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Geology: A Very Short Introduction

by Jan Zalasiewicz

Ranging across the 4.6 billion year history of the planet, geology is the subject that encompasses almost all that we see around us, in one way or another, and also much that we cannot see, beneath our feet,...

CLIMATE CATASTROPHE! Science or Science Fiction?

by Andy May

This book is dedicated to science. Scientists are skeptical, we ask: “Is that idea correct? How can I test it?”  Then we resolve to gather and analyze data until we show it isn’t or it might be.  If...

Gold Panning Colorado

by Garret Romaine

Gold Panning Colorado is the premiere reference source for anyone who is interested in getting started or continuing their gold prospecting in Colorado. Containing accurate, up-to-date prospecting information...

Blick Mead: Exploring the 'first place' in the Stonehenge landscape

by Tom Phillips, David Jacques & Tom Lyons

The Stonehenge landscape is one of the most famous prehistoric places in the world, but much about its origins remains a mystery and little attention has been paid to what preceded, and thus may have influenced,...

A Wilder Time

by William E. Glassley

“Very few people have spent as much time as William E. Glassley in such deep wilderness. So it would behoove us to pay attention even if he had not brought back such a fascinating, lovely, and useful set of...

Me and the Biospheres: A Memoir by the Inventor of Biosphere 2

by John Allen

2009 Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Biography/Memoir, Me and the Biospheres is the definitive autobiography of John P. Allen, inventor of the largest laboratory for global ecology ever built...

Geochemistry and the Biosphere Essays

by Vladimir I. Vernadsky, Frank B. Salisbury & Alexander Yanshin

The classic works by the renowned Russian scientist who published the first edition of The Biosphere in 1926. This unabridged translation is made from the 1944 edition and translated from the Russian alongside...

Help, I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I'm Not a Geologist!

by Tracy Dj Barnhart

Help, I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I’m Not a Geologist! is the definitive guide for teachers and home school parents who teach geology. This book provides the details that an elementary,...

The Mountains That Remade America

by Craig H. Jones

From ski towns to national parks, fresh fruit to environmental lawsuits, the Sierra Nevada has changed the way Americans live. Where there was gold to be mined (and where there was not) redefined land, mineral,...

Disputed Earth

by Peter Doyle

Geology controls the outcome of battle and no more so than during the trench warfare of the Great War; this new book by expert Peter Doyle takes us through the details. An understanding of terrain has been the...

The Worldwide Flood

by Michael Jaye

Two hundred years ago, geologists determined that there was never a worldwide flood.

But the early geologists conclusionwhich continues to be believed todayis indisputably erroneous, according to Michael Jaye,...

Gold Panning California

by Garret Romaine

Gold Panning California is the premiere reference source for anyone who is interested in getting started or continuing their gold prospecting in California. Containing accurate, up-to-date prospecting information...

Rocks and Minerals : 2nd Grade Science Workbook Series

by Baby Professor

What makes the Earth unique in the solar system? Look into the composition of the planet, particularly the kind of rocks and minerals found here, and your child will understand why life exists. The purpose of...

Rocks Gems and Minerals for Kids Facts Photos and Fun Childrens Rock Mineral Books Edition

by Baby Professor

The Earth is home to hidden gems, rocks and other natural wonders. This workbook will showcase some of them in the hopes of inspiring the young to learn. By making this book very attractive, a child will learn...

Rocks: A Very Short Introduction

Of Rocks, Mountains and Jasper

by Chris Yorath & Ben Gadd

A resource for understanding the regions geology and seeing the evidence of important processes typical of the unique geological system in Jasper National Park.

Popular Scientific Recreations in Natural Philosophy, Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry

by Gaston Tissandier

A learned mathematician of the seventeenth century, Ozanam by name, a member of the Academy of Sciences and author of several distinguished works, did not think it derogatory to his dignity to write, under the...

Arizona Rocks: A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Grand Canyon State

by T. Scott Bryan

Arizona Rocks! tells the stories of 44 of the best geologic sites in the state. Not only will you learn about well-known places, such as Barringer Meteorite Crater and Petrified Forest National Park, but you’ll...

Barrier Islands of the Florida Gulf Coast Peninsula

by Dr. Richard A. Davis Jr.

This richly illustrated book, featuring hundreds of illustrations and color photographs, covers the 30 barrier islands along 200-mile Gulf coast of the Florida peninsula.

Geology in the Nineteenth Century

by Mott T. Greene

In this clear and comprehensive introduction to developments in geological theory during the nineteenth century, Mott T. Greene asserts that the standard accounts of nineteenth-century geology, which dwell on...