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100 Days

by George Bruce

How I gave up smoking without putting on weight, and without using patches or other drugs.

There is no logical reason for smoking.

That’s the part you must understand.

If there’s no reason, then why do we continue...

Saving Bobby

by Renee Hodges

When Renee Hodges invited her nephew, Bobby, to come stay with her for a few weeks so he could visit a doctor about his back pain, she knew he was recovering from an addiction to prescription painkillers. She...

If You Could Have Anything...What would it be?

by Jo De Rosa

Have you ever been unhappy and discontented in your job or relationship? Perhaps you struggle with an addiction to cigarettes, drugs or alcohol? Follow the journey of five characters who are just like you. They...

My Friend Is An Addict - What Can I Do?

by Kathy E Williamson

This step-by-step Roadmap Out of Addiction helps addicts overcome their addictions in a very short time. This book offers a vast array of powerful principles, truths and exercises that will give you the ability...

Quantum Sobriety

by Jo De Rosa

Choose The Reality Where You've Never Been Addicted

Quantum Sobriety is the next generation of finding freedom in sobriety

Underpinned by meditation, Buddhism and quantum physics yet written in a ‘girl-next-door’...

The Freedom Model for the Family

by Michelle L Dunbar, Steven Slate & Mark W Scheeren

The Freedom Model for the Family is an approach for families dealing with a loved one who is struggling from addiction. It was written by the authors of The Freedom Model for Addictions and uses the same principles...


by Beverly A Buncher

You’re desperate for a way to help your loved one. 

Everybody‘s telling you to get rid of them, to kick them out and cut them off—but it doesn‘t feel right. 

After trying countless ways to deal with...

Restoring Hezekiah

by Hezekiah Morris & Rahiem Brooks

From the author of Restoring Hezekiah: Changing a Generation, comes the second part of the story down his road to redemption. There are drugs, failures, and the police. This fast-paced drama, deeply rooted in...

Mind on Fire

by Philip Muls

The physical symptoms of withdrawal from a drug or alcohol addiction might last a month or two at most—but the psychological withdrawal can last years. Enter Philip Muls’ Mind on Fire: A Case of Successful...

The Urge Fix Recovery Guide

by Md Mph Crawford Cyntrell T.

Are you struggling with an addiction? Are you in active recovery and want to develop a plan to prevent relapse? If you need a clear, focused, and understandable strategy for fighting the battle against your...

Finding Still Waters

by Amy LaBossiere

This memoir tracks Amy LaBossiere's life through relationships and personal trauma, love, and loss. She becomes an alcoholic. During her downward spiral, Amy's spirit invites her to create artwork to heal. The...

Preaching Under the Influence

by Brandon Holt

Author Brandon Holt has written a masterpiece that provides a glimpse into a story of recovery and victory. Through truth and transparency, he provides the reader with a real-life testimony that God is able...

Tony 10

by Tony O'Reilly & Declan Lynch

Tony 10 was the online betting username of Tony O’Reilly, the postman who became front-page news in 2011 after he stole €1.75 million from An Post while he was a branch manager in Gorey. He used the money...

Treating Addiction

by Edward J. Khantzian & Martin Weegman

In Treating Addiction: Beyond the Pain, Edward Khantzian offers a collection of his recent works on the study and treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Based on his five decades of experience in working...

Broken Bits and Glitter

by Erika Worth

This is the story of a woman’s survival from a life filled with landmines of loss, betrayal, abuse, and abandonment. Erika sought to fight her inheritance of self-loathing through relationships, alcohol, drugs,...

Finding This Place

by Marcia Breece

At a very young age, Marcia Breece came face to face with a disconcerting truth that would haunt her for decades. Because she was a girl, she would be molded to fulfill a role that had long been defined for...

The Essential Guide to Cannabis

by Robert Duffy

Most widely used illegal drug in Britain; surveys indicate that around 65% of all 15 - 59 year olds have taken some form of illegal drugs - the majority being Cannabis.

Many of the millions of cannabis users...

When the Servant Becomes the Master

by Jason Z.W. Powers

Dr. Jason Powers has fully updated and revised his myth-busting compendium with contemporary neuroscience and state-of-the-art information. In addition to knowledge gained from his own practice, Dr. Powers includes...

The Essential Guide to Cannabis

by Robert Duffy

Most widely used illegal drug in Britain; surveys indicate that around 65% of all 15 - 59 year olds have taken some form of illegal drugs - the majority being Cannabis.

Many of the millions of cannabis users...

Longing For The Spirit

by Paul Silva

How do you discover your true self?


    Is the prison we condemned ourselves to destined to determine our fate? Do our childhood fears and self-doubt manage to worm into us so deeply that we can never extricate...