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Crystallography: A Very Short Introduction

Powder Diffraction: Theory and Practice

by S J L Billinge, R E Dinnebier & Armel Le Bail

A long awaited overview of the status of powder diffraction in modern research including essential theory and introductory material for students and researchers.

Crystal Clear: The Autobiographies of Sir Lawrence and Lady Bragg

by A. M. Glazer & Patience Thomson

Crystal Clear takes you behind the scenes in the life of one of the most prominent scientists of the twentieth century, William Lawrence Bragg (WLB) - an innovative genius, who together with his father, William...

Handbook of Crystal Growth: Fundamentals

by Tatau Nishinaga

Volume IA Handbook of Crystal Growth, 2nd Edition (Fundamentals: Thermodynamics and Kinetics) Volume IA addresses the present status of crystal growth science, and provides scientific tools for the following...

Phasing in Crystallography: A Modern Perspective

by Carmelo Giacovazzo

Modern crystallographic methods originate from the synergy of two main research streams, the small-molecule and the macro-molecular streams. The first stream was able to definitively solve the phase problem...

Early Days of X-ray Crystallography

by André Authier

2012 marked the centenary of one of the most significant discoveries of the early twentieth century, the discovery of X-ray diffraction (March 1912, by Laue, Friedrich, and Knipping) and of Braggs law (November...

Symmetry Relationships between Crystal Structures: Applications of Crystallographic Group Theory in Crystal Chemistry

by Ulrich Müller

In crystal chemistry and crystal physics, the relations between the symmetry groups (space groups) of crystalline solids are of special importance. Part 1 of this book presents the necessary mathematical foundations...

Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology

by K. Byrappa & Masahiro Yoshimura

Quartz, zeolites, gemstones, perovskite type oxides, ferrite, carbon allotropes, complex coordinated compounds and many more -- all products now being produced using hydrothermal technology. Handbook of Hydrothermal...

Introduction to Dislocations

by Derek Hull & D. J. Bacon

Dislocations are defects in the crystal structure of important engineering materials, such as metals, ceramics and semi-conductors, that strongly influence the properties of these materials.

Research on dislocations...

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear: A Guide for Users of Macromolecular Models

by Gale Rhodes

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear makes crystallography accessible to readers who have no prior knowledge of the field or its mathematical basis. This is the most comprehensive and concise reference for beginning...

Outline of Crystallography for Biologists

by David Blow

Outline of Crystallography for Biologists is intended for researchers and students in the biological sciences who require an insight into the methods of X-ray crystallography without needing to learn all the...