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Grief in Our Seasons: A Mourner's Kaddish Companion

by Kerry M., Rabbi Olitzky

Helps those who are mourning heal at their own pace and cherish the memory of their loved ones each and every day. Each section is devoted to a stage of mourning, providing inspiration, understanding, comfort...

The No Excuses Guide to Uncovering Your Purpose: Finding It, Living It, Loving It

by Stacey Demarco & Jade-Sky

The latest book in the No Excuses Guides series shares down-to-earth yet deeply spiritual advice on how to get out of a rut and feel enthusiastic and interested in life Stacey Demarco and Jade-Sky offer their...

Love and Spirit Medicine

by Shonagh Home

Love and Spirit Medicine chronicles the author’s mystical journey through the end of her marriage and into a focused, shamanic exploration of entheogenic mushrooms. A love relationship unfolded during that...

Creating Love: A New Way of Understanding Our Most Important Relationships

by John Bradshaw

“Why are so many of us at times completely baffled by a relationship?

How can we think we know someone so well and admit in the end that we hardly knew that person at all?

Why do many people who work diligently...

Living & Learning with a Child Who Stutters: From a Parent's Point of View

by Lise G. Cloutier-Steele

Living & Learning with a Child Who Stutters from a parent's point of view.

Diamond in the Rough: From Humble Beginnings to Promising Future

by Brandon Maye

From a frustrating and humbling past, to standing at the threshold of the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brandon Maye takes readers on a journey of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Drawing upon the desire...

Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence

by Ph.D., HeidiGrant Halvorson & Ph.D., E. Tory Higgins

We all want to experience pleasure and avoid pain. But there are really two kinds of pleasure and pain that motivate everything we do. If you are promotion-focused, you want to advance and avoid missed opportunities....

TOO LATE IN THE AFTERNOON: One Man's Triumph Over Depression

by Patrick Day

TOO LATE IN THE AFTERNOON:One Man's Triumph Over Depression is a story, much like a parable, that follows Mitch Jasper through recovery from depression, reconciliation with his family, redemption with his God,...

The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking

by Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschäppeler & Jenny Piening

A short, sharp guide to tackling life’s biggest challenges: understanding ourselves and making the right choices. Every day offers moments of decision, from what to eat for lunch to how to settle a dispute...

Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty, and Life after Pregnancy

by Emily T. Wierenga, Dena Cabrera & Emme

Mom in the Mirror provides insight, support, and the information necessary to help overcome damaging lifestyle habits and self-esteem struggles post-pregnancy. Readers will learn how to improve the way they...

Bravehearted Musings

by Carol Wambui Ngabura & Peter Ngabura Ndirangu

Calling you out to something new.Something whole. Something healed There's no doubt that every individual experiences a very unique journey, and the common things we encounter and are largely unprepared for,...

Living With Grief: After Sudden Loss Suicide, Homicide, Accident, Heart Attack, Stroke

by Kenneth J. Doka

First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Lemons Into Limoncello: From Loss to Personal Renaissance with the Zest of Italy

by PhD, Raeleen Mautner

The challenges we face over the course of a lifetime, especially those that involve major personal loss, can seem devastating, as radio personality and self-help specialist Dr. Raeleen D'Agostino Mautner discovered...

For the Love of Teachers: True Stories of Amazing Teachers and the People Who Love Them

by Todd Whitaker

For the Love of Teachers is a tribute to those who possess the remarkable ability to exercise patience and understanding and to offer guidance along an unfamiliar path. The influence these dedicated teachers...

Life Lessons for Women: 7 Essential Ingredients for a Balanced Life

by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

The advice in Life Lessons is aimed specifically at women and their everyday concerns, such as finding time, making ends meet and balancing priorities.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Heart Disease: Important Facts, Inspiring Stories

by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

Endorsed and supported by the Hope Heart Institute, this new series from Chicken Soup for the Soul presents inspirational stories followed by positive, practical medical advice for caregivers and patients. This...

Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Breast Cancer: Important Facts, Inspiring Stories

by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

In the Healthy Living series, Chicken Soup for the Soul partners with the nation's top medical experts and organizations to give emotional support and important information to patients with specific medical...

Life Lessons for Loving the Way You Live: 7 Essential Ingredients for Finding Balance and Serenity

by Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

Is it possible to be happy all the time? For most of us, happiness comes and goes. Life may bring pleasure one day and pain the next. But what if you could love your life no matter what the circumstances? It's...

Understanding Grief: Helping Yourself Heal

by Alan Wolfelt

This classic resource helps guide the bereaved person through the loss of a loved one, and provides an opportunity to learn to live with and work through the personal grief process.

The Companioning the Grieving Child Curriculum Book: Activities to Help Children and Teens Heal

by Patricia Morrissey & Alan D. Wolfelt

Based on Alan Wolfelt’s six needs of mourning and written to pair with Companioning the Grieving Child, this thorough guide provides hundreds of hands-on activities tailored for grieving children in three...