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The Powers: 12 Principles to Transform Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary

by Mark W. Erwin

It’s time to discover your powers.

The Powers is written for people who have a drive to become highly successful in their chosen field of endeavor. Throughout this book you will meet many who came from ordinary...

Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life

by Stuart Shanker

The first parenting book to bring the science and psychology of children's behavior together to build brain/body awareness for self-regulation and success

Self-Reg is a ground-breaking book that presents an entirely...

Needless Suffering: How Society Fails Those with Chronic Pain

by MD David Nagel

A fascinating and disturbing assessment of the failure of healthcare professionals and others to help people with chronic pain

The Stress Test

by Ian Robertson

Why is it that some people react to seemingly trivial emotional upset – like failing an unimportant exam – with distress, while others power through life-changing tragedies showing barely any emotional upset...

Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose

by Michelle Mayur

“Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose” is an exceptional anthology filled with raw authenticity, love and spiritual wisdom from some of the most light-filled...

Ego Is the Enemy

by Ryan Holiday


“While the history books are filled with tales of obsessive visionary geniuses who remade the world in their image with sheer, almost irrational force, I’ve found that history is also...

What Is A Near Death Experience?

by Penny Dr Sartori

Death is the only certainty in life yet many people shy away from thinking about it until something drastic happens such as the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, or the sudden death of a loved one, which...

Little Girl Lost then Found

by Bonnie Romero

Bonnie is a lonely little girl that moved from a small town to a huge city. She meets a boy who as time goes by becomes controlling, physically abusive and ultimately tries to take her life until eventually...

Profit from Happiness: The Unity of Wealth, Work, and Personal Fulfillment

by Jake Ducey

Imagine doubling your income, without doubling your work hours . . .

Imagine a world where everyone woke up happy, excited for work, and went home fulfilled. Imagine you could not stop smiling because you...

Revolutionary Grandparents: Generations Healing Autism with Love and Hope

by Dan Burton, Helen Conroy & Lisa Joyce Goes

What is it like to be part of a very special family, one that revolves around a child’s struggle with autism or a related developmental disorder? In Revolutionary Grandparents, twenty-two grandmothers and...

Stay, Breathe with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine

by Helen Allison & Irene Allison

From the voices of the seriously ill, their families, and a specialist with a lifelong experience in caring for them comes the wisdom of a person-centered approach-one that brings heart and compassion back into...

Love Louder: 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life

by Preston Smiles

Former bad boy-turned-inspirational messenger Preston Smiles shakes things up in the world of personal development, sharing a uniquely modern, love-based approach on how to live with more excitement, clarity,...

50 Ways to Yay!: Transformative Tools for a Whole Lot of Happy

by Alexi Panos

Is it possible to be a master of your reality? To be happy, and create an amazing life despite your circumstances? Hell yes! That’s the mantra Alexi Panos lives by in 50 Ways to Yay!

“If you want to go from...

Grief Diaries: Grieving for the Living

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Mary Sutherland & Carmela Pollock

When a relationship with someone we love is filled with challenges, comes to an end, or fails to fulfill our dreams, we embark on a fragile journey that tests our fears, our future, and even our own sense of...

NOW!: The Art of Being Truly Present

by Jean Smith

NOW! The Art of Being Truly Present is a collection of 85 original reflections on everyday experience, each paired with "mindful reminders" or meditative invocations, on the subjects that we all deal with on...

Spirit Says ... Be Inspired: A Collection of Original Quotes to Guide Your Life's Path with Gentle Wisdom

by Susan Bova

“It is not necessary to be fearless. We all have fear. It is more important to recognize that fear exists and then move forward anyway.”

As a result of two near-death experiences, Dr. Susan Bova was granted...

You Deserved a Better Father: Good Parenting Takes a Plan

by Robb Brandt

This book is about parenting by intention, and other lessons the author learned through the loss of his firstborn son. It is especially for parents who believe that bits and pieces of leftover time will be enough...

Little Black Book: Daily Motivation for Business & Personal Growth

by Louis Carr

We all know that every day is not the same. Some days bring great joy and others bring adversity. This book will help you whether you are having a bad day or an amazing day. I've learned that impactful words...

Don't Quit While You're Ahead

by Cynthia MacGregor

"Success is not an apple pie."

Like Love, success expands creating more. There is room for improvement in the life of even the most successful person.

Do you feel there's something missing from your life, but...

Get It!: A Beauty, Style, and Wellness Guide to Getting Your ¿It¿ Together

by Jacqueline Laurita & Jené|| Luciani

Juggling mom, wife, and work time is a challenge for any woman. And what about “me” time? How do you find the time to meet your commitments and take care of your family without losing sight of your own needs?...