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Children's Literature and Imaginative Geography

by Aïda Hudson

Where do children travel when they read a story? In this collection, scholars and authors explore the imaginative geography of a wide range of places, from those of Indigenous myth to the fantasy worlds of Middle-earth,...

Glaciation: A Very Short Introduction

by David J A Evans

Vast, majestic, and often stunningly beautiful, glaciers lock up some 10% of the world's freshwater. These great bodies of ice play an important part in the Earth system, carving landscapes and influencing climate...

Planning Support Methods

by Richard E. Klosterman, Kerry Brooks, Joshua Drucker & Edward Feser et al.

Planning Support Methods offers a practical quantitative guide to the key concepts and methods of urban and regional planning. The authors apply and critically assess the most important underlying forecasting...

Sport Tourism Development

by Dr. James Higham

This book critically explores sport-related tourism drawing on the fields of sport management, the sociology of sport, consumer behaviour, sports marketing, economic, urban and sports geography, and tourism...

The American Environment Revisited

by Geoffrey L. Buckley & Yolonda Youngs

This innovative book provides a dynamic—and often surprising—view of the range of environmental issues facing the United States today. A distinguished group of scholars examines the growing temporal, spatial,...

Dead Sea

by Philip Reeder, Richard A. Freund, Harry M. Jol & Carl E. Savage

Dead Sea: New Discoveries in the Cave of Letters is a multidisciplinary study of the Cave of Letters in the Nahal Hever of the Judean desert, a site reputed for having contained the most important finds evidencing...

Movement and Connectivity

by Jan Simonsen, Kjersti Larsen & Ada Engebrigtsen

Through a series of case studies from Southern and Eastern Africa, Oceania, and Europe, Movement and Connectivity: Configurations of Belonging explores the analytical usefulness of the concept of «mobility»...

Urban Communication Regulation

by Susan J. Drucker & Harvey Jassem

Cities are where the majority of people in the world live. As such, it is critically important to understand cities when seeking to address quality-of-life issues. While the concentration of people in cities...

Me and the Biospheres: A Memoir by the Inventor of Biosphere 2

by John Allen

2009 Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Biography/Memoir, Me and the Biospheres is the definitive autobiography of John P. Allen, inventor of the largest laboratory for global ecology ever built...

Happy Hero

by Solitaire Townsend

What if saving the world was good for you? That’s my promise in The Happy Hero. That you can be happier and healthier simply by making a difference to the world around you. I call this formula ‘positive+action’,...

Alabama Is that in Texas?

by Joseph Finch

This book explores with my six-year-old grandson Max the kinds of places he lives. When he asked whether Alabama was in Texas or whether Camarillo was a state, I knew he needed some help in sorting out the kinds...

What Will I See In Brazil? Geography for Kids | Children's Explore the World Books

by Baby Professor

Pack your imaginary bags and let’s go to Brazil! There are many things to see in Brazil, and this book will showcase some of the most popular. Just think of reading a low-cost, no-passport required means to...

Let's Go Sightseeing in Japan! Learning Geography | Children's Explore the World Books

by Baby Professor

Japan is a beautiful country. If you haven’t been there yet, open this book and read. Reading takes you places because it tickles your imagination with facts and pictures. Not only will you learn about cultures...

Where in the World? Famous Buildings and Landmarks Then and Now - Geography Book for Kids | Children's Explore the World Books

by Baby Professor

If you can identify all these landmarks, then half of the job is already done. The other half is in locating where in the world these landmarks are found. You will need to know your geography to do that. It’s...

Five Major Islands of the World - Geography Books for Kids 5-7 | Children's Geography Books

by Baby Professor

How much of the world do you know? This book will provide facts about the geography of Earth. Learning about geography will open your child’s eyes on how big and diverse this world is! It will also open the...

The World's Greatest Mountain Ranges - Geography Mountains Books for Kids | Children's Geography Book

by Baby Professor

What are The World’s Greatest Mountain Ranges? Would you like to climb them and see the world from their peak? You don’t have to prep up your gears when you have this Geography Mountains Book for Kids. It...

The Longest Rivers Lead to the Biggest Oceans - Geography Books for Kids Age 9-12 | Children's Geography Books

by Baby Professor

All rivers lead to the ocean but the longest have the most direct lines. This geography book will discuss the rivers of the world and their connections to the oceans. Geography will tell you how every part of...

Can I See Santa At The North Pole? Geography Lessons for 3rd Grade | Children's Explore the World Books

by Baby Professor

If Santa lives in the North Pole then does that mean he exists? This geography book will take third graders on a tour of the North Pole. It will include details and facts about what it’s like to live in the...

Let's Go to España! Geography Lessons for 3rd Grade | Children's Explore the World Books

by Baby Professor

Where is España? We'll know soon! This geography book for 3rd graders will help introduce your little learner to the culture and traditions of Spain. Think of this book as a passport-free means of traveling....

The Six Largest Deserts in the World! Geography Books for Kids 5-7 | Children's Geography Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that despite being majority water, the Earth is also home to deserts? In this book, you’re going to learn about the six largest deserts in the world, where they are located and what interesting...