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Canadian Failures

by Alex Benay

Successful Canadians write about failure, and how it got them where they are today.

What does it mean to fail? To some of the most successful Canadians, it was a rite of passage, a stepping stone to greater things,...

Industrial Hygiene Simplified: A Guide to Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Workplace Hazards

by Frank R. Spellman

Industrial Hygiene Simplified is ideal for those needing a refresh on industrial hygiene concepts and practices they may not use regularly, as well as those practitioners preparing for the Certified Industry...

Help, I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I'm Not a Geologist!

by Tracy Dj Barnhart

Help, I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I’m Not a Geologist! is the definitive guide for teachers and home school parents who teach geology. This book provides the details that an elementary,...

On Sympathetic Grounds

by Naomi Greyser

With its filigreed, formidable representations of tears and suffering, sentimentalism has remained a divisive genre and category of analysis. On Sympathetic Grounds offers a new interpretation of the sentimental...

The Chemistry of Wine

by David R. Dalton

Poets extol the burst of aroma when the bottle is opened, the wine poured, the flavor on the palate as it combines with the olfactory expression detected and the resulting glow realized. But what is the chemistry...

Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive

by Ethan Siegel

The name Star Trek conjures images of faster-than-light spacecraft, holographic crew members, and phasers set to stun. Some of these incredible devices may still be far from our reach, but others have made...

The Molecular Theory of Adsorption in Porous Solids

by Yury Konstantinovich Tovbin

In the adsorption phenomenon the substances from the external environment the gas or liquid are absorbed by a solid surface (adsorbent). Adsorption is used to separate gaseous and liquid mixtures, for drying...

Cognitive Engineering and Safety Organization in Air Traffic Management

by Tom Kontogiannis & Stathis Malakis

This book covers the Air Traffic Management (ATM) environment and the controller-crew interactions. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations and organizational procedures are also presented...

Quality Management in Construction Projects, Second Edition

by Abdul Razzak Rumane

The first edition published in 2010. The response was encouraging and many people appreciated a book that was dedicated to quality management in construction projects. Since it published, ISO 9000: 2008 has...

Information Technology and Organizational Learning: Managing Behavioral Change in the Digital Age

by Arthur M. Langer

Focusing on the critical role IT plays in organizational development, the book shows how to employ action learning to improve the competitiveness of an organization. Defining the current IT problem from an operational...

The Finite Element Method for Initial Value Problems: Mathematics and Computations

by Karan S. Surana & J. N. Reddy

Unlike most finite element books that cover time dependent processes (IVPs) in a cursory manner, The Finite Element Method for Initial Value Problems: Mathematics and Computations focuses on the mathematical...

The Inventor Says: Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom

by Kevin Lippert

The sixth in our popular Words of Wisdom series, The Inventor Says invites readers to a gathering of history's most brilliant creative minds, where inventors past and present jostle, compete, contradict, and...

The Quantum Labyrinth: How Richard Feynman and John Wheeler Revolutionized Time and Reality

by Paul Halpern

The story of the unlikely friendship between the two physicists who fundamentally recast the notion of time and history

In 1939, Richard Feynman, a brilliant graduate of MIT, arrived in John Wheeler's Princeton...

Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space

by Tim Peake

Was it fun to do a space walk? How squashed were you in the capsule on the way back? What were your feelings as you looked down on Earth for the first time? Were you ever scared? Where to next--the Moon, Mars,...

Oily Hands and the Smell of Diesel

by David Harris

1960 saw the dawn of an era of unprecedented innovation and development in farm machinery. It was a period of rapid technical advancement, that produced machines which are the mainstay of the current very buoyant...

Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything

by Kelly Weinersmith & Zach Weinersmith

From a top scientist and the creator of the hugely popular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a hilariously illustrated investigation into future technologies -- from how to fling a ship into deep...

The Intelligence of the Cosmos: Why Are We Here? New Answers from the Frontiers of Science

by Ervin Laszlo, Jane Goodall & James O’Dea

From the cutting edge of science and living spirituality: a guide to understanding our identity and purpose in the world

• Outlines the new understanding of matter and mind coming to light at the cutting edge...

The Practice of Reproducible Research

by Justin Kitzes

The Practice of Reproducible Research presents concrete examples of how researchers in the data-intensive sciences are working to improve the reproducibility of their research projects. Each of the thirty-one...

The Quotable Darwin

by Janet Browne

A treasure trove of illuminating and entertaining quotations from the legendary naturalist

Here is Charles Darwin in his own words—the naturalist, traveler, scientific thinker, and controversial author of On...

The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race

by Carl C. Anthony

Carl Anthony's memoir offers a new worldview to people of color. His work is both a personal story and an exposition of ideas that will appeal to those who appreciate thoughtful writing on issues of race, including...