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Geology: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

by David Rothery

Written by David Rothery, who is Professor of Planetary Geosciences at the Open University, Geology: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one place. It covers...

Subduction Dynamics: From Mantle Flow to Mega Disasters

by Gabriele Morra, David A. Yuen & Scott D. King

Subduction dynamics has been actively studied through seismology, mineral physics, and laboratory and numerical experiments. Understanding the dynamics of the subducting slab is critical to a better understanding...

GigaFlood  : The Largest of the Lake Missoula Floods In Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington  Revised Second Edition

by Rick F Thompson

Covering a brief history of Glacial Lake Missoula and the factors leading to its creation and dam-bursting flood, GigaFlood follows the path of the largest of the Lake Missoula Floods, as its 540 cubic miles...

The Worst of Times: How Life on Earth Survived Eighty Million Years of Extinctions

by Paul B. Wignall

Two hundred and sixty million years ago, life on Earth suffered wave after wave of cataclysmic extinctions, with the worst—the end-Permian extinction—wiping out nearly every species on the planet. The Worst...

The Early Earth: Accretion and Differentiation

by James Badro & Michael J. Walter

The Early Earth: Accretion and Differentiation provides a multidisciplinary overview of the state of the art in understanding the formation and primordial evolution of the Earth.  The fundamental structure...

While Glaciers Slept: Being Human in a Time of Climate Change

by M Jackson & Bill Mckibben

While Glaciers Slept weaves together the parallel stories of what happens when the climates of a family and a planet change. M Jackson, a noted scientist and National Geographic Expert, reveals how these events...

California Coast from the Air: Images of a Changing Landscape

by Gary Griggs, Deepika Shrestha Ross & Kenneth Adelman

In a state identified with change, California’s 1,100-mile coastline lives up to the reputation. Storm waves attack sea cliffs, earthquakes trigger landslides, and ocean waves relentlessly move sand. Over...

Germs Gone Wild: How the Unchecked Development of Domestic Bio-Defense Threatens America

by Kenneth King

A shocking exposé of the reckless proliferation of bio-weapon research and the threat this poses to everyday Americans. Battling a new generation of corporate giants and uncovering threats right in our own...

Radiative Transfer in Coupled Environmental Systems: An Introduction to Forward and Inverse Modeling

by Knut Stamnes & Jakob J. Stamnes

This textbook is the first to focus on teaching readers how to formulate and solve forward and inverse problems related to coupled media, and provides examples of how to solve concrete problems in environmental...

Higher Geography for CfE: Global Issues

by Ian Geddes & Calum Campbell

We are working with SQA towards endorsement of this title.

The only textbook to concentrate on the three most popular options in Section 3 of the CfE Higher Geography exam.

This book is a complete guide to the...

Stem Cell Dialogues: A Philosophical and Scientific Inquiry Into Medical Frontiers

by Sheldon Krimsky

“Stem cells” have become linked with both new frontiers in medical science and political and ethical controversy. The field, along with the emerging area of regenerative medicine, is creating the conditions...

An Introduction to the Global Circulation of the Atmosphere

by David Randall

This is a graduate-level textbook on the global circulation of the Earth’s atmosphere—the large-scale system of winds by which energy is transported around the planet, from the tropical latitudes to the...

The Sun's Influence on Climate

by Joanna D. Haigh & Peter Cargill

The Earth’s climate system depends entirely on the Sun for its energy. Solar radiation warms the atmosphere and is fundamental to atmospheric composition, while the distribution of solar heating across the...

Texas Riparian Areas

by Thomas B. Hardy, Nicole A. Davis & Mark Wentzel

Riparian areas—transitional zones between the aquatic environments of streams, rivers, and lakes and the terrestrial environments on and alongside their banks—are special places. They provide almost two...

How to Pass Higher Geography for CfE

by John Anderson

Get your best grade with this guide to Higher Geography for CfE.

This book contains all the advice and support you need to revise successfully for your Higher (for CfE) exam. It combines an overview of the course...

Environmental Science: A Self-Teaching Guide

by Barbara W. Murck

The only popular study guide available on environmental science

This new Wiley Self-Teaching Guide introduces learners to all the basics of environmental science, from air pollution to the water cycle, covering...

Understanding Innovation in Emerging Economic Spaces: Global and Local Actors, Networks and Embeddedness

by Grzegorz, Dr Micek & Christine, Prof Dr Tamásy

A small number of countries, regions, cities, and localities are powerful gatekeepers and generate the bulk of creative and innovative ideas, while the majority is largely excluded. This book looks at neglected,...

Mobility and Migration Choices: Thresholds to Crossing Borders

by Martin, Dr van der Velde, Ton, Dr van Naerssen & Doris, Professor Wastl-Walter

The crossing of national state borders is one of the most-discussed issues of contemporary times and it poses many challenges for individual and collective identities. This concerns both short-distance mobility...

The Contemporary Caribbean

by Robert B. Potter, David Barker & Dennis Conway

This text focuses on the contemporary economic, social, geographical, environmental and political realities of the Caribbean region. Historical aspects of the Caribbean, such as slavery, the plantation system...

The White River Badlands: Geology and Paleontology

by Rachel C. Benton, Dennis O., Jr. Terry & Emmett Evanoff

The forbidding Big Badlands in Western South Dakota contain the richest fossil beds in the world. Even today these rocks continue to yield new specimens brought to light by snowmelt and rain washing away soft...