catching, and convicting criminals-and, just as important, freeing the innocent-has transformed society's assault on crime. Before scientific detective work, early...

Visuality/Materiality: Images, Objects and Practices

by Gillian Rose & Divya P. Tolia-Kelly

Two of the key theoretical shifts over the past two decades of critical work have been the 'visual turn' and the 'material turn'. This collection argues that these hitherto distinct fields should be understood...

Smart Methods for Environmental Externalities: Urban Planning, Environmental Health and Hygiene in the Netherlands

by Gert de Roo & Jelger Visser

This book discusses the innovative research instruments developed and employed in the Netherlands, examining their strengths and weaknesses and comparing them with classic environmental planning policy methods....

Material Geographies of Household Sustainability

by Ruth Lane & Andrew Gorman-Murray

Charting new research directions, this book constructs a series of imperatives for linking culturally informed research around household sustainability with policy and planning. The household, or 'home', is...

Embodied Food Politics

by Michael S. Carolan

Drawing on a variety of case studies, this book explores the interrelationship between physical connections to and knowledge of food. This book inserts into the food literature living, feeling, sensing bodies...

Ecotourism and Environmental Sustainability: Principles and Practice

by Jennifer Hill & Tim Gale

Drawing on a diverse series of international case studies this book offers conceptual and practical insights into the complex interactions between ecotourism and the natural environment. The result is a critical...

Social Innovation and Territorial Development

by Diana MacCallum & Frank Moulaert

This volume presents a broad-ranging and insightful exploration of social innovation and how it can affect life, society and economy, especially within local communities. It addresses key questions about the...

Valuing Historic Environments

by Lisanne Gibson & John Pendlebury

This volume brings together an interdisciplinary team of leading scholars to discuss frameworks of value in relation to the preservation of historic environments. It critically analyses the various conceptions...

Sustainable Land Management in the Tropics: Explaining the Miracle

by Kees Burger & Fred Zaal

Bringing together case studies from Kenya, Benin, Cameroon and the Philippines, this volume provides a multidisciplinary overview of the economics of natural resource management in Tropical regions, at household...

Augmented Urban Spaces: Articulating the Physical and Electronic City

by Alessandro Aurigi & Fiorella De Cindio

This book explores the intersection and articulation of physical and digital environments and the ways they can extend and reshape a spirit of place, while considering the problems posed and opportunities that...

Environment and Society: Sustainability, Policy and the Citizen

by Stewart Barr

Environment and Society examines the complex relationships between humans and nature from a new perspective, incorporating recent moves to situate sustainable development within a household and individual context....

Geographies of Australian Heritages: Loving a Sunburnt Country?

by Roy Jones & Brian J. Shaw

In any settler and/or postcolonial society, heritage is a complex and contested topic. In Australia's case, this is compounded by the country's unique characteristics. Geographies of Australian Heritages brings...

Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Integrated Water Management

by Jeroen Warner

As they provide a negotiating space for a diversity of interests, Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) are an increasingly popular mode of involving civil society in resource management decisions. Illustrated...

Emotional Geographies

by Joyce Davidson & Mick Smith

Bringing together well-established interdisciplinary scholars and a new generation of researchers, this volume presents a wide range of innovative studies of fundamentally important questions of emotion. The...

Designing Sustainable Cities in the Developing World

by Roger Zetter & Georgia Butina Watson

Roger Zetter and Georgia Butina Watson have produced a fascinating book that explores the concept of urban sustainability within the context of urban design in the developing world. Using a wealth of examples...

Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture

by Robert Bruce Thompson & Barbara Fritchman Thompson

Have you ever wondered whether the forensic science you’ve seen on TV is anything like the real thing? There’s no better way to find out than to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. This full-color book...

Fundamentals of Ionized Gases: Basic Topics in Plasma Physics

by Boris M. Smirnov

A comprehensive and readily accessible work for studying the physics of ionized gases, based on "Physics of Ionized Gases".

The focus remains on fundamentals rather than on the details required for interesting...

High-Intensity X-Rays - Interaction with Matter: Processes in Plasmas, Clusters, Molecules and Solids

by Stefan P. Hau-Riege

Filling the need for a book bridging the effect of matter on X-ray radiation and the interaction of x-rays with plasmas, this monograph provides comprehensive coverage of the topic. As such, it presents and...