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Local Planning for Terror and Disaster: From Bioterrorism to Earthquakes

by Leonard A. Cole & Nancy D. Connell

Local Planning for Terror and Disaster gives voice to experts in key fields involved with local preparedness, assessing the quality of preparedness in each field, and offering directions for improvement. Introductory...

Using the Weibull Distribution: Reliability, Modeling and Inference

by John I. McCool

Understand and utilize the latest developments in Weibull inferential methods

While the Weibull distribution is widely used in science and engineering, most engineers do not have the necessary statistical training...

Satellite Communications Payload and System

by Teresa M. Braun

This is the first book primarily about the satellite payload of satellite communications systems. It represents a unique combination of practical systems engineering and communications theory. It tells about...

My Revision Notes: WJEC GCSE Additional Science eBook

by Jeremy Pollard & Adrian Schmit

Written by experienced authors to cover the new WJEC GCSE Additional Science specification in full, this title provides all the ingredients for successful exam revision: relevant and accesible notes, examiner...

Bioethics: All That Matters

by Donna Dickenson

In this book:

Donna Dickenson - Winner of the International Spinoza Lens Award

Should we do what ever science lets us do?Bioethics: All That Matters, new developments in biotechnology like genetics, stem cell...

Private Fire: Robert Francis's Ecopoetry and Prose

by Matthew James Babcock

Matthew J. Babcock's Private Fire: Robert Francis's Ecopoetry and Prose presents an introduction to and analysis of nearly six decades of nature-centered literature produced by one of America's most intriguing...

The Organization and Management of Construction: Managing the Construction Enterprise

by David Langford & Arkady Retik

Each volume is organised to provide easy reference so that the practitioner can speedily extract up to date information. - CIB

The Organization and Management of Construction: Managing Construction Information

by David Langford & Arkady Retik

Each volume is organised to provide easy reference so that the practitioner can speedily extract up to date information

An Introduction to Sustainable Development

by Jennifer Elliott

This fourth edition has been comprehensively rewritten and updated to provide a concise, well illustrated and accessible introduction to the characteristics, challenges and opportunities of sustainable development...

Spaces of Capital: Towards a Critical Geography

by David Harvey

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Spirit of the Environment: Religion, Value and Environmental Concern

by David E Cooper & Joy A Palmer

Spirit of the Environment brings spiritual and religious concerns to environmental issues. Providing a much needed alternative to exploring human beings' relationship to the natural world through the restrictive...

Gender Ironies of Nationalism: Sexing the Nation

by Tamar Mayer

This book provides a unique social science reading on the construction of nation, gender and sexuality and on the interactions among them. It includes international case studies from Indonesia, Ireland, former...

Housing and Finance in Developing Countries

by Kavita Datta & Gareth Jones

This book explores the linkages between formal and informal housing finance drawing upon the lessons of NGO and micro-finance practices. Both public and private formal finance institutions have experienced great...

Trace Fossils: Biology, Taxonomy and Applications

by Richard G. (Geological Institut Bromley

The new edition of this work includes an appendix listing criteria for the identification of ichnotaxa. It covers all aspects of tiering trace fossil diversity and ichnoguilds, and is aimed at advanced undergraduates...

Regional Policy in Europe

by S.S Artobolevskiy

Based on the author's extensive research in the field, this book analyzes regional policy for the whole of Europe. Comparing East and West, it offers a new model of regional policy and gives an overview of the...

Sex Work in Southeast Asia: The Place of Desire in a Time of AIDS

by Lisa Law

Southeast Asian sex workers are stereotypically understood as passive victims of the political economy, and submissive to western men. The advent of HIV/AIDS only compounds this image. Sex Work in Southeast...

God and Design: The Teleological Argument and Modern Science

by Neil A. Manson

Recent discoveries in physics, cosmology, and biochemistry have captured the public imagination and made the Design Argument - the theory that God created the world according to a specific plan - the object...

Global Sustainability: Bending the Curve

by Gilberto C. Gallopín & Paul D. Raskin

Unprecedented levels of wealth, technology and institutional capacity can forge a just, peaceful and ecologically resilient future. However, the authors argue, social polarization, geo-political conflict and...

Exploring Environmental Issues: An Integrated Approach

by David D. Kemp

Global warming, ozone depletion, drought, acid rain - their causes are viewed as extraordinarily complex; their effects are assumed catastrophic. Exploring Environmental Issues provides a key to understanding...

Female Sex Trafficking

by Vidyamali Samarasinghe

Trafficking of women and girls for purposes of sexual exploitation across the globe is widely acknowledged as a leading criminal activity. Women of poor countries are particularly vulnerable to sex trafficking....