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Quantum entanglement and collective unconscious. Physics and metaphysics of the universe. New interpretations.

by George Anderson

Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli worked respectively in the field of psyche and in that of matter. These two sectors are considered absolutely incompatible with each other. In fact, scientific materialism denies...

How Standard Time is Obtained

by Theodore B. Wilson

This book deals with how the Standard or Universal time is obtained; and What is the Accurate Measurement of Time.

" Almost everybody knows that observatories are the places from which standard time is sent...

The Andre Norton Collection

by André Norton & Steppenwolf Press

Andre Norton was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy and the first woman to be SFWA Grand Master. There isn't really anything else that needs to be said...

The Andre Norton Collection brings...

L'univers est intelligent. L'âme existe. Mystères quantiques, multivers, intrication, synchronicité. Au-delà de la matérialité, pour une vision spirituelle du cosmos.

by François Aroche

Pages 280. Illustré.

Les découvertes incroyables de la physique quantique changent complètement les hypothèses de la science classique. Aujourd'hui, la technique permet des réalisations étonnantes. Par...

O universo é inteligente. A alma existe. Mistérios quânticos, multiverso, entrelaçamento, sincronicidade. Além da materialidade, para uma visão espiritual do cosmos.

by Jose Moniz

Páginas 280. Ilustrado.

As incríveis descobertas da física quântica estão perturbando completamente os pressupostos da ciência clássica. Hoje a técnica permite conquistas incríveis. Por exemplo, os primeiros...

The universe is intelligent. The soul exists. Quantum mysteries, multiverse, entanglement, synchronicity. Beyond materiality, for a spiritual vision of the cosmos.

by George Anderson

Pages 270. Illustrated.

The incredible discoveries of quantum physics are completely upsetting the assumptions of classical science. Today the technique allows amazing achievements. For example, the first quantum...

Book Review: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

by 50MINUTES.Com

It can be hard for busy professionals to find the time to read the latest books. Stay up to date in a fraction of the time with this concise guide.

As its name suggests, A Brief History of Time sets out the history...

A World Beyond Physics

by Stuart A. Kauffman

How did life start? Is the evolution of life describable by any physics-like laws? Stuart Kauffman's latest book offers an explanation-beyond what the laws of physics can explain-of the progression from a complex...

Professor Maxwell’s Duplicitous Demon

by Brian Clegg

Asked to name a great physicist, most people would mention Newton or Einstein, Feynman or Hawking. But ask a physicist and there’s no doubt that James Clerk Maxwell will be near the top of the list. Maxwell,...

Science in the Arena

by Blane Baker

The arena of sport is filled with marvelous performances and feats that, at times, seem almost beyond belief. As curious onlookers, we often wonder whether or not athletes will reach certain peaks and what determines...

The Physics and Art of Photography, Volume 3

by John Beaver

This book uses art photography as a point of departure for learning about physics, while also using physics as a point of departure for asking fundamental questions about the nature of photography as an art....

The Consciousness of the Atom

by Alice Bailey

Discusses the scientific relation of matter and consciousness as evolution progressively affects the atomic substance of all forms. This book talks about how the atom emerges as a miniature but complete replica...

Breakfast with Einstein

by Chad Orzel

Your alarm goes off, and you head to the kitchen to make yourself some toast and a cup of coffee. Little do you know, as you savor the aroma of the steam rising from your cup, that your ordinary morning routine...

Cellulose Science and Technology

by Thomas Rosenau, Antje Potthast & Johannes Hell

This book addresses both classic concepts and state-of-the-art technologies surrounding cellulose science and technology. Integrating nanoscience and applications in materials, energy, biotechnology, and more,...

Oil, Power, and War

by Matthieu Auzanneau & Richard Heinberg

In this sweeping, unabashed history of oil, Matthieu Auzanneau takes a fresh, thought-provoking look at the way oil interests have commandeered politics and economies, changed cultures, disrupted power balances...


by Frank Close

Antimatter explores a strange mirror world, where particles have identical yet opposite properties to those that make up the familiar matter we encounter everyday; where left becomes right, positive becomes...

CERN and the Higgs Boson

by James Gillies

The Higgs boson is the rock star of fundamental particles, catapulting CERN, the laboratory where it was found, into the global spotlight. But what is it, why does it matter, and what exactly is CERN?

In the...


by Bella Bathurst

"Bathurst is a restless, curious writer… After reading this book, I found myself listening in a richer and more interested way." — Guardian

A profound, beautifully written exploration of sound by a young...

It Keeps Me Seeking

by Andrew Steane, Andrew Briggs & Hans Halvorson

Here is a fresh look at how science contributes to the bigger picture of human flourishing, through a collage of science and philosophy, richly illustrated by the authors' own experience and personal reflection....

On the Origin of Species

by Charles Darwin

On the Origin of Species, published on 24 November 1859, is a work of scientific literature by Charles Darwin which is considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology.