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An Intelligent Career

Conscious Whole Being Integration: A Return to Wholeness

by Deborah Hall

It’s popular in modern society to use psychological labels, spiritual bypasses and outside-in modalities to override experiences that are too uncomfortable for us to consciously feel. However, this way of...

The Well Life: How to Use Structure, Sweetness, and Space to Create Balance, Happiness, and Peace

by Briana Borten & Peter Borten

Three simple principles for creating a balanced and satisfying life!

The secret to living an exceptional life--with fulfilling work and leisure, meaningful relationships, and time for oneself--is finding balance....

Mind Chatter That Matters: The Ultimate Guide to Your Inner Conflict

by Liz Atherton, Rocky Hudson & Marvel Banot

Are you tired of feeling stuck, indecisive by endless Mind Chatter? Why do some people succeed, while others do not? There is a depression and mental illness epidemic in the world today due to life's stresses....

Under Construction : 7 Things You Should Know to Build a Better You

by Ray Sorrell

Have you ever wondered why God allows you to go through certain situations? Sometimes it seems like He is in heaven with a magnifying glass, enjoying the show, while we are suffering on earth. But this is not...

Chakra Evolution

by Patricia Wall

Chakra Evolution is a guidebook to transform your life with new chakra energy.

Discover the new major chakras that have emerged, giving you the opportunity to ‘know’ with deep intuitive certainty, and the...

6 Figures By 30: Career Navigation Guide

by Cecilyn Cayetano Hutchinson

Ever wonder how you could make 6 figures by 30 without an Ivy League school background? Can you do it without having a Fortune 500 CEO uncle that you can call on to give you a job in management? Have you wondered...

How to Not Give a F*ck at Christmas: A No F*cks Given Guide to Surviving the Holidays

by Sarah Knight

For a stressed-out, overbooked, steadfast giver of too many f*cks, the holidays can be your Kryptonite. In this season of giving, spending, going, doing, and more, it's all too easy to wear yourself out pleasing...

Good Window Bad Mirror: The Relationship Between Personal Insight and Professional Success

by Delroy Constantine-Simms

The underlying theme of this book “Good Window Bad Mirror” is founded on two platforms, self-insight and success at work.  The contributions in this book contain a mixture of article which essentially suggests,...

The Change 12: Insights Into Self-empowerment

by Jim Britt & Jim Lutes

The Change will explore powerful thought-provoking insights from twenty inspiring co-authors that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life. You...

Ancient Wisdom

by Ancoral Agency

Universal and timeless wisdom from ancient Egyptian, Arabic, Chinese, and African proverbs. IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A YEAR, SOW RICE. IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A DECADE, PLANT TREES. IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A...

Turn Your Mortgage into a Pension

by Gordon P Johnson

After years of thinking outside the “financial box,” finance expert, Gordon Johnson, has written a book on the topic of how to turn a mortgage into a pension. It presents a unique strategy aimed at enabling...


by Jonathan Joseph Conneely & COACH JC

FIT First Responders is a 25 week gameplan to provide our nations first responders, our police, firefighters, medics and national guard with the best opportunity to be their best on the job, but most importantly...

The Keys: They Don't Want You to Read This Book

by Dj Khaled

From Snapchat sensation, business mogul, and recording artist DJ Khaled, the book They don't want you to read reveals his major keys to success.


- Stay away from They

- Don’t ever play yourself

- Secure the...

Inside the Flame: The Joy of Treasuring What You Already Have

by Christina Waters

Inside the Flame invites readers to unplug their computers, cell phones, and televisions and plunge back into overlooked nooks and crannies of everyday experience. We've lost touch with the richness of the...

Building Positive Character: 50 Tips on Empowerment, Overcoming, and Success

by Joe Egan

Positive Character: Why Some Have It and Others Don’t

Your personality is your distinctive group of emotional traits. It is who you are. Character is what you do with yourself. Character is about morals and...

Frontier  Mindset: Why Settle for Average?  Discover the discipline of change leadership and create the future that you want.

by Marcel Wilson

Do you have an idea improving your industry, company, community or family?

Why are some people able to create the future they want, while others are followers of others' ideas?


REAL: The Power of Authentic Connection

by Catherine O'Kane & Duane O'Kane

Stop pursuing happiness and discover the joy of being fully alive through authentic, vulnerable connection.

This inspirational, life-changing book reveals how most of our struggles in life are relationship struggles....

Lying Mirrors

by Carter M Head, Justin Thomas & Sierra Wilson

The average person projects a lying mirror in which they reflect a facade to otters in order to conform to their world of approved perception in order not to experience rejection. People who do not display the...

What is Hypnosis?

by Tom Fortes Mayer

This book debunks the frequent myths of hypnosis as something only done on stage, for entertainment, or as something mysterious and manipulative, instead making plain and simple the power we have to change for...