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Quotes to Live By: Words That Inspire Those Who Inspire Us

by Adams Media

The quotes that helped shape today's greatest minds!

Who do you look up to? Is it Oprah Winfrey? Steve Jobs? Hillary Clinton? Have you ever wondered what inspires them?

Quotes to Live By reveals the source of...

Human Nature Meditations: Concentrations for Managers and Other Human Beings

by Dr. James Harper, Sr. Burthon

The text of the book are poetic phrases in many different subject areas: nature, money, relationships, God, purpose, self-confidence, family, humor, death, etc.

The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism

by Theron Q. Dumont

It is a strange and almost amusing fact that there should be at the same time, on the part of the general public, such a general acceptance of the existence of personal magnetism, on the one hand, and such an...

The Master Mind

by Theron Q. Dumont

In this book there will be nothing said concerning metaphysical theories or philosophical hypotheses; instead, there will be a very strict adherence to the principles of psychology. There will be nothing said...

Mental Therapeutics

by Theron Q. Dumont

These lessons give you the essence and substance of the best scientific knowledge regarding the prevention and cure of physical ills by the power of the mind. But in presenting the theory and practice of Mental...

The Rhythm Of Life

by Charles Brodie Patterson

Dr. Charles Brodie Patterson, in "The Rhythm of Life" rightly emphasizes the importance of music in the educational scheme; the Greeks long ago taught the world the indispensability of music to culture. But...

The Will To Be Well

by Charles Brodie Patterson

In the mind of man there is the dawning of a new and vital fact that the authority of law is resident in his own life; that health, strength, and happiness, as conditions of mind and body, must be made manifest...

Dominion And Power

by Charles Brodie Patterson

This little book is written with the fervent desire, on the part of the writer, to throw some light on the way of life; or perhaps better still, to call into conscious existence latent powers of being that are...

The Healing Hand

by Sidney A. Weltmer

This book is written with the one big purpose of being helpful to everyone who reads it. Whether this reading is only for a few moments to merely glance at its pages or to read it consecutively chapter after...

The Divine Pedigree Of Man

by Thomas Jay Hudson

This book treats, as its title would indicate, about the character of the human mind as independent of the body, and so traces "the divine pedigree of man." The author holds that there is a subjective and an...

Thoughts are Things

by Prentice Mulford

Prentice Mulford helped found the New Thought movement. The book "Thoughts are Things" contains thirteen essays selected from The White Cross Library. Contents: Chapter One: The Material Mind V. The Spiritual...

Heal Your Fate - My Essential Works

by Ursula Gestefeld

Gestefeld was a student of Mary Baker Eddy but had to leave the New Thought movement after a dispute with her teacher. She then created the philosophy "The Science Of Being". This edition contains her works...

The Secret Door To Success

by Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn was a New Thought spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer. In "The Secret Door To Success" she shows the easy path to prosperity and wealth by teaching how to conquer your own and personal...

The New Alignment Of Life

by Ralph Waldo Trine

The multitude of readers who have found help in the writings of Ralph Waldo Trine will welcome this volume. It is a strong plea for a vital and practical religion, "a religion of the spirit that relates itself...

In The Fire Of The Heart

by Ralph Waldo Trine

"In the Fire of the Heart" is the biggest and prettiest of those fine "Life Books" by Ralph Waldo Trine. And some say it's the best-which is saying a good deal. This book deals with cosmic things, love, life,...

The Higher Powers Of Mind And Spirit

by Ralph Waldo Trine

The natural, normal life is by a law divine under the guidance of the Spirit. The higher insights and powers of the soul, always potential within, become of value only as they are realized and used. To follow...

Light On Life's Difficulties

by James Allen

When a man enters a dark room he is not sure of his movements, he cannot see objects around him, or properly locate them, and is liable to hurt himself by coming into sudden contact with them. But let a light...

Thoughts From My Heart - My Essential Works

by Ralph Waldo Trine

Ralph Waldo Trine was one of the most known New Thought writers. His works are still in high demand today and this edition offers some of his best writings: The Greatest Thing Ever Known What All The World's...

Eight Pillars Of Prosperity

by James Allen

In his preface to this volume the author says that "the moral virtues are the foundation and support of prosperity as they are the soul of greatness. They endure forever, and all the works of man which endure...

Atom-Smashing Power of Mind

by Charles Fillmore

A great many passages in this book testify to Charles Fillmore's persistent interest in what is popularly called atomic energy and the promise held out by its development of a better world for mankind. As he...