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Chemistry as a Game of Molecular Construction

by Sason Shaik, Dina A. Sharon, Usharani Dandamudi & Racheli Ben-Knaz Wakshlak et al.

The proposed textbook takes the students into a fascinating journey that shows the universal aspect of chemistry: Chemistry is the window given to mankind to glimpse into his material-chemical essence and come...

Applied Building Physics

by Hugo S. L. Hens

Bad experiences with construction quality, the energy crises of 1973 and 1979, complaints about 'sick buildings', thermal, acoustical, visual and olfactory discomfort, the need for good air quality, the move...

Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines

by John Havens

As we program machines to be more like humans, how will they know what we value, if we don't know ourselves?

The notion of robots gaining consciousness is beginning to become a reality, but the future of human...

Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart

by James R. Doty

Extraordinary things happen when we harness the power of both the brain and the heart


Growing up in the high desert of California, Jim Doty was poor, with an alcoholic father and a mother chronically depressed...

Hamlet on the Holodeck

by Janet H. Murray

Stories define how we think, the way we play, and the way we understand our lives. And just as Gutenberg made possible the stories that ushered in the Modem Era, so is the computer having a profound effect on...

The Edge of Evolution: Animality, Inhumanity, and Doctor Moreau

by Ronald Edwards

In this interdisciplinary work, author Ron Edwards offers an innovative rereading of H. G. Wells' "The Island of Dr. Moreau." Edwards utilizes his twenty-five years in biology and the ethics of animal research...

Exploring the Planets: A Memoir

by Fred Taylor

The planets fascinate us, and naturally we care about our own Earth, and things like how well we can forecast the weather and whether climate is really changing. Exploring the Planets offers a personal account...

low cycle fatigue

by Andrea Faussone

Many times a designer has to choose the better solution for a real problem not having laboratory equipment to test his proposal solution. However he has different instrument to try to do that: internal know...

Dry Stone Retaining Structures: DEM Modeling

by Eric Vincens, Jean-Patrick Plassiard & Jean-Jacques Fry

Dry stone retaining structures are structures made of individual decimeter stone blocks in contact. One advantage of this construction technology lies in the weak amount of embodied energy required for their...

Achieving Supply Chain Integration: Connecting the Supply Chain Inside and Out for Competitive Advantage

by Chad W. Autry & Mark A. Moon

High-Value Supply Chain Integration


New research, practical priorities, actionable solutions

  • Master new best practices for integrating demand, supply, and partners worldwide
  • Bridge key “integration...

Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers for Environmental and Biomedical Applications

by Susheel Kalia & Luc Avérous

This volume incorporates 13 contributions from renowned experts from the relevant research fields that are related biodegradable and biobased polymers and their environmental and biomedical applications. 


Human Biological Aging: From Macromolecules To Organ Systems

by Glenda E. Bilder

Comprehension of the theories of aging requires rudimentary knowledge of oxidation and reduction reactions, protein function, cell organelles, mitosis, acquired immunity, and evolution, among other basic biological...

Smart Materials for Waste Water Applications

by Ajay Kumar Mishra

Smart materials are used to develop more cost-effective and high-performance water treatment systems as well as instant and continuous ways to monitor water quality. Smart materials in water research have been...

The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures

by Malba Tahan, Leslie Clark & Alastair Reid

“A great storyteller.”—Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist Malba Tahan is the creation of a celebrated Brazilian mathematician looking for a way to bring some of the mysteries and pleasures of mathematics...


by Anna Pavord

Landskipping is a ravishing celebration of landscape, its iridescent beauty and its potential to comfort, awe and mesmerise. In spirit as Romantic as rational, Anna Pavord explores the different ways in which...

Agent-Based Modeling and Network Dynamics

by Akira Namatame & Shu-Heng Chen

While the significance of networks in various human behavior and activities has a history as long as human's existence, network awareness is a recent scientific phenomenon. The neologism network science is just...

The Backstory of Wallpaper: Paper-Hangings 1650-1750

by Robert M. Kelly

Most wallpaper books are about surface design. This one looks below the surface to discover the material culture of wallpaper as it became popular in Europe and came to New France and New England. It asks...

An Introduction to the Early Development of Mathematics

by Michael K. J. Goodman

An easy-to-read presentation of the early history of mathematics

Engaging and accessible, An Introduction to the Early Development of Mathematics provides a captivating introduction to the history of ancient...

Curiosities of the Sky

by Garrett Putman Serviss

To most minds mystery is more fascinating than science. But when science itself leads straight up to the borders of mystery and there comes to a dead stop, saying, ``At present I can no longer see my way,''...

An Introduction to the Early Development of Mathematics

by Michael K. J. Goodman

An easy-to-read presentation of the early history of mathematics

Engaging and accessible, An Introduction to the Early Development of Mathematics provides a captivating introduction to the history of ancient...