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Frog Heaven

by Mary Filmer

Frog Heaven is a "black liner" book offering a useful resource for educators and plenty of associated fun for children, while carrying a helpful message explaining Death and the natural cycle of things in reassuring...

Expecting Sunshine

by Alexis Marie Chute

• 1/4 (25%) pregnancies end in miscarriage. The World Health Organization estimated that there are approximately 211 million pregnancies every year, which, with the above statistic on miscarriage, would equal...

Optimum Drive

by Paul F. Gerrard, Micheal Castiglione, Tanner Foust & Allan Mcnish

WHY SHOULD YOU JUST BE GOOD WHEN YOU CAN BE GREAT? Optimum Drive is about achieving peak performance. As a professional racing driver, as well as a driving coach for over 20 years, Paul F. Gerrard believes that...

The Beauty That Remains

by Quynh Dao

The Beauty That Remains charts the author's escape from communist Vietnam, her stay in a Malaysian refugee camp, and her first years in Australia, with all the drama and the hilarity of a bumbling young woman...

How to Start, Carry On and End Conversations

by Paul Jordan & Tony Attwood

Do you find it hard to make friends? Do you struggle to know what to say to start a conversation? In this book, Paul Jordan, who is on the autism spectrum, explains how to make sense of everyday social situations...

Simply Clean: The Proven Method for Keeping Your Home Organized, Clean, and Beautiful in Just 10 Minutes a Day

by Becky Rapinchuk

From the cleaning and homekeeping expert and creator of the wildly popular Clean Mama blog comes a simple and accessible cleaning guide with a proven step-by-step schedule for tidying a home in just ten minutes...

Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy

by Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat is a remarkable thinker and the Chief Business Officer at Google’s [X], an elite team of engineers that comprise Google’s futuristic “dream factory.” Applying his superior skills of logic and...

Big Fit Girl

by Louise Green & Jess Weiner

In Big Fit Girl, Louise Green describes how the fitness industry fails to meet the needs of plus-size women and thus prevents them from improving their health and fitness. By telling her own story of how she...

Bit by Bit

by Colleen Rowe

Bit by Bit: reclaim meaning, purpose and pleasure in everyday life is part theory, part practical steps towards giving people the tools to live an engaging and fulfilling life.

Bit by Bit will appeal to people...

Hair Therapy: Cures for Growing Your Beautiful Natural Hair

by Tiffany Anderson & Nuance Art

If you have been wanting to go natural but you are scared 

If you are natural and having trouble reaching your length goal 

If you have committed to the big chop and don't know what to do with your hair now...

The Five Invitations

by Frank Ostaseski

Death is not waiting for us at the end of a long road. Death is always with us, in the marrow of every passing moment. She is the secret teacher hiding in plain sight, helping us to discover what matters most....

Purposeful Retirement

by Hyrum W. Smith, Ken Blanchard & Stephen M.R. Covey


Peaceful Breeze

by Mark Carrington

Caring for someone you love who is suffering from a terminal illness can be one of the greatest honours in life. Helping a loved one to die with peace, grace and dignity is their human right and a privilege...

Un viaje a tu interior

by Alfonso García-Donas Sepúlveda

Vivir implica evolucionar, crecer, transformarse, progresar... ¡superarse a uno mismo!

De hecho, cuando nos estancamos es cuando empezamos a sentirnos vacíos, fracasados, perdidos como un barco a la deriva....

Mejora tus relaciones personales en 5 pasos

by Ana Belén Mena

Las relaciones personales son la sal de la vida, lo que la convierte en gratificante, divertida, amena, retadora...

Son las que nos ponen a prueba, las que nos muestran nuestras sombras, las que nos inspiran,...

Despierta la energía que hay dentro de ti

by Diana López Iriarte

Sueñas a menudo con un mundo mejor?

¿Te has sentido muchas veces estancado en medio de tus días y con ganas de que pronto pase algo que lo transforme todo? ¿Estás buscando respuestas y herramientas que te...

El Método Vives

by José Luis Vives

Aprende a reinventarte y explota todo tu potencial.

El método VIVES es un sistema de Coaching único en el mundo, que está pensado y creado para que te REINVENTES como persona y alcances la verdadera felicidad...

Fitness Mental

by Rafael Gómez Gamboa

Conviértete en el dueño de tus pensamientos.

¿Estás preparado para acostumbrar a tu cerebro a una nueva rutina y transformar tu realidad? ¿Quieres que el piloto automático de tu cerebro funcione en tu beneficio?...

El gran libro rojo par superar el estrés

by Tomás García Castro

Descubre cómo reconducir tu estresante situación para triunfar

¿Sabes que entre un 50 y un 75% de todas las visitas médicas tienen relación, de una manera u otra, con el estrés? ¡Pues así es! El estrés...

Desarrolla el poder que hay dentro de ti

by Prentice Mulford

Si deseas que tu energía interna y tus pensamientos logren crear un increíble mundo de posibilidades, Prentice Mulford te lo pone fácil.

Este icono inigualable del Nuevo Pensamiento, que ya ha influido en...