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by P. Michael Conn

This volume of Methods in Enzymology is the first of 3 parts looking at current methodology for the imaging and spectroscopic analysis of live cells. The chapters provide hints and tricks not available in primary...

Nutritional And Therapeutic Interventions For Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

by Debasis Bagchi & Nair Sreejayan

Diabetes mellitus affects approximately 20 million people in the US, or nearly 7% of the population. It is expected to increase by 70% within the next 25 years, and numerous epidemiologic studies have demonstrated...

Adverse Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials: Exposure, Toxicology, and Impact on Human Health

by Bengt Fadeel, Antonio Pietroiusti & Anna Shvedova

Adverse Effects of Engineered Nanoparticles: A Disease-Oriented Approach provides a systematic evaluation of representative engineered nanomaterial (ENM) of high volume production and of high economic importance....

Practical Text Mining and Statistical Analysis for Non-structured Text Data Applications

by Gary Miner, John , IV Elder & Thomas Hill

Practical Text Mining and Statistical Analysis for Non-structured Text Data Applications brings together all the information, tools and methods a professional will need to efficiently use text mining applications...

Statistics for Physical Sciences: An Introduction

by Brian Martin

Statistical Methods for the Physical Sciences is an informal, relatively short, but systematic, guide to the more commonly used ideas and techniques in statistical analysis, as used in physical sciences, together...

Forces of Nature: Our Quest to Conquer the Planet

by Barry A. Vann

As long as the human species has existed, men and women have had to contend with the unpredictable forces of nature. Geographer Barry A. Vann brings a unique perspective to this age-old struggle in this illuminating...

Max Weber's Comparative-Historical Sociology Today: Major Themes, Mode of Causal Analysis, and Applications

by Kalberg

Bringing together the author's major scholarly work on Weber over the last thirty years , offering a rich examination of the major themes in his sociology, alongside a reconstruction of his mode of analysis...

Right to the City: Social Justice and the Fight for Public Space

by Don Mitchell

Includes a 2014 Postscript addressing Occupy Wall Street and other developments. Efforts to secure the American city have life-or-death implications, yet demands for heightened surveillance and security throw...

Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist Examines his Former Life on Drugs

by Marc Lewis

In a vivid, candid memoir of his own addiction, a renowned neuroscientist articulates exactly how drugs speak to the brain, illuminating both the science of craving and the human condition

Hobby Farms: Rabbits: Small-Scale Rabbit Keeping

by Chris McLaughlin

Rabbit raisers will keep their rabbitries hopping and happy with the advice found in Rabbits, a Hobby Farm book. Rabbit breeder and exhibitor Chris McLaughlin offers years of experience and guidance on the many...

Building Multiservice Transport Networks

by Jim Durkin, John Goodman & Frank Posse

A comprehensive handbook for understanding, designing, and deploying multiservice network architecture and applications

  • Design, deploy, operate, and troubleshoot ONS 15454 applications and services
  • Learn SONET/SDH...

Turbulent Drag Reduction by Surfactant Additives

by Feng-Chen Li, Bo Yu & Jin-Jia Wei

Turbulent drag reduction by additives has long been a hot research topic. This phenomenon is inherently associated with multifold expertise. Solutions of drag-reducing additives are usually viscoelastic fluids...

A Guide to the Economic Removal of Metals from Aqueous Solutions

by Yogesh C. Sharma

Water pollution is topic of immense and common concern throughout the world.  This book presents the results and data from research and adsorption experiments carried out on the removal of nickel and chromium...

Soft Matter Gradient Surfaces: Methods and Applications

by Jan Genzer

A comprehensive look at the latest advances in soft material gradients

Tremendous progress has been made in the field of surface-bound soft material gradients in recent years, with intriguing new areas of investigation...

Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis: Concepts, Strategies, and Applications

by Patrick H. Toy & Yulin Lam

Presents both the fundamental concepts and the most recent applications in solid-phase organic synthesis

With its emphasis on basic concepts, Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis guides readers through all the steps...

Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations

by S. H Lui

A balanced guide to the essential techniques for solving elliptic partial differential equations

Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations provides a comprehensive, self-contained treatment of the...

Real Analysis: A Historical Approach

by Saul Stahl

A provocative look at the tools and history of real analysis

This new edition of Real Analysis: A Historical Approach continues to serve as an interesting read for students of analysis. Combining historical coverage...

Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy: Ceramic Transactions

by George G. Wicks, Jack Simon & Ragaiy Zidan

This useful, one-stop resource for understanding the most important issues in materials challenges in alternative and renewable energy. The logically organized and carefully selected articles give insight into...

Generic Inference: A Unifying Theory for Automated Reasoning

by Marc Pouly & Juerg Kohlas

This book provides a rigorous algebraic study of the most popular inference formalisms with a special focus on their wide application area, showing that all these tasks can be performed by a single generic inference...

Sealab: America's Forgotten Quest to Live and Work on the Ocean Floor

by Ben Hellwarth

Sealab is the underwater Right Stuff: the compelling story of how a US Navy program sought to develop the marine equivalent of the space station—and forever changed man’s relationship to the sea.

While NASA...