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The Relation of Music to Mental Progress

by Stephen A. Pearce

This book treats of the relation of music to the mental progress.The music of a people may be considered in direct relation to their supersensuous natures. From this point of view alone, strongly marked differences...

Radical Ritual

by Neil Shister

This captivating history of the Burning Man festival and its promise for America's future proposes that what Florence was to the Renaissance, Black Rock City is to an unfolding cultural epoch that remains to...

Beyond Good And Evil

by Friedrich Nietzsche

Beyond Good and Evil is a book by a philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. It takes up and expands on the ideas of his previous work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but approached from a more critical, polemical direction....

The Women of the Moon

by Daniel R. Altschuler & Fernando J. Ballesteros

Philosophers and poets in times past tried to figure out why the stainless moon "smoothly polished, like a diamond" in Dante's words, had stains. The agreed solution was that, like a mirror, it reflected the...

Cognition Switch #7

by Gaia Vince, Michael Regnier, Jenny Diski & Geoff Watts et al.

An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas.

Issue #7: July 2019

Featuring Ideas by:

Gaia Vince, Michael Regnier, Jenny Diski, Geoff Watts, Lucy Maddox, Emma Young, Jo Marchant, Peter Aldhous, Mary O’Hara,...

One Giant Leap

by Charles Pappas

On July 20, 1969, Americans had their eyes and ears glued to their TVs and radios. NASA’s successful moon landing left the nation in awe. This moment inspired inventors and engineers across the nation. To...

Setting Health-Care Priorities

by Torbjörn Tännsjö

With much of the world's population facing restricted access to adequate medical care, how to allocate scarce health-care resources is a pressing question for governments, hospitals, and individuals. How do...

Cognition Switch #6

by Carl Zimmer, Alex O'Brien, Hayley Birch & Catherine de Lange et al.

Cognition Switch: An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas

Issue #6: June 2019

Featuring Ideas by:

Alex O’Brien, Hayley Birch, Catherine de Lange, Carl Zimmer, Moheb Costandi, Virginia Gewin, Emma Young,...

A World Beyond Physics

by Stuart A. Kauffman

How did life start? Is the evolution of life describable by any physics-like laws? Stuart Kauffman's latest book offers an explanation-beyond what the laws of physics can explain-of the progression from a complex...

Why Men Fight: A Method of Abolishing the International Duel

by Bertrand Russell

Written in response to the devastation of World War I, Why Men Fight lays out Bertrand Russell's ideas on war, pacifism, reason, and personal liberty. Russell argues that when individuals live passionately,...

Tinkernut Presents Upcycled Technology

by Daniel Davis

Transform old tech into amazing, modern inventions

Fans of Popular Science, Smithsonian’s Maker Lab, and The Big Book of Makerspace Projects will love Upcycled Technology.

DIY science projects using your...

Victorian Skin

by Pamela K. Gilbert

In Victorian Skin, Pamela K. Gilbert uses literary, philosophical, medical, and scientific discourses about skin to trace the development of a broader discussion of what it meant to be human in the nineteenth...

Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays

by Bertrand Russell

10 brilliant essays by this Nobel Prize-winning philosopher challenge romantic mysticism and promote a scientific view of society and nature. Russell explains his theory in these witty, cogent writings, which...

Apollo 11

by David Whitehouse

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, David Whitehouse brings you the inside story of the astronauts, NASA engineers and political rivals that brought an end to the Space Race. ...

When the BioMass Hits the Wind Turbine

by Jay Warmke & Annie Warmke

Ask yourself:

Do you feel that this generation, and the generations to come face a future of only limited resources – and even less hope?

Is this the last generation that will have access to millions of years...

Philosophy of Medicine

by Alex Broadbent

Philosophy of Medicine asks two central questions about medicine: what is it, and what should we think of it? Philosophy of medicine itself has evolved in response to developments in the philosophy of science,...

When Death Becomes Life

by Joshua D. Mezrich

"With When Death Becomes Life, Joshua Mezrich has performed the perfect core biopsy of transplantation—a clear and compelling account of the grueling daily work, the spell-binding history and the unsettling...

The Physics and Art of Photography, Volume 3

by John Beaver

This book uses art photography as a point of departure for learning about physics, while also using physics as a point of departure for asking fundamental questions about the nature of photography as an art....

Universal Life

by Alan Boss

After decades of painstaking planning, NASA's first dedicated exoplanet detection mission, the Kepler space telescope, was launched in 2009 from Cape Canaveral. Kepler began a years-long mission of looking for...


by Peter Adamson

From antiquity to the early modern period, many philosophers also studied anatomy and medicine, or were medical doctors themselves -- yet the history of philosophy and of medicine are pursued as separate disciplines....