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The wider benefits of investment in cultural heritage

by Collectif

Dozens of investments have been made in cultural monuments and historic environments in the countries of South-East Europe over the last decade in accordance with the principles of the European Union and Council...

Atomic and Molecular Physics

by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

When physicists began to explore the world of atoms more precisely, as they endeavoured to understand its structure and the laws governing its behaviour, they soon encountered serious difficulties. Our intuitive...

On The Generation And Corruption

by Aristotle

On Generation and Corruption, also known as On Coming to Be and Passing Away, is a treatise by Aristotle. Like many of his texts, it is both scientific and philosophic (although not necessarily scientific in...

Quantum Mechanics

by Mohammad Saleem

Quantum mechanics is one of the most brilliant, stimulating, elegant and exciting theories of twentieth century. It has not only explained a wide range of phenomena but has brought revolutionary changes in the...

Lukewarming: The New Climate Science that Changes Everything

by Patrick J. Michaels & Paul C. Knappenberger

Reviving Economic Growth offers a wide-ranging exploration of policy options for brightening the U.S. economy's long-term growth prospects from an eclectic group of contributors. Think of this collection of...

Treatise on Light

by Christiaan Huygens

Considering the great influence which this Treatise has exercised in the development of the Science of Optics, it seems strange that two centuries should have passed before an English edition of the work appeared....

Experiments with Alternate Currents

by Tesla

In the experiments such as performed this evening, we operate the coil either from a specially constructed alternator capable of giving many thousands of reversals of current per second, or, by disruptively...

Rubber mound designed to reduce noise due to vibration (Silent block - Rubber block)

by Andrea Faussone

This publication aims to provide to the designer a method for sizing, as first approximation, of rubber-metal systems. It allows not only to determine the geometry, but also the main functional characteristics,...

Quantum Statistical Mechanics: Equilibrium and non-equilibrium theory from first principles

by Phil Attard

This book establishes the foundations of non-equilibrium quantum statistical mechanics in order to support students and academics in developing and building their understanding. The formal theory is derived...

An Introduction to Entomology

by William Kirby & William Spence

One principal cause of the little attention paid to Entomology in this country, has doubtless been the ridicule so often thrown upon the science. The botanist, sheltered now by the sanction of fashion, as formerly...

Architecture 101: From Frank Gehry to Ziggurats, an Essential Guide to Building Styles and Materials

by Nicole Bridge

A crash course in designing and constructing buildings

Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy details of architecture into tedious discourse that would put even Frank Gehry to sleep. Architecture 101 cuts out...

Terrestrial Calendar

Analytic Functions Integral Transforms Differential Equations

by Filippo Gazzola, Franco Tomarelli & Maurizio Zanotti

Differential equations play a relevant role in many disciplines and provide powerful tools for analysis and modeling in applied sciences. The book contains several classical and modern methods for the study...

Heritage and Identity: Shaping the Nations of the North

by J.M. Fladmark & Thor Heyerdahl

Was the shaping of nation states in Northern Europe governed by military might, or by Christian and democratic ideals? How has trade and cross-cultural exchange between Scandinavia and the British Isles shaped...

Survey and Repair of Traditional Buildings: A Conservation and Sustainable Approach

by Richard Oxley

Understanding the unique requirements of traditional buildings is crucial to providing appropriate guidance on their care and repair. This book will help practitioners identify the particular issues relating...

Roof Slating and Tiling

by Frank Bennett & Alfred Pinion

This facsimile edition of Bennett and Pinion's classic work, first published in 1935, provides an invaluable source of information on all aspects of the slating and tiling industry. It examines the various types...

Heritage and Museums: Shaping National Identity

by J.M. Fladmark

Papers from the 1999 conference by the Museum of Scotland. Aims to generate international comparison and debate about interpretation and presentation of heritage assets, and to examine the role of museums in...

Practical Architecture: Brickwork, Mortars and Limes

by CW Pasley

Pasley's work was first written in 1826 as a course of architecture for his students at the Royal Engineer's School in Chatham. The original title of the book, "Outline of a Course of Practical Architecture"...

Structural Repair of Traditional Buildings

by PEB Robson

This book will be of interest to everyone involved in the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of traditional buildings. Its purpose is to promote the successful structural repair of masonry, timber and unfired...

Conservation of Historic Brick Structures

by Norbert Baer & Fitz Livingstone

Despite the widespread use of brick construction throughout the world, there has been no major investigation into its deterioration and durability. This book provides the results of a major international study...