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Finding Still Waters

by Amy LaBossiere

This memoir tracks Amy LaBossiere's life through relationships and personal trauma, love, and loss. She becomes an alcoholic. During her downward spiral, Amy's spirit invites her to create artwork to heal. The...

Tony 10

by Tony O'Reilly & Declan Lynch

Tony 10 was the online betting username of Tony O’Reilly, the postman who became front-page news in 2011 after he stole €1.75 million from An Post while he was a branch manager in Gorey. He used the money...

Treating Addiction

by Edward J. Khantzian & Martin Weegman

In Treating Addiction: Beyond the Pain, Edward Khantzian offers a collection of his recent works on the study and treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Based on his five decades of experience in working...

Broken Bits and Glitter

by Erika Worth

This is the story of a woman’s survival from a life filled with landmines of loss, betrayal, abuse, and abandonment. Erika sought to fight her inheritance of self-loathing through relationships, alcohol, drugs,...

Finding This Place

by Marcia Breece

At a very young age, Marcia Breece came face to face with a disconcerting truth that would haunt her for decades. Because she was a girl, she would be molded to fulfill a role that had long been defined for...

The Essential Guide to Cannabis

by Robert Duffy

Most widely used illegal drug in Britain; surveys indicate that around 65% of all 15 - 59 year olds have taken some form of illegal drugs - the majority being Cannabis.

Many of the millions of cannabis users...

When the Servant Becomes the Master

by Jason Z.W. Powers

Dr. Jason Powers has fully updated and revised his myth-busting compendium with contemporary neuroscience and state-of-the-art information. In addition to knowledge gained from his own practice, Dr. Powers includes...

The Essential Guide to Cannabis

by Tobert Dufft

Most widely used illegal drug in Britain; surveys indicate that around 65% of all 15 - 59 year olds have taken some form of illegal drugs - the majority being Cannabis.

Many of the millions of cannabis users...

Longing For The Spirit

by Paul Silva

How do you discover your true self?


    Is the prison we condemned ourselves to destined to determine our fate? Do our childhood fears and self-doubt manage to worm into us so deeply that we can never extricate...

Howling Up To the Sky

by Jaynie Royal & Ruth Feiertag

Pact Press brings you Howling Up to the Sky, the second anthology in our series designed to spark conversation, promote awareness, and generate funds for groups striving to improve our society. Pact Press is...

An Injection of Faith

by Anthony Ordille

Do you struggle from addiction or know someone who does? In his inspiring book, An Injection of Faith, Author Anthony Ordille reveals his life of drugs and bar living, showing how he found himself in a place...

12 Steps to an Addictive Free Life

by Anthony Ordille


Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

by Thomas de Quincey

Thomas De Quincey consumed daily large quantities of laudanum (at the time a legal painkiller), and this autobiography of addiction hauntingly describes his surreal visions and hallucinatory nocturnal wanderings...

Junkbox Diaries a day in the life of a heroin addict

by Herbert Stepherson

Welcome to Junkbox Diaries.

What is a junkbox?

A person who is just so all consumed by addiction and drugs that they do not care about what goes into their body. They don't shower, they barely eat, and the only...

The Freedom Model for Addictions

by Steven Slate, Mark W Scheeren & Michelle L Dunbar

Do you want an addiction – a lifelong diagnosis – or do you want to see yourself as having a habit that you can solve completely? Your answer tells you if The Freedom Model for Addictions is the answer you...

More Than a Conqueror

by Porcia Baxter

Hopeless. One word could describe the condition of my life as I sat on the edge of my bed in my tenth and final treatment center. Death seemed to be the best and only solution for the mess I’d made and the...

I Wanted More Than This

by Carrie Ann Paulo

I Wanted More Than This is one woman's journey out of the fog and haze that is modern alcoholism. Follow Carrie on her journey from dependency to alcohol to a life lived wide open. Each day she chronicles the...

The Road to Recovery

by Rocky Atkinson

“It’s late at night, maybe early morning. The convulsions have stopped and the hospital says I’m stabilized enough to leave. They want this addict out but I want out more. The walk home is long and I move...

The Alcohol Memoirs

by Misty Moreton

Remember that one company Christmas party where you drank twelve shots of tequila and three Long Island Iced Teas? And then ended up dancing naked on the conference table, only to pass out face-first in your...

Broken Like Everybody Else

by Jose Del Cueto

An abused child of Cuban refugees, a drug-dealing teenager, an addict, and an entrepreneur. Jose Del Cueto emerged from the depths of adversity and now struggles with trauma-induced learning disabilities. His...