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Applied Hydroaeromechanics in Oil and Gas Drilling

by Eugeniy G. Leonov & Valeriy I. Isaev

Hydromechanical processes underlie the majority of technology operations in drilling, and present a crucial concern as the pace and depth of drilling increases in today’s energy-hungry world. Applied Hydroaeromechanics...

Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions

by Darlene Southworth

Plants interact with a wide variety of organisms in their natural growing environments. Key amongst these relationships is the interplay between plants and diverse fungal species that impact plants in complex...

Handbook of Sustainability for the Food Sciences

by Rubén O. Morawicki

Many books on sustainability have been written in the last decade, most of them dealing with agricultural systems, communities, and general business practices. In contrast, Handbook of Sustainability for the...

Polymers for Electricity and Electronics: Materials, Properties, and Applications

by Jiri George Drobny

The comprehensive, practical book that explores the principles, properties, and applications of electrical polymers

The electrical properties of polymers present almost limitless possibilities for industrial...

Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Process and Energy Systems

by F. Carl Knopf

Energy costs impact the profitability of virtually all industrial processes. Stressing how plants use power, and how that power is actually generated, this book provides a clear and simple way to understand...

Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy, Instrumentation, Methodologies, and Theoretical Simulations

by Nina Berova, Robert W. Woody & Prasad Polavarapu

This book provides an introduction to the important methods of chiroptical spectroscopy in general, and circular dichroism (CD) in particular, which are increasingly important in all areas of chemistry, biochemistry,...

Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence

by Andrew Juniper

Developed out of the aesthetic philosophy of cha-no-yu (the tea ceremony) in fifteenth-century Japan, wabi sabi is an aesthetic that finds beauty in things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Taken from...

Easy Mathematics Step-by-Step

by Sandra Luna McCune & William D. Clark

Take it step-by-step for math success!

The quickest route to learning a subject is through a solid grounding in the basics. So what you won't find in Easy Mathematics Step-by-Step is a lot of endless drills....

Patents: Ingenious Inventions How They Work and How They Came to Be

by Ben Ikenson

Patents is covered in bubble wrap, one of man's more ingenious creations. It includes dozens of notable patents, from the airplane, brassiere, chain saw, and fire hydrant to the Internet, parachute, plunger,...

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

by Stefan Fr?nzle, Bernd Markert & Simone W?nschmann

Building on the first principles of environmental chemistry, engineering, and ecology, this volume fills the need for an advanced textbook introducing the modern, integrated environmental management approach,...

Arduino Cookbook

by Michael Margolis

Want to create devices that interact with the physical world? This cookbook is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with the popular Arduino microcontroller and programming environment. You’ll find more...

Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

by Annie Pearce, Yong Han Ahn & Ltd, Ltd HanmiGlobal Co

Construction is one of the biggest industries in the world, providing necessary facilities for human prosperity ranging from the homes in which we live to the highways we drive, the power plants that provide...

This Is Your Brain On Sex: The Science Behind the Search for Love

by Kayt Sukel

Previously published as Dirty Minds: How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex, and Relationships.

PHILOSOPHERS, THEOLOGIANS, ARTISTS, AND BOY BANDS HAVE WAXED poetic for centuries about the nature of love. But what...

Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Neuropsychiatry, Brain & Mind: Primer, Overview & Introduction

by R. Joseph

NEUROSCIENCE, NEUROPSYCHOLOGY, NEUROPSYCHIATRY, BRAIN & MIND: Primer, Overview & Introduction 14 Overview of the Brain and Mind: Functional Localization 14 Localization & Functional Neuroanatomy Of The Brain...

Wittgenstein Among the Sciences: Wittgensteinian Investigations Into the 'Scientific Method'

by Read

Discussing the work of Kuhn, Winch and Wittgenstein in relation to fundamental question of methodology, 'Wittgenstein among the Sciences' undertakes an examination of the nature of (natural) science itself,...

Secrecy and Science: A Historical Sociology of Biological and Chemical Warfare

by Balmer

Drawing on classical sociological writing on secrecy by Simmel, Merton and Shils this groundbreaking book by Brian Balmer also draws in more contemporary perspectives in science and technology studies that understand...

Remote Sensing Image Processing

by Gustavo Camps-Valls & Devis Tuia

Earth observation is the field of science concerned with the problem of monitoring and modeling the processes on the Earth surface and their interaction with the atmosphere. The Earth is continuously monitored...

Right Hemisphere, Left Hemisphere, Consciousness & the Unconscious, Brain and Mind

by R. Joseph

THE RIGHT HEMISPHERE 10 Emotional Intelligence, Language, Music, Visual-Spatial Skills, Confabulation, Body-Image, Facial Recognition, Dreams, Conscious Awareness 10 THE LEFT HEMISPHERE 82 Language, Consciousness,...

Edexcel AS Geography Student Unit Guide: Unit 2 Geographical Investigations

by David Holmes & Bob Hordern

Written by senior examiners, David Holmes and Bob Hordern, this Edexcel AS Geography Student Unit Guide is the essential study companion for Unit 2: Geographical Investigations. This full-colour book includes...

Edexcel AS Geography Student Unit Guide: Unit 1 Global Challenges

by Cameron Dunn & Sue Warn

Written by senior examiners, Cameron Dunn and Sue Warn, this Edexcel AS Geography Student Unit Guide is the essential study companion for Unit 1: Global Challenges. This full-colour book includes all you need...