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The Truth About the Facts

by Leven Chuck Wilson

Why was it that I never received a birthday card from my father? This question began my quest to discovering what is truth, and what is the truth about the facts. Since I couldn’t find the reasons why externally,...

Reflective Meditations Trilogy:

by Audrey Tait

You may come to a time when you realize that you do not really know your authentic self, believe in yourself, love yourself, or know your own boundaries. This book will help you explore who you are on a deeper...

Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair

by Anita Neilson

Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair is an exploration of how the 'housebound' (infirm, home workers, carers and so on) can make a meaningful contribution to the world. The book acts as a practical guide to the...

Summary Of "The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation To Create Radically Successful Businesses - By Eric Ries"

by Sapiens Editorial

ABOUT THE ORIGINAL BOOK: With the name Lean Startup, a successful scientific methodology is designated which facilitates the creation, operation and improvement of companies through the development of sustainable...

Stop Craving Happiness

by Iggy Tan & Pickawoowoo Publishing Group

Is 10/10 happiness even possible in our modern hectic world? Happiness Sweeping® is a simple and powerful

mind training technique that will allow you to practice ‘pure acceptance’ and ‘letting go’ to...

Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World

by Timothy Ferriss

Life-changing wisdom from 130 of the world’s highest achievers in short, action-packed pieces, featuring inspiring quotes, life lessons, career guidance, personal anecdotes, and other advice

On Love

by Stendahl

Of all of his books, was Stendhal's favorite. Written at a critical time in his life when his own love had been rejected, the book is a thinly disguised picture of the author's innermost feelings. Though it...

Unsubscribe: Opt Out of Delusion, Tune In to Truth

by Josh Korda

A three-step guide to recovery from addiction to consumerism, self-deception, and life as you thought it had to be.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Josh Korda left his high-powered advertising job—and a life...

The Power of Humility

by Anthony Udo Ekanem

Words have enormous power. They can make us erupt into laughter or bring tears to our eyes. They can influence, inspire, manipulate and shock. They can build, and they can destroy.


     Some words...

How to Analyze People on Sight

by Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict & Sbp Editors

Modern science has proved that the fundamental traits of every individual are indelibly stamped in the shape of his body, head, face and hands-an X-ray by which you can read the characteristics of any person...

The Power of Humility

by Anthony Udo Ekanem

Words have enormous power. They can make us erupt into laughter or bring tears to our eyes. They can influence, inspire, manipulate and shock. They can build, and they can destroy.


     Some words have...

The Self-Care Cookbook: A Holistic Approach to Cooking, Eating, and Living Well

by Frank Ardito

A first-of-its-kind cookbook that explores the intersection of cooking, eating, health, and wellness with 130 recipes designed to support one of 10 dimensions of holistic wellness and self-care. A distinct departure...

Create the life you want

by Jd Moorea

How do you create the life you desire in just over a year?

Well, if you’re obsessed with personal development, like author J.D Mo’orea, you can read 280 books in one year.


You can read just one book; “The...

The Art of Public Speaking

by Dale Carnegie

A pioneer in the field of self-help, Dale Carnegie distilled his experiences as a salesman and lecturer in his first guide to successful speech-making, The Art of Public Speaking. This predecessor to his bestseller,...

Let's Get Your Book Published

by Nicole Gabriel


Do you feel a deep longing to write a book but struggle to find the time, energy, focus, or know how to do so? Have you postponed your dream...

Achieve Anything in Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals

by Jason Harvey

Don’t allow YOUR life to be less than exceptional. 

Give yourself 365 days to become the person you have always wanted to be, to live the life that you know you deserve.

All it takes is the commitment to grow...

Summary Of "Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, And Sugar - Your Brain's Silent Killer - By David Perlmutter"

by Sapiens Editorial

DESCRIPTION OF THE ORIGINAL BOOK In this book, the author Dr. Perlmutter, links neuroscience with nutrition to show the risks in which we are exposed to the intake of cereals, sugar and carbohydrates; foods...

Summary Of "How To Win Friends And Influence People - By Dale Carengie"

by Sapiens Editorial

DESCRIPTION OF THE ORIGINAL BOOK: This book that has become a world-renowned classic and has been read by millions of people. In it, the author presents some basic rules that allow the reader to learn the art...

Winning in Life and Work

by Keith Blakemore-Noble & Annette Lynch

Live seems to be a constant stream of challenges, obstacles and setbacks.

Yet while some struggle to get anywhere, others seem to rise effortlessly to the top.

Is there a secret to success?

Keith Blakemore-Noble...

Summary Of "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People - By Stephen R. Convey"

by Sapiens Editorial

DESCRIPTION OF THE ORIGINAL BOOK: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first published in 1988, is a business and self-help book written by Stephen R. Covey. Covey presents an approach to being effective...