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Refresh!: The 30 Day Challenge

by Samer Chidiac

Refresh! The 30 Day Challenge A Self-Help book that compiles tips about Strategy, Motivation, Communication & Productivity designed not only to be read but are combined with 30 challenges as well. The purpose...

Empower Your Personal Finance - Unblocking Major Obstacles to Achieve Personal Financial Freedom

by Bill Hill

Being on top and aware of one's financial situation will definitely be an advantage that most people should ensure they have. This awareness will give them the opportunity to capitalize of situations should...

Selves in Action - How Different Parts of Us Inform and Influence Our Daily Lives

by John Kent

A Pusher, Pleaser, Romantic, Perfectionist, Critic, Judge..... each of us is made up of many selves or parts. Some we know very well, some we may have had glimpses of and others are hidden away in the shadows....

Emotional Vampires In Your Life: Dealing With Difficult People

by Peter Kornfeld

Emotional Vampires in Your Life: Dealing with Difficult People by Peter Kornfeld uncovers explosive strategies to effectively deal with difficult people. He offers sound advice and practical solutions identifying...

Getting to Yes: Negotiation Skills & Strategies

by Katie Lenhart

Getting to Yes: Negotiation Skills & Strategies reveals killer negotiation tactics that put you in the driver's seat when you sit down at the bargaining table. Negotiation is an important part of life and you...

Is There Room for Me, Too? - 12 Steps & 12 Strategies for Coping with Mental Illness

by Deborah L. Fruchey, Dr. David Kallinger & Mel C. Thompson

Do It Yourself Sanity with a Four Star Rating This book is bursting with practical things you can do at home for major mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder or Depression. Find out: -how to learn what your...

Inspirational Thoughts

by Fountain Hendricks

You cannot have a new day, a new week, a new month without a new mind. If you do not have a new mind then experiencing a new day is impossible. Without a new mind that is filled with new thoughts you will just...

Meditation for Beginners

by Jack Kornfield

NOTE: The ebook does not contain the spoken-word audio component included in the original printed edition.

Have you ever thought about trying meditation, but didn’t know how to get started? With Meditation...

Truth Tailwinds - Understanding the Drift Between Subjective and Objective Truth

by Bill Hill

In newspapers, stories or spoken words, many people across the world are confused between subjective and objective thinking. Some think objectively, but the truth is, they're really thinking subjectively. For...

The Drop Out's Guide to Riches

by SchoolBoy Error

When i dropped out of school life was not great. My family and friends all criticized me for my decision. I knew school wasn't the only road to having a good life, so i went online to find the best ways to make...

The Wifey Handbook

by NaDasha Elkerson

In The Wifey Handbook, NaDasha Elkerson outlines typical mistakes and differences between women and men which, by knowing and understanding them, can make being in a long term, committed relationship easier...

To Notice or Not to Notice - Being Disciplined Enough to Know What Deserves Your Attention

by Jack Moore

There are plenty of things in life that probably affect the way you make decisions, and different things which can grab your interest every now and then. However, the truth is, not everything in life really...

Can Men Really Drive?

by Mad Olsen

Vital information that is necessary for everyone to know about the dangers of the contemporary car driver is given for the first time in this little compendium. This book is not just about the depiction of his...

100 Priceless Quotes

by Success Emmanuel

Quotes that can truly transform your life. It will inspire you to live eternally with joy, bliss and fulfillment.

Keep It Nice and Simple!

by Michel Thomatis

In this book I will provide a simple approach for organizing your life in terms of what you think about, the things you may find impossible, to improving on an area that you may be struggling with in a nice...

What Color Is Your Brain?: A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others

by Sheila Glazov

What Color Is Your Brain? explores the essential pieces of the puzzle that is human interaction. With the help of this dynamic book, discovering your own brain color and learning to adapt to others is bound...

More Random Acts of Kindness

by The Editors of Conari Press

Little did we know when we published Random Acts of Kindness that it would ignite a prairie fire of kindness across the country. We have been overwhelmed by calls and letters from people of every imaginable...

Scoring Your Goal - The Secrets Behind Achieving Goals

by Jack Moore

Many people might be asking what the secrets are behind achieving a goal that you have. Studies from the Harvard University and the University of Southern California have shown that the act of merely offering...

Expand: How to Change Your Role in Relationships

by Audrey E. Ellenwood Ph.D. & Lars Brok M.D.

This self-help workbook will create pathways to learning nineteen interactional roles which will allow you to become more flexible and responsive in highly charged emotional situations. True-to-life case scenrious,...

Setback or Shutdown?

by RJ Burnice

Encouraging words from an author who has experienced situations such as domestic violence, incarceration, etc. and still lives a life of happiness. Setback or Shutdown? was written to encourage everyone, but...