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The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals

by Robert H. Crabtree

Provides vital information on organometallic compounds, their preparation, and use in synthesis, and explores the fundamentals of the field and its modern applications

Fully updated and expanded to reflect recent...


by Ramanathan Nagarajan

An introduction to the state-of-the-art of the diverse self-assembly systems 

Self-Assembly: From Surfactants to Nanoparticles provides an effective entry for new researchers into this exciting field while...

African American Women Chemists in the Modern Era

by Jeannette E. Brown

This is the second of two books about African-American female chemists. The first book (African-American Women Chemists, 2011) focused on the early pioneers--women chemists from the Civil War to the Civil Rights...

Inorganic Syntheses

by Philip P. Power

The newest volume in the authoritative Inorganic Syntheses book series provides users of inorganic substances with detailed and foolproof procedures for the preparation of important and timely inorganic and...

Introduction to Strategies for Organic Synthesis

by Laurie S. Starkey

Bridging the Gap Between Organic Chemistry Fundamentals and Advanced Synthesis Problems

Introduction to Strategies of Organic Synthesis bridges the knowledge gap between sophomore-level organic chemistry and...

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) for Metals

by Mark F. Horstemeyer

Focuses entirely on demystifying the field and subject of ICME and provides step-by-step guidance on its industrial application via case studies 

This highly-anticipated follow-up to Mark F. Horstemeyer’s...

The Chemistry of Membranes Used in Fuel Cells

by Shulamith Schlick

Examines the important topic of fuel cell science by way of combining membrane design, chemical degradation mechanisms, and stabilization strategies

This book describes the mechanism of membrane degradation...

An Introduction to the Gas Phase

by Claire Vallance

An Introduction to the Gas Phase is adapted from a set of lecture notes for a core first year lecture course in physical chemistry taught at the University of Oxford. The book is intended to give a relatively...

Intermolecular Interactions in Crystals

by Juan J Novoa

The field of crystal engineering concerns the design and synthesis of molecular crystals with desired properties. This requires an in-depth understanding of the intermolecular interactions within crystal structures....

An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

by Claire Vallance

The book is a short primer on chemical reaction rates based on a six-lecture first-year undergraduate course taught by the author at the University of Oxford. The book explores the various factors that determine...

Practical Medicinal Chemistry with Macrocycles

by Eric Marsault & Mark L. Peterson

Including case studies of macrocyclic marketed drugs and macrocycles in drug development, this book helps medicinal chemists deal with the synthetic and conceptual challenges of macrocycles in drug discovery...

Photomechanical Materials, Composites, and Systems

by Timothy J. White

An exhaustive review of the history, current state, and future opportunities for harnessing light to accomplish useful work in materials, this book describes the chemistry, physics, and mechanics of light-controlled...

Understanding Membrane Distillation and Osmotic Distillation

by Robert A. Johnson & Minh H. Nguyen

This book addresses principles and practical applications of membrane distillation and osmotic distillation, separation technologies which are gaining increasing attention due to their advantages over conventional...

Modern Organic Synthesis

by George S. Zweifel, Michael H. Nantz & Peter Somfai

This book bridges the gap between sophomore and advanced / graduate level organic chemistry courses, providing students with a necessary background to begin research in either an industry or academic environment....

Oxidation of C-H Bonds

by Wenjun Lu & Lihong Zhou

A combination of oxidation methods and C?H bond functionalization, this book emphasizes mechanistic understanding and critical analysis of synthetic reactions to offer a guide or manual for practicing chemists....

Chemistry Lab Mysteries, Fun Laboratory Tools! Chemistry for Kids - Children's Analytic Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Let’s have in the laboratory! Let’s mix some chemicals and be amazed at what we make. Chemistry is made easy with this cool educational book. This is perfect for introduction to the subject, if you want...

An Introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements : Chemistry Textbook Grade 8 | Children's Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

Do you know what the Periodic Table of Elements is? If you don't, then you're in luck because we will give you a quick but very critical overview! This educational reference will make a great addition to your...

Arrow-Pushing in Organic Chemistry

by Daniel E. Levy

Organic chemistry is required coursework for degrees in life, food, and medical sciences.  To help the students discouraged by the belief that this topic cannot be mastered without significant memorization,...

Shattered Symmetry

by Pieter Thyssen & Arnout Ceulemans

The standard model of subatomic particles and the periodic table of the atoms have the common goal to bring order in the bewildering chaos of the constituents of matter. Their success relies on the presence...

Isotopes: A Very Short Introduction