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Wicked Weather

by Warren Faidley

For the past 30 years, Warren Faidley has forecast, intercepted, and photographed some of the planet’s most extreme weather and natural disasters. As a photojournalist, natural disaster survival expert, and...

Through a Glass Brightly

by David P. Barash

Human beings have long seen themselves as the center of the universe, the apple of God's eye, specially-created creatures who are somehow above and beyond the natural world. This viewpoint--a persistent paradigm...

How To Win Your War Against Termites

by Jeannine Hill


Termite  9

What Are Termites  11

How To Detect Termites  12

Termite Identification 13

Termite Illustrations 15

Termite Appearance And Morphology 17

St Pete Termite  19

Treating For Termites  21



by Thomas Abraham

In 1988, the World Health Organization launched a twelve-year campaign to wipe out polio. Thirty years and several billion dollars over budget later, the campaign grinds on, vaccinating millions of children...

The Beginning And The End

by Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd AlKareem & Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd Al-Kareem Ash-Sheha

The Beginning & The End of Universe from Islamic Perspective

The Philosophy of Science

by Anouk Baberousse, Denis Bonnay & Mikael Cozic

Philosophy of science studies the methods, theories, and concepts used by scientists. It mainly developed as a field in its own right during the twentieth century and is now a diversified and lively research...

Oxford Handbook of Science and Medicine in the Classical World

by Paul Keyser & with John Scarborough

With a focus on science in the ancient societies of Greece and Rome, including glimpses into Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China, The Oxford Handbook of Science and Medicine in the Classical World offers an...

Essential Natural Plasters

by Michael Henry & Tina Therrien

Natural plasters made of clay, lime, and other materials mixed with sand are beautiful building finishes. Fun to work with, low-impact, and allowing infinite creativity, they are high performance and provide...

Introduction to Polymer Viscoelasticity

by Montgomery T. Shaw & William J. MacKnight

Completely revised and updated, the fourth edition of this classic text continues to offer the reader a thorough understanding of viscoelastic behavior, essential for the proper utilization of polymers.

  • Explains...

3D Printing for Model Engineers

by Neil Wyatt

Since the release of the first commercially available 3D printer in 2009, a thriving consumer market has developed, with a huge variety of kits now available for the home constructor. In their short existence,...

Conventional and Alternative Power Generation

by Neil Packer & Tarik Al-Shemmeri

A much-needed, up-to-date guide on conventional and alternative power generation 

This book goes beyond the traditional methods of power generation. It introduces the many recent innovations on the production...

Summary & Study Guide - Homo Deus

by Lee Tang

What Does the Future Hold for Humans?

The must-read summary of ‘Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow’, by Yuval Noah Harari.

For most of history, humans were preoccupied with three problems: famine, plagues,...

Agents and Goals in Evolution

by Samir Okasha

Samir Okasha offers a philosophical perspective on evolutionary biology in Agents and Goals in Evolution. His focus is on "agential thinking", which is a mode of thought commonly employed in evolutionary biology....

A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

by Andrew Butterfield & John Szymanski

This popular dictionary, formerly published as the Penguin Dictionary of Electronics, has been extensively revised and updated, providing more than 5,000 clear, concise, and jargon-free A-Z entries on key terms,...

Summary & Study Guide - Sapiens

by Lee Tang

How Human Evolve from Insignificant Apes to Become the Rulers of the World

The must-read summary of “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” by Yuval Noah Harari.

In Sapiens, Professor Yuval Noah Harari focuses...

Light without Heat

by David Carroll Simon

In Light without Heat, David Carroll Simon argues for the importance of carelessness to the literary and scientific experiments of the seventeenth century. While scholars have often looked to this period in...

Synthetic Biology: A Very Short Introduction

by Jamie A. Davies

Synthetic biology is one of the 21st century's fastest growing fields of research, as important for technology as for basic science. Building on traditional genetic engineering, which was restricted to changing...

Is That a Big Number?

by Andrew Elliott

Impressive statistics are thrown at us every day - the cost of health care; the size of an earthquake; the distance to the nearest star; the number of giraffes in the world. We know all these numbers are important...

Love's Labours Lost

by William Shakespeare

Love's Labour's Lost is one of William Shakespeare's early comedies, believed to have been written in the mid-1590s, and first published in 1598. The play opens with the King of Navarre and three noble companions,...

Henry VI, Part 2

by William Shakespeare

The Second Part of King Henry the Sixth, or Henry VI, Part 2, is a history play by William Shakespeare believed written in approximately 1590-91. It is the second part of the trilogy on Henry VI, and often grouped...